Overheard In November 2014


I was at the grocery store picking up my weekly stash. And by stash I mean shaved lunch meats. I have now taken to spoiling the kids with shaved ham and turkey from the deli and no sandwich can now be made with anything else. I don’t blame them. Shaved meat is the best.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. Well, there was a man in front of me waiting for his sliced cheeses and it was a few days after Halloween. Next to him was another woman also in front of me (apparently I am slow on the draw) who was also waiting for some deli items. In her cart, a three year old little girl anxiously twisted in the uncomfortable metal seat.

The man smiled at her. “I bet I know what you were for Halloween,” he proclaimed.

The little girl shyly ducked her head.

“Were you Elsa?”

The little girl would not look up. Her mother answered for her. “Yes! She was!”

“I thought so,” said the man. “That is who my daughter was for Halloween, too.”

The woman working behind the counter at the deli piped up, “My granddaughter was Elsa, too.”

The man waited for the mother and daughter to leave before he told the woman the following story:

“My brother and his neighbors live on a cul-de-sac that gets tons of trick or treaters. They decided to play a drinking game. Every time they would see an Elsa, they would take a drink. He told me they had to quit after fifteen minutes because they were getting so drunk. Everyone was dressed up as Elsa.”

And now I want Halloween to happen all over again so I can play this game..


I was at the grocery store on a different day. Pretty much, if I am not at home, I am either waiting for the kids somewhere or at the grocery store. I only overheard one sentence of a conversation but it was very intriguing:

“Timothy asked me to pour his ashes in the propane tank.”


My husband and I were walking up to our favorite Cuban restaurant, outside an elderly couple was having a mild argument as they sat and sipped their coffee.

“You are always rewarding her bad behavior,” the woman said as her voice rose a little higher.

I thought in my head at that moment, I really, really did: So does my husband.

And right then, my husband turned to me and said, “sounds like me with you.”

We laughed over that and then went to eat breakfast.

Sometimes the truth doesn’t hurt.


I was at the grocery store. Again. Always.

I was loading my groceries onto the conveyor belt. An old woman in her mid-to-late eighties was ahead of me in line. Ninny Threadgoode could have been her twin. She was a frail little thing dressed in a gorgeous embroidered sweater (which I later complimented her on).

She peered over at me and asked, “Is that a baby in your cart?”

I looked to see what she could be talking about. It was my purse.

I smiled at her and said, “No. It is just my gigantic purse.”

She made a comment about needing to get her eyes checked.

On her side of the conveyor belt, loose fruits and vegetables rolled along with the movement. I had never seen anyone not put their fruits and vegetables in separate bags. She noticed me staring at her fruit.

“I have to buy organic,” she said. “It is the only thing that sits right with me. I always have been allergic to California.”

I liked that last line. I liked what she did next even better. Her and the checker were obviously acquainted from previous purchases. They began talking about how their lives were going. She told him that she was still dancing. And then she shuffled her feet and twirled her arms in a quick little jingle of movements. She swayed in place when she was done and I worried she might topple over, but she just grinned widely said good bye to all and made her merry way out of the store. I hope to be exactly like her, not when I am older, but right now.


“I swear I saw a black widow in my room the other night,” a young girl said to her grandparents over her panini.

She continued, “but then I realized it was just a daddy long legs.”

The grandfather scoffed, “They don’t look anything alike.”

“Yea. I know. Black Widows are thicker.”

“Did I ever tell you about the time I went with Steve over to Norman’s house?” The grandfather asked.

“Well, we were all sitting around the table watching Norman cook. He was going all out. And we were just watching. Just then Steve jabbed me and pointed to the curtains above Norman’s head. There, crawling down the curtain, was the biggest spider I had ever seen. It was one of those tarantulas. Well, neither one of us wanted to tell Norman. We didn’t want him feeling bad since he was cooking such a large meal. So, we just watched the spider climbing down the curtain getting closer and closer to Norman’s head.”

Here is where I need to pause this story. Aaaarrrrggghhhhhh! What? What etiquette book did they get that rule from? Please, if I am ever cooking a meal and a tarantula is about to crawl on.to.my.head., you may interrupt my cooking to let me know. I will not mind. I promise. This is a new edit to the etiquette book I am sure everyone will concur with.

