It’s The Little Things: Advent Calendars


Oh my gosh! It’s December! It’s the holidays! How did this happen? I am beyond unprepared.

What better way to increase the panic than a countdown of days you have left until you implode into a falling pile of wrapping paper?

Awww, I love it.


Every year I do an advent calendar that ties on the little Christmas tree in my family room. I fill the small bags (I bought my darling Matryoshka Doll bags from Etsy many years ago) with random small items for the kids. If there is not a small item in the bag then it may contain a date with their dad and me (such as a note that says, “get your coat on. We’re going for ice cream.”). Don’t worry I keep track on my calendar as to what day they are going to open their little notes. This way I can switch them when their little heads are turned in case I need to change the dates.

Well, as of today, the fifth, I have not stuffed these advent bags. I am so behind. Oh well, it will just have to be us counting down the eighteen days until Christmas here.


I finally got them their chocolate advent calendars from World Market yesterday. I know Trader Joe’s makes them as well. They love opening the boxes and popping out a chocolate.


My son gets a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar every year. It is considered an early Christmas present. I am not providing a link, because the prices for it are ridiculous right now. Check your local Target. I have always seen them there for the correct price each year (retail $40. I actually purchased mine months ago. Wha’?). My daughter gets an extra present to open on Christmas to make up for it. I was not quick enough to score Sephora’s advent calendar they produce every year. I wanted to surprise her. Next year! Next year I will be more on top of it. Do you believe me?

I love the holidays. I love counting down the days until Christmas. To say this is my favorite holiday is laughable. I love it so much I almost always cry when the twenty sixth arrives.

Do you do advent calendars at your house? Are you prepared for the holidays? I am 75% done with my shopping. I hope to finish by Friday. We will put our two real trees up this Sunday. I want wrapped presents under the tree. Now, I just need to get on that.


Do I look ready?

It’s the little things: making every day a mini holiday. Let the countdown begin!

14 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Advent Calendars

  1. My 5-year-old nephew got the Star Wars Lego advent calendar for the first time this year, and he LOVES it. He really only likes Lego figures anyway. He even said it’s better than a chocolate advent calendar, and that’s saying something!

    • Hi Rachael!

      That is so cute! Five would be the perfect age to start this. I love the different Santa figurine at the end. It is so cute. This year it is Boba Fett. Which I have learned all men and boys have a strange obsession with that does not translate to women. Either way, both your nephew and my son will be happy on the twenty fourth! : )

      Thank you for stopping by! And for commenting! It is so appreciated!

      Have a great weekend!


  2. I love all of these ideas! Growing up, we had a giant felt advent calendar that one of my aunts made, and it hung on the wall. It was covered in pockets, and each day, I would slip out a candy, trinket, or note from one of the pockets. It fell apart over the years, and I miss it. It’s definitely one of those Christmas traditions I remember from my childhood.

    When I went off to college, my mom gave me an advent calender of sorts. She gave me a present to open each day of December. The first day was a pink tinsel tree and stand, and the following days contained garlands, ornaments, chocolates, little presents, and a vintage lighted star tree-topper for the last day. I loved it, and it’s the tree we have up this Christmas since a full-size tree won’t fit in our apartment.

    Embarrassing secret? Every year when I put it up, I sing “Oh, Christmas Tree” to it using these lyrics: “Oh, pink tree! Oh, pink tree! You’re pink and you’re a tree!.” Such a lyrical mastermind, I know.

    My mom also sends me advent Christmas cards each year as a throwback to the advent calendar of my youth, I think.

    I was not aware that Sephora had a Christmas advent calendar. Now that I know, I might be seeking that out for myself (and my mom!) for next year!


    • What a nice mom! That is so sweet. I love your song and I love the story of the star topper. And I love that it is your signature color. Perfect! I hope you post pictures and that the star topper is included.

      I am going to try and get the advent calendars filled by tomorrow. I probably should have made goals that included them two weeks ago. ; )

      And Sephora’s advent calendar is by Benefit. I had never heard of it before this year and it was too late. I think they go on sale at the end of October. They look awesome. But people buy them and sell them for tons of money on eBay. I will try to remind you next year! My memory is not the greatest in regards to tasks, so fingers crossed!

      Have a lovely pink filled weekend! I need more pink in my life!


