Tasseled and Tousled


Sometimes an outfit will come together in my mind and then it is quickly forgotten as something else comes up. But I could not get this one out of my head.


So I put it on. And I was happy.


I received these booties for Christmas (however did he know?). The booties are sold out at Anthropologie, but the brand is Fortress of Inca and they have similar booties available. They are more than what I paid, but I have seen their site do promotions, so I would watch for that if you want the booties. I wore mine for about ten hours on this day. And they were very comfortable.


The dress was an awesome sale popback score. I was really worried that this dress would accentuate my hips in a negative way, but it surprisingly does not. It is a very forgiving dress. The only thing I would change would be the v-shaped pretty plaid pattern in the middle. If you stand a certain way, it looks like odd legs. But I can live with that.


Heather from The Peacock Fairy previously wore her dress here. Can you believe she just had a baby? She looks fantastic! I didn’t get dressed for three months after each baby. She is very inspiring. Bonnie from Small Town Fashionista also rocked the dress early on. In fact, it was after seeing it on her that I added it to my wishlist.

It is a great dress for all body types. You might be able to find The Tasseled Maxi Dress on eBay or as a popback (it is all sold out, but Golden Tote has almost the exact same dress for $35 without the middle panel. I have never shopped there before, so I cannot comment on the site).


Whew! Mundane details out of the way. Oh! I forgot about the necklace! And I forgot its name! It is from 2013. It has a gold stripe on the other side. I always wear it backwards because I like the pure dark fabric by itself better. The ring was the best deal last month. I had wanted it when it first came out, but never got it. My local store had it for $7.50. I wear it all of the time!


Okay. Now the mundane details are hopefully out of the way. Who likes mundane details? Not me. And isn’t January full of them as we try to get our lives organized for the new year?


Such as, I have been purging my closet. I made a pile that I will be donating and the next night at dinner, my daughter came to the table wearing the kimono I had put on top of the donation pile. It is a good thing that I am always slow and behind or she would have missed out!


It was windy when we took these pictures. Somehow I ended up in positions that resembled ballerina poses as I tried to block the sun and keep my hair in place.


I find this hilarious as I am the most klutzy person I know. My mother was a beautiful ballerina. I never had the knack. Or the grace. Or the fortitude. I took it for, gosh, seven years. I kept hearing about the blood involved with pointe shoes and that was it for me. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it. And nobody wants a dizzy ballerina. Besides I believe I would be a ditzy dizzy ballerina and that would be a double blow to the craft.


Did you take a dance class as a child? Do you take it now? Is anyone else still reeling from the talk about the pointe shoes? I can feel the room spinning. I must put my head between my legs.

Don’t worry. If anyone asks I’ll just tell them it is a new dance move.

And they’ll totally not believe me.

P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress and Fashion Should Be Fun.

H&M Lately

First: I want it noted that this year (2013) from 12/1 to 12/2, H&M is doing a huge online sale. I ordered quite a few Christmas presents early Sunday afternoon. It is 40% off entire regular price order over $50 + an additional 25% off sale purchase + free shipping. The code is 7376. This is a fantastic offer! H&M is all ready a decently priced store. This discount is kind of spectacular. Happy shopping!

Now, on to my story about this store from two weeks ago:

I dropped my daughter off at the mall with her friends. However, the thought of her at the mall by herself made me hyperventilate. Okay. She wasn’t by herself. She was with six other girls. One of whom was seventeen. But still. It’s a scary world out there…At the mall.

So I stayed. That way I could scope out any potential predators. Or stalkers.

Or deals.

Selfishly, I had a craving for those fried cheese sticks at the Corn Dog Stick place. I have no idea if they still sell those there. It’s been almost twenty years since I have had them. On my way to the food court, I stopped in at H&M. I needed a simple long sleeved black t-shirt. I knew they had them here for $12.95. I entered the store.

And there I stayed for the entire time. There are some fantastic items there right now!

If you text your email address to the number in store, you get 10% off your purchase to be used that day only. I think you can also give them your email address at the register. The best part is, after I did this, they also emailed me a coupon for 20% off one item.


They have the best sweater tights there right now. They are spendy at $12.95, but I loved this gold color. And I got them for 10% off, so they ended up being more of a decent price. I believe during the Cyber deal these are now $5.25 in the sale section.


I got my black shirt.


Look at this tube scarf. So easy. The color is brilliant (perfect with the trendy army jackets popular now and jeans). $12.95 (plus discount) = a steal.

They also had: Bunny. Pajamas. Bunnies on pajamas. Who needs sheep? I bought them, but they are in the wash. No pictures. Sorry!

They also have a new “lodge” line with some fabulous Fairisle sweater items. Unfortunately, they did not have my size in a gorgeous dress, but this line is really cute for the right body type (mine not being it).

I never did get my fried cheese (perhaps that is for the best), but I did find some amazing inexpensive pieces.


The only deal I bought for myself with the 40% off Cyber Sunday/Monday sale (besides some basic tanks for $3.57, 2 pairs of $7.46 jeans, a pair of black sweater tights and a scarf) was this vest. I normally do not do the fur thing, but I loved the pattern. We will see what it looks like when it comes. I kind of hate the tie waist. If I cannot fix that, I will not keep it.


The skinny jeans that are on sale for $9.95, are now $7.46 with coupon code!

Have you been to H & M lately? Are you going to partake in their fabulous online offer?

P.S. Johnny Was is also offering a Cyber Monday sale with 35% off purchase with code ENJOY35.