Let’s continue:

“Norman’s wife noticed Steve and I just staring with our mouths open at the curtain. When she looked up, she saw the spider and started laughing. ‘Oh, that’s just Henry,’ she said. ‘He’s our pet. We let him loose around the house and he takes care of all of the flies.’ Can you believe that? They just had a pet tarantula wandering their house. I actually held him once. He was very tame. He didn’t even bite.”

Did you overhear anything good in November? Do you have a pet spider? Would you tell someone if a giant spider was about to crawl onto their head?

If you missed last month’s “Overheard In”, you can find it here.

Keepin’ It Real November 2014

Ahhhhh, November. I love November, not nearly as much as December, but it doesn’t need to know that. I am behind on my blog. Because it has been so cozy, I have wanted to do nothing but bake and read books. I apologize for my being behind on comments. It is my selfish book reading heart’s fault. I have not been on the internet as much this week. My kids had the whole week off and it was just so nice to decompress with them. I hope to be back on schedule this week. As a family, we went and saw “Big Hero Six.” This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I give it a ten out of ten. Bring tissues. And be sure to stay until after the ending credits.

My family and I were so sick for two weeks of November. Two weeks. I remember on day twelve bursting into tears because I was so tired of feeling awful, but it did pass. For that, I am grateful. November is a grateful month. It is the dark month of reflection. The lightness of laughter remembered. The darkness of finding light in trying circumstances. I know so many people who are going through a hard time. It is very difficult for me to be happy sometimes when I know their struggles.

My grandmother’s birthday was on the seventh and my heart felt so heavy that day. Yet, I am so thankful for the time I did have with her.

Here is November briefly recapped with things that did not make it on the blog:


I rescued a sea lion.


On Thanksgiving, my aunts, uncle and mother gave me back the last Christmas present I had gifted to my grandma the week before she passed away. It was very sweet. It was a sad moment that day when we watched my laughing grandma on an old VHS tape.

And so now I have this bowl, knives and kitchen mittens that I feel I need to do something special with. That I am terrified of breaking. And yet, they make me feel weary. Tired. My grandma never used them, so even though I try to tie an emotional connection to these things, I find myself incapable of doing so. Unwilling, if you will. For my grandmother never used them when she was alive, so they sat unused because… she died. When I look at these items, I remember her death. Not her life. Hence the weariness. I need to contemplate how I feel about this more. I think instead of the items being a tribute to my grandmother, I will remember them as being lovingly saved by four siblings as a gift to me. I will remember my mother, my aunts and uncle when I use them. Of overcoming insurmountable grief to think of another person during a dark time. Of the love that was saved for me. Ahhhh…So many ponderings over kitchen items.


I have a problem. A tuna problem. I cannot quit it. I ate a whole entire tuna pie all by myself in three sittings. Is there a meeting for this?


Today is Cyber Monday. Because I purchased so much the week of Black Friday, I am sitting this one out (unless you know of an amazing waffle maker on an amazing deal, because I had to throw away my old one yesterday). And I don’t want to do yet another shopping post. However Modcloth is having an awesome sale today offering 25% off everything with code CYBERMONDAY. I will tell you, the following links are affiliate links. Purchasing through the links will provide a small income for this little ol’ blog. Everything I am listing is actually sitting in my cart awaiting a future indulgence (except the blue dress which I all ready purchased through Dear Creatures). Modcloth always offers free shipping on orders over $50:

1. The Chilly Commute Dress. This is adorable. Easy. I like the colors. I like the shape. I like it.

2. Gnome Man’s Land Socks. Oh! I want these so badly! Actually I want ten pairs of these so badly. I have to stop looking at them or I am going to buy them.

3. Channel The Charm Dress by Dear Creatures. If you missed out on Dear Creature’s 40% off sale, where I purchased this dress, this is still a good price with the code. Plus, the return policy is much better.

4. The Copious Comfort Poncho looks almost exactly like the poncho from Anthropologie that I missed out on last year.

Outfit Outtakes:


Ollie being a stubborn bulldog. Original outfit post here.


Being a dork. Original outfit post here.


I found my perfect restaurant. Individual brewed iced teas and tuna sandwiches. What more could a girl ask for?