  3. We’ve not done Advent calendars yet. My kids are 2 & 4. Not on the ball this year for it, maybe next year! I do have my shopping done though! 1st time ever to have it done before Thanksgiving. Now. For the wrapping. Not so easy with my little ones…but We do love Christmas! We actually got our 1st live tree this year! My husband always had a real one growing up. Ours were always artificial as I am allergic. So he put the lights on last night & the kids and I will do the ornaments. I just don’t want to get too much sap on me so I don’t end up with a lovely red Christmas rash all over my hands/arms! Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Lynn!

      Oh my gosh?! You are done with shopping??? I am freaking out! I need to get stuff done. Four and two is such a precious age. I am so jealous of the fun Christmases you have ahead of you! They are probably too young for advent calendars.

      My grandma would always purchase my kids advent calendars. She was really big on them. So I love them, too. I think I go a little too crazy though. It can be overwhelming.

      Live Christmas trees are the best. I have never had a sappy one. I did have one that had tiny little gnats one year. It never occurred to me that they could have bugs. But I guess it makes complete sense considering where they came from. ; )

      I hope you enjoy your Christmas tree! I cannot wait to get ours. My husband works most nights, so I have to wait until he is home on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, I will have everything else done by then.

      Have a great weekend!


  4. Damn you are such a super-mom! How nice are you, more than one X-mas calender per kid! Those matriyoshka bags are adorable! Our one and only decoration that’s going up this year is our Peruvian nativity scene. It has llamas! Mary and Joseph wear fedoras and baby Jesus has a woolly hat on.

    • Ha! No, not super mom. Just super crazy and they are super spoiled. ; ). Thankfully, they appreciate it. If there is one thing I cannot handle it is an unappreciative child. Ugh! I nipped that in the bud real quick one year when I let my child have a birthday party but no presents. Yup. Mean mom, too. ; ). Don’t worry. I still gave the child presents from us. I just did not allow other children to bring any for them. Long story, but they deserved it and it worked.

      Oh, the guilt.

      And llamas. There is an alpaca joke in there, I just know it. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for the scene. ; ). The fedoras are rad!

      I hope your weekend is restful!


    • Oh! I hope you find one! He will LOVE it! Definitely check a brick and mortar Target. After Christmas, I have always found them on clearance there (that is how many they stock). The prices some places are selling them for is just crazy. And so against the spirit of the season.

      Good luck! Have a fabulous Friday!


  5. I think 30 years ago I would have loved a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar. Your preparations are going well, don’t worry if you’re a few days late. I am the same, Christmas is just the nicest time of the year and only one where everyone I meet is nice and happy. It is always so depressing when we have to go back to the real world though I have to say, we keep out tree and lights up well into January 🙂

    • Hi Stephen!

      You know, I would have wanted a Star Wars calendar, too. In fact, I am a little jealous of his. Our awesome art teacher got one of her own last year. I have not asked her about this year.

      I am the opposite of you. I get so sad that it is over, we clean everything out the day after Christmas. The tree is stripped, chopped into pieces and left at the curb. Poor thing.

      I plan to have everything done by Sunday. Fingers crossed.

      Have a lovely weekend!


  6. Hi Jenni,

    I replied to your reply but it didn’t save obviously! I just put our tree up yesterday and all the tinsel and lights and decorations. It lights up the winter gloom wonderfully. In the U.K. our Christmas celebrations kind of go on and on. We have Christmas Day off. Then the 26th is a national holiday known as Boxing Day and if either at the weekend then the monday and tuesday are holidays. Most people find a way to stay away from work all the way until the 2nd or 3rd of January as December the 31st is all but a national holiday and the 1st and sometimes second are too.

    My birthday is December 28th so the whole week is one big party though I must admit I’d prefer it to take place in the summer. It is the big 4-0 for me in 2 weeks 🙂

    My take is that January and February are such yucky months that keeping the holiday mood going as long as possible is a big help. Also the house looks really bare when everything comes down… even with all the stuff we have everywhere 🙂

    • What are you going to do for your 40th??!! How exciting! Happy early birthday! You probably very much dislike your birthday around the holidays as it gets pushed and crammed into the other gifting moments. I know this because my parents both have birthdays in December.

      I am officially done with shopping. Here is my problem: my house is a disaster. Seriously. I just want to cry. I have not turned my lights on for two days as punishment to myself for not getting my act together. This is my favorite time of year and I am rather not enjoying it. : (

      I hope you are enjoying yours much more!


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