A Trip To World Market


Let’s Go Shopping! I had two $25 gift cards to spend at World Market. I downloaded a 10% off total purchase coupon. And I was so ready to go. Here are some of the lovely things that I saw on my trip. Unfortunately, I could not afford them all.


But it was fun to wander the aisles! Come with me!


Toadstool Measuring Spoons $5! “Yes please!” Says the Gnome Lover.


It is a Peacock Spatula!


Oh no! Owl measuring spoons! Gulp! Again these were only $5 (plus a 10% off coupon).


Nonstick Owl Cakelet Pan. I cannot wait to bake some treats in this.


Um. I have no idea when or how I will wear this deer headband. But it is so adorable. And at $7.20 (after discount), I had to take it home.


Owl Dust Buddy. And he can be thrown in the washing machine. He is my new best friend! I love him!


I did not buy these hedgehogs, but it was tempting.


Oh my gosh! Their furniture selection is wonderful this season:


This fantastic school desk was calling my name. No room at my house for it, but still cute to look at.


Check out this chair. It is very small. Perfect for a child’s room or a dorm room. The colors are pretty.



But this chair has my heart. It had my pulse racing. The price is all ready fantastic, but I know that it will almost definitely go on sale. Therefore, it will end up being a magnificent price. I have absolutely no room for it. Too bad.



And this headboard is gorgeous. I am in love. Again, I have absolutely no place for this in my home, but it is great. I love the different color tufted buttons.

Have you been to World Market lately? Or have you purchased or seen any fun home items lately? Please share!

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14 thoughts on “A Trip To World Market

    • Thanks Andrea! It is a really neat, fairly inexpensive place! I love the measuring spoons I got for $4.50! I am so happy to share my discoveries! : )

      Have a marvelous weekend!


    • Hi Jess! I saw the owl measuring cups and I was so tempted. But I have so many measuring cups, I refrained. But you are so lucky to have them. They are adorable! : )

      Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!


  1. Hi Jenni,
    I have a weakness for owls myself – I bought Anthro’s wisened pullover sweater without hesitation a few weeks ago, and can’t wait till it’s cold enough to wear it (and I hate cold!) Just curious, how would you decorate the owl cakelets? I want to get that pan, but need some ideas… Thanks!

    • Hi Soo! I am so jealous of your Wisened Owl pullover. I completely forgot I wanted it until you mentioned it right now. And yesterday would have been the perfect time to pick it up! Darn! : )

      I cannot wait to hear how you style your awesome find!

      Also, I messed up and tried to make sugar cookies in the pan. That was a huge disaster! I am going to try shortbread cookies and corn bread in the pans next!


  2. What a fun post! Please share what you do with the owl pan. The last time I went to World Market I got a big bag of Malteasers and made a Malteasers cake from Better Homes & Gardens. The time before I got ground chocolate and cocoa mix to make brownies. My favorite purchase is their bracelet rack because I really like bracelets. I don’t think I have ever looked at the furniture….I will have to look next time I go.

    • Hi! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I missed this comment! I feel like quite a jerk! I am so sorry! I plan on making corn bread in the owl pan. I am going to try brownie bites this week. I just know it is NOT made for sugar cookies! Big mistake!

      I have never heard of Malteasers! Now, I must google it. It sounds intriguing! Thanks for the info! : )

      Again, I am so sorry! I always try to respond within 24 hours and I completely missed this comment.

      Have a perfect evening!


  3. I want that school desk! Why is it so awesome? Why do I want it? Who knows? LOL I just spruced up our apartment a few months ago with some rugs from World Market. Love that store.

    Oh! And Jenni – did you see the bunny shirt on the Anthro website? It is called the Creature Feature Top and – I think – is the same bunny from the bag. It’s adorable!

    • : ). I agree on the desk. Where the heck would I put it? And what would I do with it? But it is so cool!

      Okay, I had in my closet four Anthro pieces, new with tags that I had purchased in the last two months. I had not worn them on the off chance that they were going to do “Anthro Day.” After this weekend, I was going to wear them.

      But then, they did do Anthro Day! And I repurchased the items yesterday with the 15% off. Now I have to return the other items. I do not know if this is ethical or not, but the items were unworn. And they were that way in anticipation of yesterday.

      Long story short, I was able to pick up that bunny shirt yesterday! With my savings from my returns, it will end up being free!

      Again, I do not recommend doing this, but Anthro gets a ton of my money. And I was so happy with yesterday! Now for the pain of returns! Thankfully it is only four pieces.

      But yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tee. It was the only thing (clothingwise) besides the four pieces of clothing that I repurchased. I also picked up the bunny pillows for my husband to give me for Christmas! Yay!


      • YOU GOT THE BUNNY SHIRT?!! WOO HOO! Not sure why I am yelling but that is awesome. I can;t wait to see you in it. Really great that it was in the store. On the website it is backordered until mid October. What you did with the repurchasing was fine. Seriously. Anthro plays games with its regular customers anyway. Sometimes you have to play their game back at them. It’s like coupons – most people don’t use them – the corporate grocery stores price their items at an extreme markup so if you don’t use them – you, the consumer are losing the game. If you use the coupons you are breaking even. Or something like that. lol Back to the bunny… it is super cute and a great deal!!

      • Hi Cynthia! I appreciate that. I worried it would be dishonest. I placed my order online before it was showing backorder. So I am hoping my shirt will ship! I will be very upset if it doesn’t! : (. I will let you know if and when it does. And what I think of it. I am getting more excited about it through you! It is super cute!


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