And I Become The Crazy Rabbit Lady

I saw these Menagerie Pillows online and I knew. I had to have them. Then Anthropologie had a customer appreciation day and they went 15% off.


I purchased two of them for my husband to give to me at Christmas. But then they came.


And I fell in love.


They have pompom balls. There is even one on the back. Get it? It’s a tail.


I have one in each of my yellow chairs.

And now it is official. I am the crazy bunny lady. Or the crazy Alice in Wonderland girl….

I’ll take it! Excuse me… I have a pillow I must go cuddle. No carrots required.

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11 thoughts on “And I Become The Crazy Rabbit Lady

  1. Those cushions are brilliant. I think being a crazy rabbit lady could be your thing when you get older. Though I am in no hurry to get old I very much hope to be a real eccentric if I’m not already. Maybe that and feign deafness and yell at kids to keep off the lawn. Have a fab Sunday!

    • Thanks Stephen! I like that. I cannot get enough of the bunny stuff. Or the gnomes. I can see me doing all of those things. ; ). We did have a nice relaxing day today. But now I am watching Walking Dead and it is no longer relaxing. Aaaaahhhh! So awful.

      I hope your day ended better than mine!


    • LOVE the rabbit pillows!! They are too cute and I never noticed them before reading this post. I wonder if they come in owls! I’m going to have to check them out! 🙂

      • Thank you Sherry! There was the bunny and then a bird. I am pretty sure it was not an owl. Maybe a pheasant or something? I was surprised it sold out. I thought it looked scary. ; ). But it was a good length! An owl one would be so cute!

        I hope your week is beautiful!


    • Thank you Lisa! I appreciate it! : ). I was so upset one day when I came home and my dog had pulled off the tale thinking it was a chew toy. Thankfully, it sewed back on, but I have warned the kids to keep them away from the dogs! : )

      Have a great week!


    • Thanks Cynthia! Awww. Man. That sucks! Marcy would have loved those! ; ). Maybe they will get them back in. And for Christmas! That would be awesome!

      Have a restful night!


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