A-h-Mazing Edible Serving Trays


So. Hosting. It is something I love to do. Have people over. Entertain.

Make one word sentences.

But, quite often, I spend so much time making the food, that I forget about the serving aspect of it. You know, making the food look good so people will want to eat it. The other night at my pajama party, I actually served my salad in my giant aluminum soup bowl. All of the pretty bowls were trapped in the cabinet in a cluttered pile-up of randomness. I opened the cupboard and saw that the bowl I needed was wedged underneath the trifle-bowl-I-have-never-used-to-make-a-trifle-with-but purchased because it-was-on sale-for-$15-and-Rachael-made-a-trifle-on-“Friends”-and-maybe-one-day-I-would-too. Without beef. Except I haven’t. And probably won’t.

Joey would be so sad.

I looked at that mess and quickly shut the door on it.

I dug out my stockpot, dumped my bag of salad in it and called it a night.

And it was fine.


But I wish I had done something more.

Leading me to this post.

Why did I not come across this before? Well, I can blame thank Ollie. The only reason I found this was because Ollie ate an entire plastic candy cane filled with white chocolate peppermint hershey kisses (not the plastic part) when he climbed into a chair and reached over and grabbed it from the side table. Who knew he was such an acrobat? Seriously, he even left the empty candy cane on the table. I could not believe he could achieve such a feat. I was trying to decide if he needed to go to the vet. Or join the circus.

He ended up being a perfectly fine dog without any other death-defying talents. But I came across an idea while searching for his agent cure.

Jenni, Jenni, Jenni, get a hold of yourself. What idea?


Here it is.

Candy serving trays. Yes. Candy serving trays!



Have you ever heard of anything so wonderful? I used mine for all of my small serving bowls during Christmas Eve dinner.

I found the idea on the blog Tutto Bella.


You just line a baking sheet with parchment paper. And arrange your candy into a simple pattern.



My daughter did this one.



This is my son’s.


And this small sad affair is mine.


Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. I did eight minutes and twenty seconds. ; )


Remove from the oven. Let cool one to two minutes. Trim any unevenness carefully with a pizza cutter. This will still be extremely hot. Be careful! Don’t touch it with your bare hands. Let cool completely. Voila!

I think doing this with butterscotch candies or other thin hard candies during the year would be very cool, too. I might try it for a birthday party.

Had you heard of this before? Have you ever seen anything so simple? And cool? I am in love with this project. I wonder if I could create a stockpot for next year’s salad. That sounds just about as good as a beef trifle.

I am sure Joey Ollie would agree.

* I shared this on Savvy Southern Style.

And My Romantic Home.

It’s The Little Things: Le Creuset


About seven years ago, my husband purchased my first Le Creuset piece for me for a Christmas present. It was bright green. I was in love. I use it about three times a week. It conducts heat so beautifully. I think cooking in something pretty makes cooking more fun. It also helps that Le Creuset is a functioning dream.


Le Creuset is expensive. You can find seconds at Home Goods and on eBay. I was content with my one piece. But then at Christmastime last year, Rue La La had an amazing sale.


The sale was on Le Creuset. If I can remember right, the pieces were around 45% off. And in the beautiful blue color that I adore. Free shipping was also part of the offer. When the boxes arrived (I ordered three pieces for my husband to give me for Christmas), the box said it cost $75 to ship! Wow! We saved a ton of money! I purchased a larger dutch oven.


This is perfect for large roasts, pots of soup, and when I double my beef stroganoff. I use it all of the time.

I also purchased a skillet. This is the item I am not impressed with. All of my food sticks to it. Do you have a skillet like this? What am I doing wrong? I really need help with this one.


Amazon carries Le Creuset, but you have to wait for a great price. I am watching this yellow Le Creuset pot, but I doubt it will ever reach the discount I received on my last pot.

Do you own any Le Creuset? What is your favorite recipe to cook in it?

It’s the little things: beautiful products to cook in. It truly makes cooking more fun!


P.S. An update: last week I did a post on crushed garlic. Brynne asked me if this was was carried at Trader Joe’s. I was told in the comments by Alissa that they do carry it. I was there two days ago and snapped this picture in the frozen vegetable aisle. I was so excited to see it and also ecstatic to try the frozen chopped basil in the future. I bought some of that to try in recipes later! So, thank you Brynne for the question. And thank you Alissa for the answer. I love learning something new! : )

I shared this on Savvy Southern Style

And My Romantic Home

Life Changing Bacon


Okay. “Life changing” might be stretching it…A lot.

But here is my little bacon story, nonetheless:

I always fry my bacon. Always. And I always get splattered. Always.

I endure the nods from the dry-cleaners as I try to explain yet another bacon grease stain I am begging them to get out. They must think I am running a bacon eating brothel. You also would think I would learn to put my apron on.

However, my mother began cooking her bacon in the oven. And, so, I thought to myself: “Why not?”

The other night, my kids were begging me to make some for dinner.

I decided to test out this new option. I got the recipe from Culinary Arts.

I took my baking sheet (make sure your pan has edges) and lined it with foil.


I lined my foil with bacon.


I put the bacon in a cold oven.

I turned the heat to 400 degrees.


And I waited.




At 20 minutes, the bacon was perfectly done (the kids do not like their bacon as crispy as I do). I immediately removed the bacon to a paper towel lined plate.

The kids were happy.

This lazy mommy was happy.

The end.

I love a happy story.


* Bacon should take between 15-20 minutes to cook in the oven. Keep checking after 15 minutes. I like mine extra crispy, so it sometimes takes 23 minutes. I usually do two pans so there is enough for everyone.