Coming Up In December:

Three Stripes Your Out-fit
House Tour
Sisters In Tulle
Crazy Searches
The Easiest Salted Caramel Cookie Bars

I am also going to need some help deciding on some purchases I made during Free People’s awesome sale. I bought these boots in red for my husband to gift to me for Christmas. Well, I could not resist peeking at them or trying them on. Now I am unsure. My thighs are much larger than my calves. I feel like having the boot stop right at the start of my thigh is unflattering. I might post a picture soon to see what you think. And I am thinking of returning The Embroidered Moto Jacket. I love the embroidery but I am not sure of the fit on me. And I need some styling help on The Eyelet Duster. So would it be wrong to have a post about items I need help deciding on?

We are now in December. My very favorite month. I love the brightness of the big holiday. The colors everywhere. The excitement. I love giving gifts. I love the smells. It can be overwhelming, though. Because of this, I do a random act of kindness every single day this month. It makes me put the holidays into perspective. It is something I do for my soul to try to balance the present greed. With that in mind, I want to note that while it is so awesome to donate toys for children at this time, please do not forget the elderly amongst us. I definitely will be donating toys, but this is the month when my heart goes towards the forgotten amongst us…

The day after Thanksgiving, I ran into a grocery store to quickly grab two items. I decided to cut through the cookie/cracker aisle to get to the register. As I entered the aisle, a lone woman was slowly pushing her cart in front of me. She was in her late sixties. Not old by any means. Her pants had slid down underneath her bare bottom.

I did not know what to do.

I did not want to embarrass her, but I also did not want a mean person to laugh at her circumstances. I approached the woman and said to her, “Ma’am, you’re pants have slid down.”

She thanked me as she groaned. She was ill. It was the day after Thanksgiving. She was sick. She was shopping for food. By herself. Alone. Like so many elderly people. They have to venture out sick, alone, spend the holidays by themselves. I did not know what I could do for her. My family was waiting in the car. My husband had to get to work. Selfishly, I did not want to get sick myself. So, I left. I have many excuses, but none of them are enough.

I am so imperfect.

Yet it breaks my heart. Makes me feel helpless. Overwhelmed. Guilty.

It could happen to any of us. And so for me, I try to concentrate on making sure I am remembering to take the older generations into consideration this month.

How was November for you? Are you more excited for December? How do you decompress during this busy season? Are you reading anything good? I have read five books this week. I can recommend one of them. It is One Came Home. I will be doing a review about it soon, but it is an easy (it is a children’s book) beautiful read.

Anthropologie Holiday Workshops 2014


I had the pleasure of going to two Anthropologie holiday workshops the last few weeks. Each one was a lot of fun. I did not take as many pictures as last year, because, honestly, I am super shy. I did not want anyone to know I was blogging about it. Which in not taking a lot of pictures, pretty much almost made that a sad reality. Sometimes I do not think things through.


The first holiday workshop I attended was in Corona, California. It was a very small crowd. There were just six of us plus the girl teaching the project.



At this workshop, we made pearblossoms that were going to go on a wreath. We took crumbled up butcher paper and rolled it into a rough shape. Then we taped around it with masking tape. We then painted the masking tape and added glitter and a stem to the finished project. I think this is a cool skill to learn because the wadded paper and tape trick would work for a number of projects (including bodies for Christmas critters). The glitter they use is so cool. Much better than regular ol’ glitter. It figures that Anthropologie would have awesome glitter. It very much looks like powdered magic. I want some of my very own.

I vow to get a picture of the finished window this time! I will place it in Keepin’ It Real. I was a dork and wore one of my favorite dresses to the workshop. That is because last year I wore clothes that were not my favorite and they did not do anything messy. This year, I wore an embroidered dress and the project could not have been messier. They kindly let me borrow their apron. Phew!


I only took one picture of the inside of the store. I did not get one of their cool atrium in the middle of the store. Last year I learned this was one of the most expensive Anthropologies to build because of the atrium. Next year, I promise!

I met two lovely ladies there and it has been fun getting to know them on Instagram. And the sweet girl who ran it, gosh I wish I could remember her name, was fantastic. Warm. Welcoming. Encouraging. Everyone loved her.


Here I am with one of the finished projects.


