Keepin’ It Real: November 2013

Unflattering pics
Recipe mishaps and slips
It’s just me, Jenni

November, where did you go? Please come back. I am not ready for December. No. No. No. I need more time to plan. To prepare. To enjoy. These holidays are going by too quickly.

Things I learned this month: I love all of my blog friends. You guys just give me warm fuzzies inside. You seriously make my life bigger. Thank you!

My favorite moment of the month was definitely Batkid. It had me sobbing and cheering at the same time. So neat that the city did such an amazing thing through Make-A-Wish Foundation.


I had such a nice Thanksgiving. I will admit to a few tears, but for the most part, it was a peaceful sweet holiday. I got to hold my cousin’s baby girl. My stepmom made a great turkey that rivaled my dad’s smoked one. And my dad was so tickled when some cousins stopped by to visit. It was so nice to see him so happy. I loved seeing my aunts and uncle. And my mom! My daughter was so sweet when she said she was thankful for all I do for her. And my nephew cracked me up for being grateful for dinosaurs. I hope you had smiles and laughter yesterday, too.


Afghanistan food! I tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Oh! The flavors! My favorite is Sambosa. A fried pastry stuffed with ground meat and potatoes. And cilantro sauce. So good!


It was the fifteen year anniversary of my husband and my first date this month. It is one of the two dates we usually celebrate. We got engaged two weeks later, and married in March. We move fast. Well, I forgot it. And when I reminded my husband the next day, he said, “Oh, yeah.” Then he high-fived me. That is how romantic we are fifteen years later. I get a high-five. I am still deciding how I feel about this.



Some lovely pictures for you.


I tried to make that chicken dish again. Nope. Still not the one. This dish is going to be the one that haunts me. I must puzzle it out.


I spied this coat?/sweater?/wrap? in a woman’s stroller at Disneyland. She said she got it at Anthropologie two years ago. I slyly took a picture of it. It appeared to have wooden toggle buttons. The fabric is gorgeous. Any ideas about what this was or was called?

Update: Thank you Deboo for identifying the sweater as the Echoing Argyles Cardigan! I will keep my eyes peeled! : )


Today is “Black Friday.” I used to love this day, but I hate how early the stores open now. It makes me sad that consumerism has cut into a holiday centered around family. I feel sorry for the workers and for the customers who had to cut their Thanksgiving short. And honestly, nothing really stood out to me this year (except for that Nikon deal at Target. Wow!). I am bummed to miss it, but, oh, sleeping in never felt so good!

How was your day yesterday? I hope everyone had wonderful holidays that they celebrated. Are you shopping today, sleeping in or working? Did November pass by way too quickly for you, too?

14 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real: November 2013

  1. Although I saw that Anthro’s sale started at nine last night, and I couldn’t sleep so I checked out stuff after everyone went to bed, I decided not to buy anything then nor head over to the store at 6 am. I slept. And my items in my shopping bag were still there just now, so I bought them (the Cadiz mugs, the Ruduiso boots, and the Dera bra–husband said that one was important!). I might head to the store, but I have to think of everyone else for Christmas, so I’ll probably stay home, pick up a few online things and drink some Winter Soltice tea from Peets. Love your blog, you always brighten my day.

    • Thank you for your sweet words! I appreciate it!

      That bra is gorgeous! You got a steal! I still need to check out your boots. I bet they are awesome. It was kismet that everything was still available. I love that! And you got to sleep in. Double score!

      I ended up getting some ornaments, a set of bowls, and some Christmas presents. Super excited about the price adjustments I received.

      I actually really liked this sale. I only wish there had been free shipping.

      Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Another similarity! There have been so many, I don’t know if I’m starting to repeat them. Sorry if so. My hubby and I were engaged a month after our first date and married a month after that. 36 years later and we’re still going strong. Congrats to you too/two. I love the stories about the two of you doing things together.

    Sounds like your Thanksgiving was full of memories and the comfort of being with loved ones along with some memories of those now gone (that’s always a hard one).

    Can’t wait to see what December brings. Like you, I feel it’s all speeding by too quickly.

    Luvs to you. Brynne

    • That is so cool! I love reading stories like that. I think when you know, you know. I can’t understand the “where is this relationship going?” If you have to ask, you know the answer. We got lucky, didn’t we? Thirty six years! Congratulations!

