Overheard In November

I overheard some nice and funny things this month. One of the conversations I overheard was quite shocking and I could not bring myself to include it. I wanted a happy post.

Let’s hope December brings pleasant conversations and memories! Enjoy the last day we have in this month that went by much too quickly.


“Dude. That girl was totally jockin’ on you.”

The young man of nineteen bashfully ducked his head as he sat down with his tray of food next to his two friends.

But they weren’t done razzing him.

“And she wasn’t half bad. What are you going to do about it?”

The young man ignored the hard pressing questions and dug into his food. Head down. His friends grinned and joined him in their feast.

I look around for the “not half bad” girl who was “jockin'” this young man. I couldn’t find her. A pit settled in my stomach and I hoped it wasn’t me. ; )


As we entered Michaels, there was a homeless man begging next to the entrance. He was slumped over. I had seen him around town. This was my first time seeing him up close. Before I got up to him, he asked a woman in front of me for money.

She responded to his request with the following reply. “How about I go buy you some food next door instead?”

He smirked at her and said, “It depends. What kind of food?”

We entered the store at this point, so I could not hear her reply.

When we exited the store ten minutes later, she was still standing next to the man engaged in a conversation. He appeared agitated and had placed one cigarette behind his ear and had one cigarette in his hand as he motioned with it in response to what she was saying to him.

As we were loading our car, the lady walked by me. Her car was two cars away. She had a peaceful smile on her face. I wanted so badly to ask what had happened. But I didn’t. I decided maybe I did not want to know.


This was overheard in my husband’s car. There is a saying going around with the youth that basically ends with…”my mom.” Mothers everywhere are cringing. This is a recent conversation:

“You know who is a booger?… My mom.”

The sweetest teenage girl replied to my daughter, “If your mom was a booger, she would be a beautiful booger.”

Awwww. Best. Compliment. Ever.


At Disneyland, on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride:

“Thomas, do you see that pirate treasure?”


“Thomas, which piece of the pirate treasure do you want? I’m going to steal the pearls,” says the mother of Thomas behind me.

Thomas, the three year old, deadpanned, “I don’t want any of the treasure. It’s not real.”

“Ooooh. Thomas. You’re smarter than me.”

“I know.”


I was at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and I was pushing my cart back to the cart aisle in the parking lot. There was an old lady driving in front of me.

A woman in wild leopard pants jumped out in front of her and began gesturing for the lady to follow her. She led her to a front row parking spot.

The action made my heart happy. As the elderly woman was finishing parking, the woman turned to me and said, “Sometimes you just have to give them a little extra help.”

I smiled.

The old woman got out of her car and told the other lady, “Thank you!”

The lady in the leopard pants responded, “No problem. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

The woman replied, “You have a Happy Thanksgiving, too.”

And the exchange made me smile all of the way home.

Have you heard anything funny or nice lately?

6 thoughts on “Overheard In November

  1. I came home from Thanksgiving at 11 PM in 20 degree weather with my grandmother’s dresser determined to get it into our third floor apartment with just me, my husband, and our bulldog. It had taken an additional two brother in laws, one sister, mom, and a stepdad to get it into our car. My dear neighbor saw us pull up, got dressed for the cold and kindly came out to help without us even asking! I sent him home with three pieces of chocolate pecan pie. I hope it was enough. I was very grateful.

    • First, how wonderful that you have your grandma’s dresser now. I have a jar of antique beads my grandmother gave me and I was just looking at it remembering her today. Now you can look at her dresser and use it, too. How wonderful!

      And your bulldog was probably very confused! Ollie is terrified of anything new. He is such a baby. He will bark if you open a bag of chips.

      I think that was so generous of you with your pie. I am sure your neighbor appreciated it. I love sweet stories like this. I am so glad you shared it. It reminded me of the time my husband and I were moving into an apartment. We had a really cheap dresser that we set on our stoop. My dad had the brilliant idea of removing the drawers. We came back from moving something upstairs and the dresser was gone. Low and behold our “nice” new neighbors had brought it inside to their house to keep it “safe.” Wasn’t that nice of them? Of course, they immediately returned it when they realized there were no drawers. We only stayed there a few months. But I will never forget them.

      I am glad your story is so much nicer than mine! What a truly nice neighbor you have and it also,shows how highly he thinks of you guys.

      Have a great Sunday! And enjoy your dresser!


  2. I love these posts, Jenni! They are always so interesting and funny and poignant. I love the post about the leopard pants lady. It is so important to help elderly people and not get upset when they move slowly or are confused. I hope people are patient and nice to me when I am elderly.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I agree.

      Of course, I was out late in the day today to pick up some last minute ingredients at the same grocery store to make dinner. And right in that act same spot, two cars were competing over who would back up first. And they ended up hitting each other! So, it was such an opposite experience. Surreal.

      Thankfully, no one was hurt. And both cars were fine. It was just a bump. But a bummer to witness.

      I hope your Sunday is peaceful!


      • Jenni I just love your “Overheard” posts (well, I just love your blog, period :). Ok, I work at a hospital and the other day, a co-worker and I took a break to get a cup of coffee from the coffee shop. While waiting in line we overheard a gentleman on his phone explaining to whomever he was speaking to that his wife was inside getting her yearly pap smear. My co-worker (and a few other customers waiting in line) could not help but to laugh. It was just so funny to hear him speak so loudly and nonchalantly about his wife getting a pap-smear. We all wondered who he was speaking to on the phone, lol. Its so funny, the things you overhear throughout the day. 🙂

      • Hi Sherry!

        Thank you so much! That means a lot.

        Your story made me smile. That is so funny! I cannot decide if I would be mortified if I were his wife or happy that he is so nonchalant about something that has to be done. I think I would choose the latter, but I definitely would blush! : ). I want to know who he was talking to now! Who could it have been? The only person I can think of is his mom. But that might be even weirder. Oh! You pose a puzzle!

        Have a lovely Monday! Thank you for sharing!


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