Two Vests and A Jacket

I never, ever thought I would have a fashion blog. It seems weird to me to show pictures of myself and talk about what I am wearing. I am still finding my style as I play around with my new body type.

But my mother LOVES this part of my blog. It is her very favorite.

And I want her to be happy.

And I LOVE clothes.

In fact, I have so many outfits backlogged, I might do three outfit posts in the next two weeks.

Merry Christmas, Mom! ; )…

Oh! And this is kind of funny and awful at the same time. You are going to notice in the next few weeks, that the pictures of me standing in front of my fireplace will be full of Christmas cheer. Also, I have a garland strung across that says, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Well, when I pose in front of it, sometimes only two letters show.


In the future, if I can remember, I will take the garland down before photos. But if I forget, sorry in advance!


This vest is so old, I cannot even find the name for it. I bought it from Anthropologie years and years ago. I love the polka dots and cheerful color. The jeans are my favorite brand, Mother Brand Jeans. The super cute necklace was c/o Simply Livly on Etsy.


Please. Please. If I am ever too lazy to go out to my car and get my regular lipstick from it… Show me this picture! Holy garishness!

This is almost my exact outfit from my Thanksgiving post with a different necklace and shirt. The plaid was from Nordstrom Rack (also seen here). The vest is my favorite new staple. It is the Ruffled Sweater Vest from Anthropologie.



“Why are you wearing your pajamas, Mom?” My son asked me this question as we were getting ready to leave on our hunt for a Christmas tree.

I looked down. I had to explain that I was not wearing pajamas. That these were pants. But it did make me slightly self conscious.


I threw on a bright scarf to draw some attention away from my bright legs, and we were off.

I first spotted these Tartan Charlie Trousers on Sayaka on her blog, Happily Ever Anthro. She looked so adorable in them. I checked the price. $29.95 down from $118. They had my size. Sold.

(The pants are now $19.99, and sold out. But last week, I saw three sizes back in stock. If you like them, you might be able to call the stores and find them.)

Since then, I have paired the pants with my bunny shirt like Sayaka is wearing. But I am not comfortable with my butt (I started to type bottom, but felt like a fake, and the other word seemed too blunt for my blog) being exposed, so I like them better for myself with this super long tee from last year.

The jacket is the Auden Denim Jacket. I waited and waited for a great sale on this denim jacket. I am including a link, even though it is sold out, because it keeps popping back in stock. I took a size 8 in this jacket.

My only other denim jacket is ten years old. It is a size 12, and really too big. I love this jacket! So happy to have snagged it on such a great sale price!

What is your favorite cold weather staple?

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

29 thoughts on “Two Vests and A Jacket

  1. I LOVE the tartan pants. Love them. And, like your mom, love the outfit posts so much. You always give me ideas and I like seeing some of the Anthro pieces that I might have otherwise overlooked!

    • Oh! Thank you so much Katie! I really appreciate it! I will definitely continue the posts, because it is such a great motivator to stay on course with my ever present diet. It is so nice of you to say you like the posts!

      Thank you! You made me so happy!


  2. I love your outfit posts! You always look adorable and I love that you style things like a real person. (I mean, you ARE a real person. But some style blogs are all about magazine style photo shoots which are pretty but not often helpful. I can see the pieces you’re wearing and envision them in my own life, which I like much better.)

    • Thank you Danielle! Ditto! I would much rather see clothes on a real person with real lighting, than a staged photograph. I find I cannot relate to that. It actually ends up making me feel bad. Hmmm. Exploration for another day. : )

      Thank you again! I appreciate it!

      Have a jubilant rest of the week!


  3. crack me up…I almost spit my coffee out with the Ho
    I also love your outfit posts!
    Have a great day 🙂

    • Thanks Kara! : ). I could not believe it when I saw the pictures either. And guess what? It happened again today. I do not see myself ever remembering to take down that darn garland. Oh, the memories this snafu will create.

      You have a great week, too! : )


  4. You are so creative with your pairings. I love it! Ho! LOL! As soon as I saw the white tee in the first pic I thought how perfect that would be with the Ping maxi. Why is that still on my mind?!

    • Thanks Loraine! You know, I only wear that shirt with that vest. Is that too weird or what? It would be great with the Ping Maxi. At least I think it will. I need to pry it away from the vest. I will try it this week. It is supposed to be warm here.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      Have a lovely week! I hope you are doing great!


    • Thank you so much Stephanie!

      Oh, man. I feel so bad. I bought those glass and metal stars from Pier One Imports probably 8-10 years ago. They are really old! I’m sorry! I even looked on eBay for you, but I could not find them. : (

      I hate when I like something and cannot find it. I have not been to Pier One in a year. Maybe they have something similar?

      I hope so!

      Have a beautiful rest of the week! I hope you find your stars!


  5. Oh, but how about if you wear the bunny top with the tartan trousers and then add a long cardigan to cover your butt? You seriously don’t need to worry though, I bet you have a cute little butt. 🙂 That polkadot vest is awesome, by the way! You could even pair the bunny shirt with that, though maybe not with tartan pants then… that might be a bit much! 😉

    Right now I have a couple of sweaters that I just love burrowing into, like the Olaf Sweater from Anthro last year or my other big stripey sweater that I found in a thrift store in Norway. But my favourite cold-weather staple is my salmon pink Lauren Moffat coat. It’s the cutest coat I have ever owned!

    • Thank you about the polka dot vest! It is one of my favorites!

      I want to pair the ruffled sweater vest with the rabbit shirt with the tartan pants, but STILL have not found my bunny shirt.