At the end of the session, they gifted each of us girls who participated in the workshop a miniature pumpkin and a 25% off coupon to use on a full price purchase. The generosity of the gift made my head explode. I had done some reviews in the dressing room prior to the workshop and had made a wishlist in my head. Well, all of that went out the window. Suddenly, I could not remember what I had yearned for. I ended up buying two of these Kantha pillows, The Fanned Flora Dress, floral tights, and the llama skirt. I was halfway home when I realized that the thing I actually came to the store to buy… the one item I had really, really wanted… I forgot to get. It was this shirt (in a happy ending, the shirt arrived last week. I bought it with a different code).


A week later I went to the workshop in San Diego. I had also wanted to participate in the one in Carlsbad, but their workshop started incredibly early in the morning and it would have been impossible to get there and get kids to school. I chose getting the kids to school. Where’s my Mother Of The Year Crown?


The San Diego Workshop had two different stations to pick from. One station was very crowded. It involved making the coolest pinecones. The other station was fairly empty. It was just cutting thin cardboard. My introverted self chose cutting cardboard.


Both Anthropologies had pretty little setups with food and drinks for the guests. I forgot to take a picture of the table in Corona. At this Anthropologie they had about four people helping out with the crafts. I met a lovely woman (I do not know if I can use her name here) who also participates in Effortless Anthropologie’s discussions and such. It was so nice to meet her. I would love to make plans to go again next year to chat with her again.

I took some pictures of the pretty store:






This is what I wore that day. My favorite Free People top, The Mix Print Tunic. And my mustard yellow Old Navy Rockstar Pants. I took these pictures in the dressing room, because I squeezed in a couple of reviews that will run later this week.


This Anthropologie gave away the sweetest ornament made of bark and with a burnt “A” for Anthropologie on the wood. Of course, I could take it as my Mother Of The Year Award. They also gifted the 25% off code to participants.

The year before, neither Anthropologie gave participants gifts, so I would not go to a workshop hoping for something. It was a sweet unexpected gesture this year, but next year might be different. I would go for other reasons. I went to learn a new craft. Meet new people. And step outside of my comfort zone. I feel like I did all of those things. Probably not well. I was still too shy. I am still the Amelia Bedilia of crafts. However I did meet new people in spite of those things.

Did you go to one of the workshops this year? What craft did you get to do? Do you plan to attend one next year? They are usually held in the middle to end of October so check the website at the beginning of next October to call and register for a spot.

Last year’s workshop posts can be found here and here.

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NOW CLOSED Twentieth Blog Giveaway: Three Anthropologie Necklaces


This giveaway is now closed. Further entries will not be counted. Thank you to all who entered! : )

Because it is my twentieth blog giveaway. Because I scored such a fabulous deal on these Anthropologie necklaces (retail price per necklace was $58, but that is not what I paid). Because I love you guys and appreciate you so much…

There will be three winners this month!


I am giving away three necklaces, one to each of the three winners.


I love this necklace. I have one myself. This is how I wore mine two weeks ago. Turquoise goes with everything.


To enter for the chance to win one of these tassel necklaces, please leave a comment stating where you would travel to right this very moment if cost and mundane details were not an issue. I am writing this sick in bed so I would love to go somewhere colder and not crowded. Who am I kidding? I would go straight to Harry Potter World via The Floo Network! If this comment is too personal, you may leave any comment you wish as long as it is pleasant.

You may earn a second entry by being or becoming a subscribed reader of this blog. There are many ways to do so on the right hand side of this page. Please do not forget to leave a second comment stating you are a subscribed reader. The second comment is your second entry.

Whew! Details!

Thank you so much for reading this blog! For entering this giveaway! How do you describe joy over and over without repeating oneself? Because that is what you give me by reading this silly little blog. Thank you!

Now for the not so fun muggle details:

Limit two entries per person in the forms specified.

The giveaway runs from November 10, 2014 12:00 a.m. PST to November 16, 2014 9:00 p.m. PST. I will be choosing three separate winners from the comments entered on this post for the Anthropologie necklaces using random.org. I will contact the winners on November 17, 2014 and display the winners’ names on this blog on November 18, 2014.

By commenting on this post, you are entering this giveaway for a chance to win one tassel necklace from Anthropologie and agreeing to the rules outlined in this giveaway.

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