      Marriage is not easy. It takes so much work on both sides. Thirty six years is incredible! We will be taking a small trip next year to celebrate 15. I am not sure where yet. I would love to go to New York again, but last year we did Seattle and that was a lot of fun, too. Then there is San Francisco. And Mexico is so close. I really need to plan, but I am trying to get my holidays done first!

      We really do have tons in common! Which is awesome! : )

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and enjoy reading your blog. Lol about the high five from hubby, but all good at the same time, right?

    Mine was a quiet one with some friends, as I have no family, but they treat me like family and I love them. I’ve been going there almost exclusively since my Mom passed 13 years ago. I’m grateful for life, friends, health and hope.

    I still don’t like the consumerism that snuck into Thanksgiving a Day with Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, etc being open, but judging by number of cars I saw in parking lot when driving by to my friends and on the way home, folks apparently didn’t mind.

    • Hi Bronzi.

      I am sorry about your mother. Losing someone you love leaves such a hole in your heart.

      I am glad that you had friends to celebrate with. Friends are the best! I have been missing my good friend from childhood like crazy.

      And, a high five is okay. As long as he doesn’t forget our real anniversary. Besides, I forgot, too. So, it should be on both of us forgetting. ; )

      I agree! All of the parking lots were packed on the way home. It almost made me want to stop! Almost. But I just couldn’t.

      I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Thank you so much for commenting! : )


    • Oh! Yay! Thank you so much! I could just hug you. There are none for sale right now on ebay, but now I know what to look for. You are a life saver! Or a wardrobe saver! : )

      You are so lucky to have gotten one. And for the price you paid. Woo! Hoo!

      Thank you again! : ). Have a fantastic weekend!


      • Hi Jenni, I own this sweater in a size small and was just about to post it for sale through Roxy’s Effortless Anthropologie Facebook group. It is new with tags. Gorgeous sweater- just not something I ever reach for in my closet! If you are interested, feel free to email me an offer at…

      • Thank you Kirsten! I appreciate you selling it to me. I removed your email since I have all ready corresponded with you.

        Thank you again! You made my whole weekend! : )


  4. Yes, November just flew on by soooo fast! I think a high five is great! My husband and I eloped so we can never remember the exact date. Well, I should say I can never remember the date. He’s pretty good about remembering it. Oh boy. I thought about taking a trip to Anthro yesterday for their Black Friday sale but then just … didn’t. I have a gift card but will probably save it for the spring arrivals. I always get really excited for those and not so much for the winter stuff.

    • Oooh! I always love when I hear that someone eloped. I think it is so romantic. We got married in Vegas, but we planned it for a few weeks, so I can’t say it was an elopement. Our first date was on 11/11, so you think we could remember that, right?

      I love the winter stuff best of all. This is my favorite time of year. I picked the wrong state, didn’t I? I do not like sleeveless dresses, so spring and summer are hard. Although, Anthropologie has pretty much just been producing strapless dresses this season. Which means my wishlist is minimal. In fact, almost all of my wishlist is sold out. I want to be wowed. Nothing has struck my fancy, except for that ballgown skirt. And even then, where would I wear it? I want more items like the Lolland Dress and Toadstool Blouse. On Black Friday, I just got price adjustments for Christmas gifts and that vest. And I ordered some ornaments, more Christmas presents and two small things to try on. I doubt I will keep them, though. I just wanted to make the most of having to pay for shipping. I hope you find some great pieces in the spring!

      Have sweet dreams!


  5. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us! Afghani food sounds so good – I’ve never had it, but it sure sounds tasty!

    My parents drove down to Savannah to visit us. Kyle and I treated them to a formal, southern Thanksgiving dinner at The Olde Pink House. It was a three course dinner, and everything had a southern spin on it. So fun!

    We took them around the city to different historic sites, played cards and games around our apartment, and went to a holiday lights display at the local botanical gardens.

    It was great to celebrate with family so it wasn’t just the two of us (plus Jazzy) for the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Hope you’re having a blast with your family as we move into full swing for the holiday season!


    • Your Thanksgiving looked and sounded so beautiful. And so did you! Wowza!

      You must try Afghanistan food. Oh my gosh! I did not even know flavors could go together like that. It is almost like a mixture of Greek and Indian Curry. Yum! Hmmmm. Maybe I will get some tomorrow!

      Southern Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. And I am so happy you got to spend the day with family.

      I am so jealous of where you live. The culture. The food.

      Enjoy it!


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