It’s The Little Things: Advent Calendars


Oh my gosh! It’s December! It’s the holidays! How did this happen? I am beyond unprepared.

What better way to increase the panic than a countdown of days you have left until you implode into a falling pile of wrapping paper?

Awww, I love it.


Every year I do an advent calendar that ties on the little Christmas tree in my family room. I fill the small bags (I bought my darling Matryoshka Doll bags from Etsy many years ago) with random small items for the kids. If there is not a small item in the bag then it may contain a date with their dad and me (such as a note that says, “get your coat on. We’re going for ice cream.”). Don’t worry I keep track on my calendar as to what day they are going to open their little notes. This way I can switch them when their little heads are turned in case I need to change the dates.

Well, as of today, the fifth, I have not stuffed these advent bags. I am so behind. Oh well, it will just have to be us counting down the eighteen days until Christmas here.


I finally got them their chocolate advent calendars from World Market yesterday. I know Trader Joe’s makes them as well. They love opening the boxes and popping out a chocolate.


My son gets a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar every year. It is considered an early Christmas present. I am not providing a link, because the prices for it are ridiculous right now. Check your local Target. I have always seen them there for the correct price each year (retail $40. I actually purchased mine months ago. Wha’?). My daughter gets an extra present to open on Christmas to make up for it. I was not quick enough to score Sephora’s advent calendar they produce every year. I wanted to surprise her. Next year! Next year I will be more on top of it. Do you believe me?

I love the holidays. I love counting down the days until Christmas. To say this is my favorite holiday is laughable. I love it so much I almost always cry when the twenty sixth arrives.

Do you do advent calendars at your house? Are you prepared for the holidays? I am 75% done with my shopping. I hope to finish by Friday. We will put our two real trees up this Sunday. I want wrapped presents under the tree. Now, I just need to get on that.


Do I look ready?

It’s the little things: making every day a mini holiday. Let the countdown begin!

It’s The Little Things: Halloween Goody Bags


It’s here! Happy Halloween! Every year I stay up late and make goody bags for the trick-or-treaters. I have done this every year since I have lived on my own. I told you, I like Halloween.


When I first started making the goody bags with my family, we would gather around and make them together. I have such fond memories of this. I thought it was a good time. However, for the last two years, I have been on my own. Nobody wants any part of doing the goody bags with me. Aw, well. I still think it is fun.



This year I made 45 bags. When we first moved to our current home, I made 125. And I almost ran out. But ten years later, the kids in the neighborhood are slowly growing up. I only had 19 trick-or-treaters last year. It was incredibly sad.



I made my goody bags last night. Inside each one was a ghost eraser, a pumpkin crayon ring, a plastic witch finger, a full sized candy bar and a couple of pieces of small candy. Witch fingers crossed we get more trick-or-treaters this year! I bought tons of extra candy just in case.

It’s the little things: Halloween goody bags made with cheer!

What are your plans today? How many trick-or-treaters do you usually get? And what is your favorite Halloween candy this year? Mine is Butterfingers.