Life Changing Bacon


Okay. “Life changing” might be stretching it…A lot.

But here is my little bacon story, nonetheless:

I always fry my bacon. Always. And I always get splattered. Always.

I endure the nods from the dry-cleaners as I try to explain yet another bacon grease stain I am begging them to get out. They must think I am running a bacon eating brothel. You also would think I would learn to put my apron on.

However, my mother began cooking her bacon in the oven. And, so, I thought to myself: “Why not?”

The other night, my kids were begging me to make some for dinner.

I decided to test out this new option. I got the recipe from Culinary Arts.

I took my baking sheet (make sure your pan has edges) and lined it with foil.


I lined my foil with bacon.


I put the bacon in a cold oven.

I turned the heat to 400 degrees.


And I waited.




At 20 minutes, the bacon was perfectly done (the kids do not like their bacon as crispy as I do). I immediately removed the bacon to a paper towel lined plate.

The kids were happy.

This lazy mommy was happy.

The end.

I love a happy story.


* Bacon should take between 15-20 minutes to cook in the oven. Keep checking after 15 minutes. I like mine extra crispy, so it sometimes takes 23 minutes. I usually do two pans so there is enough for everyone.

10 thoughts on “Life Changing Bacon

    • Hi Kara! Isn’t it so much easier? I love having the extra cooktop room. And I also love my splatter free clothing! Thank you for commenting and letting me know that you do this, too! I appreciate it! : )

      Have a great week!


  1. This is totally OT, especially since I don’t eat bacon and am a bit of a health nut, but I was wondering Jenni….did you end up buying the Modena Shift from Anthro? If so, I’d love to see photos of you wearing it. When it first appeared on Anthro’s website, it definitely caught my eye. It is my style but the reviews aren’t good.

    • First, I love your honesty! : ). I am on weight watchers and surprisingly 3 pieces of crispy bacon is only 4 points. So, I find it to be a great dinner protein for me. I really was surprised by this.

      Second, yes I purchased the Modena dress. I have not worn it, because I was waiting to see if Anthro would do “Anthro Day” again this year (I was on the fence with the price). They did. I rebought the dress for the discount and sent back the dress I never wore today. Unfortunately, the dress is showing backordered on my order page. So, I do plan to do a blog post about it. I just now have to wait for “my” dress. Which very well could end up being my returned one.

      I do recommend it. However, the sleeves are odd. It does bunch a bit oddly in the middle. The color is also weird.

      But it is sexy. It is different than anything else I own (which is kind of cool). I know I can “bohemian” it up. It is the perfect length for me (I am 5’6″.

      As soon as I receive it, I will blog it. I just do not do a blog post about a piece of clothing (styling it), unless it is something I am keeping.

      Stay tuned! I am excited about the dress. I do not like very tight fitting things. I purchased my usual 8 and it fit exactly how I wanted. A bit loose.

      Thank you! I hope I could help! Have a great evening!


      • Thank you Jenni for the review of the Modena dress. It doesn’t seem like your typical style but I’m sure you can “bohemian” it up, as you say. I’m looking forward to seeing it on you.

        Btw, I really applaud your weight loss and the fact that you’ve been able to keep the weight off. I have never been overweight but have always wanted to be skinnier. I know that sounds silly, doesn’t it? Anyhow, I used to be obsessed with calories. But once I turned 40, I read a great book on nutrition that really helped change the way I looked at food. I never think about calories (or points) anymore. I really care about eating good wholesome foods. I think portion sizes are very important too but it’s more important to me to eat 500 calories of veggies, fruit, and whole grains, rather than a 100 calorie donut. (This is really because I believe that eating unhealthful foods can lead to all sorts of diseases.) But I think treating yourself on occasion is important. I guess that’s where my love of german sausages (ie. bratwurst) come in! But I really limit eating this stuff to only a couple of times a year as there’s really nothing nutritious about it. I guess you could consider it my ‘bacon’ 😉

      • Thanks Laura! I am glad I could help. I hope it ships. :

        You are inspirational with your healthiness. I always admire people who can eliminate the “bad” foods. Tonight I am making a steak pie. : ). Of course, tomorrow we will eat chicken and rice. Everything in moderation. Such a hard thing. I agree nutrition is important. I always incorporate some sort of salad with dinner. But I know I could use some more veggies in my diet. for sure! Keep up the good work! I bet you feel great!

        Have a fantastic week! : )


  2. Who doesn’t love Bacon? The oven method is the prefered way at my abode as well. The only difference, I put a wire rack under the bacon, helps the grease drip off. If you come up with a solution for the grease splattered over mess this leaves behid, please do post about it!

    • Hi! Yum! Bacon! Gotta love it!

      I am weird. I like it cooking in its own grease. I start with a cold oven and I have not noticed any grease splatter. I wonder if that is the difference. Maybe try that next time. I also wonder if raising it up causes it to splatter more? I also put it on foil and then when the grease is cool, I just toss the whole mess. I own a convection oven, but I never use the convect option to cook this because the fan would splatter the grease everywhere.

      I hope this helps! Thank you so much for contacting me! Let me know if any of the above works! : )

      Have a wonderful evening!


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