Striped Terry Blazer

I purchased this Anthropologie Striped Terry Blazer on a major sale months ago. And I am just now getting around to sharing the pictures of how I am styling it?! I believe this was in August. Or September.

One of those months. They all blend together, kind of like the three pounds I gained this week from the three pies I ate. Dinner tonight? Salad. Oh. Who am I kidding? Is a Snickers bar a vegetable?


The major selling point to me with this blazer (besides the price tag) was the material it was made from. Terry cloth? It invoked images of bubble baths and showers. Plus, it had stripes. Grey stripes! Red stripes! Yes please.



First up we have the blazer styled with a simple orange embroidered tee I purchased years and years ago. I actually own this shirt in three different colors. I bought a mustard colored one from eBay for $4 last year. The jeans in all of these pictures are from The Gap ten years ago. The boots are vintage from the flea market. I chose to include two pictures, so we can see the weird poses I make with my hands. They like to do odd things for my pictures. I think they are trying to spell “p-i-e.”



Then I paired it with a bright blue henley.



The crochet tank was $15 from Marshall’s over the summer. And the floral tank was $10 at Nordstrom Rack in the spring.


I like the mix of patterns and textures here with the blazer.

Do you wear blazers with jeans? How do you make them more casual? Did you know terry cloth could be worn outside the house? Or the bathroom?

And what did we decide about the Snickers bar?

It’s definitely a root vegetable. Right?

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

6 thoughts on “Striped Terry Blazer

  1. The snickers bar is definitely a vegetable during the month of December. No question. And don’t worry – you look slim and trim!

    Love the blazer! Like really love it how did i miss that i am so jealous love it. Also, love the boot leg jeans. I know this comment is very effusive but seriously – you look awesome.

    Yes! I wear blazers with jeans all the time. In fact, it is the only way I wear them.

    Oh – and we wore terry cloth as clothing outside the bathroom when I was kid. That would be in the 1970’s. LOL


    • Thank you Cynthia!

      Oh my gosh! You would look great in this blazer. So sad you missed it. : (. I will keep my eyes peeled for popbacks for you. It is still saved in my wishlist. Although I have not seen it in months. Sorry! I hate missing out.

      These pictures were taken in August, too. So thank you! But they do not reflect my current pie status. Although I have been really good on my diet this week. I anticipate a great weigh-in next Thursday. I tend to go up and down one to two pounds every week. I completely deserved the gain. But now it is back to no fun. Although I totally had a Snickers for dinner. Not with. Not for dessert. Not after. But for. Calories are calories. It was DEFINITELY not healthy. But, oh so yummy. Don’t worry. The kids got a regular meal. Poor things.

      Thank you for the compliments! Now I want to wear those jeans tomorrow. : )

      Have sweet dreams. I have to wait for my husband to get home from work before I can sleep. Soon!


    • Thanks Liana! I knew it! I knew there would be some way to justify my indulgence. ; )

      Thank you for the compliment on the blazer. I appreciate it.

      Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thank you Sarah! I appreciate it. Did you know I did not own a regular pair of skinny jeans until this very night? Two $7.50 pairs came from H & M today. I am so excited to wear them. I will definitely take your suggestion and combine them this week! : )

      I hope you are getting rest and your week is peaceful!


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