      Oh, problems!

      I had to look up the Olaf sweater, because I could not remember it. But it is so cute! And such a good length!

      I want you to know I spent two hours (hence the dirty house) taking every pink and grey item from my closet and trying to rework them after that one outfit with your camo pants you posted.

      Still not perfect, but I did come up with some fun outfits! Thank you!

      Have a terrific Thursday!


  6. Oh, the Auden jacket is adorable! I know everyone in the rest of the world is making fun of us Southern Californians for being so wimpy about the cold – but – it is soooo cold for LA right now. My cold weather staple is the Cable Knit Pullover by American Apparel. I have it in 3 colors. I like that it is fitted, 100% cotton and made in LA.

    • Ooooh! I had to look up your pullover. It is super cute and looks so comfy! Which definitely is the best part!

      Thanks for the compliment on the Auden Jacket! I had not kept or worn it it until they had the 20% Black Friday sale. I wanted more of a discount. Once that happened, I happily wore it. As I get older, I become more attached to my money and wanting a really good deal. I think this jacket would be divine on you! I would size to your largest size. For instance, lately I have been buying a lot of size 6, but in this jacket I purchased an 8 and it fit perfectly. I would have ripped the 6.

      And I am in love with the weather right now. Up until two weeks ago, I was still using my air conditioner (our biggest marital argument), but it is perfect right now. Unfortunately, it is supposed to be warm the rest of the week. : (

      Don’t they know I have more sweaters to wear?

      Have a happy week!


    • I have been thinking of you so much these last few months. I hope you are doing well!

      Ha! They are as comfy as pajamas. And thank you for the sweet compliment. I really appreciate it. : )

      Every time I see your paintings, I get happier!

      Have a truly great day!


      • I’m doing well Jenni. I have been thinking about you too. I have a new collector also with the last name —–. She has bought, oh about 8 paintings so far this year. Whole new house outfitted with my art. I just painted a huge watercolor and ink for her with Sunflowers and Poppies, real flowery. You can see pictures in my blog. The —— of the world are real art connoisseurs and have creative talents. I can see that from how you decorate and put your outfits together. I wondered if you were related. She lives in Nevada!

      • Oh good! That is awesome! I bet I would love her house! : )

        I edited your reply with the last name. Gotta keep the privacy. ; ). At least for now.

        My husband does not have any relatives in Nevada. But his last name is fairly common.

        You are so sweet. I try to be creative, but then I see something simple and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I better check out your art before that other lost relative snatches it all up! : )

        Have a lovely creative Thursday!


  7. Well, I’m not your mom, and I LOVE your outfit posts! I completely understand where you are coming from, though. Sometimes I feel incredibly vain posing for pictures and then talking about how cute I think the outfits are- LOL. But at the same time, I really enjoy swapping fashion ideas with other bloggers, so I guess uploading some of my own is just part of the experience, right? 🙂 I would never think of any other blogger as being full of herself for posting such pictures, so I don’t know why I assume other people would think that of me!

    By the way, I lovelovelove the Ruffled Sweater Vest on you! This is one I would really love to add to my closet, too! You look great in all of these outfits!

    • Thank you so much Casey! Yes, that is the exact word I am dreading: “vain.” I don’t know why I worry about that, but I do. Of course, I keep forgetting to take down my garland. Now I have four outfits going up in front of it. And I recently broke out with the most ginormous pimple right in the middle of my forehead. I am still posting those photos, though. I like to share how I styled things.

      And that vest?! Oh my gosh! Casey. I wear it all of the time. I love it so much. You must get it. I have never gotten so many compliments on an item as I do on that vest every time I wear it. In fact, some of the women in my family might be very happy come Christmas morning. : )

      I bought it in black during the 20% off promotion, too. Actually, I bought it in both colors during the free shipping to try them on. Then I got a p.a. on them during the promo. So, free shipping plus a promotion. But I am feeling extremely guilty about buying both of them. So far, I have not worn the black, because I just do not know if I am keeping it.

      I hate that all of the good deals and promotions always happen when we ares supposed to be buying for others! I guess that’s why they do them.

      Have sweet dreams!


  8. Love your outfit posts- both for outfits themselves and your hilarious writeups! The ruffled sweater vest looks amazing. And I love your mustard scarf. I’m knitting one for my sister for christmas in the same pattern and it’s driving me nuts- (I should have made just a cowl, but I thought I should go infinity so she can wrap it twice for warmth but it’s sooooooooo much longer! And I don’t know where to stop!)

    I love scarves in winter that can be worn indoors or outdoors- that’s my guideline these days.

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate that. I am obsessed with that vest. I wore it again today. I guess that is what you call a good purchase!

      That is so sweet that you are knitting your sister a scarf. I cannot seem to finish anything these days (except chocolate). I bet she will love anything you make her! I have never made a scarf, so I would have no idea where to begin!

      I wear that scarf all of the time lately, too. I need to give love to other items in my closet! : )

      Thank you for your compliments. You made me smile through the chocolate!


  9. Love your starry mantel.. and colorful happy home! One of my favorite friends has those stars… he also had all the tall colorful tinsel-like trees that came out around the same time… I used to shop there quite frequently until I got addicted to Anthropologie…

    • Thank you Lora! Darn. I do not remember the tinsel trees from there. I bet they were really cool. I could only afford the stars that year. I remember them being a splurge for us. So fun that your friend has some, too!

      I have not shopped there in a while, either. Although, they do have similar baking utensils to Anthropologie. And they are cheaper. I might need to go there soon.

      Have a wonderful Friday!


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