It’s The Little Things: Crushed Garlic

All right, I hate to keep repeating myself. But, it needs to be said again. “I am lazy.” Right now I am writing this post. I should be vacuuming. Or doing laundry. Enough said.


And I love to cook. Enter all-ready-crushed-and-pureed-for-you garlic.

I buy my garlic in this handy dandy little case. It comes in servings of 20. Each serving is one clove of garlic. It is kept frozen. I also sometimes purchase minced garlic in the jars. You can find the jars in the spice aisle of most grocery stores.


The garlic is in tiny little pockets all of its own. Besides making cooking easier, this is frankly adorable. And cooking and adorable go together like….hmmm. Well. Not at all. Movin’ along.


I use this in any recipe that calls for garlic. I buy mine at a little specialty food store near my house. It is in the frozen vegetable aisle. It is inexpensive. It is wonderful.


It’s the little things: not smelling like garlic. Not having to chop garlic = Less work = Happy lazy girl.

Do you chop your own garlic? Or do you use prechopped like me? Do tell!

15 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Crushed Garlic

    • Thanks Keiko! I am telling you, too much work for me! : ). I love how easy this is and the frozen garlic still tastes so fresh! Love! : ).

      Have a great evening!


  1. Cool. I have not seen this. I will certainly start keeping my eye open for it. I could eat garlic on everything (except ice cream). Unfortunately, it seeps from my pores the next day and as a dental hygienist, I don’t think my patients would like that so have to limit my intake to weekends. Insert sadsie face here. Do you think Trader Joe’s carries it?


    • Thanks Brynne. Yes, that would not work at your work. I try to keep my intake of garlic small, because I do not want to hurt anyone. : ).

      I do not know if Trader Joe’s carries it. I bet they have some version. They have my favorite soup starter (prechopped veggies) so I cannot imagine they would not carry something like this. I will check next week when I am there and let you know!

      Have a wonderful evening!


    • May I butt in? Trader Joe’s sells a jar of crushed garlic that is really great. I think it is kept over by the pasta sauces.

      Love garlic and will have to try those packets, Jenni. Plus, they are cute!


      • Thanks Alissa! I will check there next time! Although I really like supporting my local small market next to my house. Trader Joe’s is my very favorite store. I love everything they have. Well, except those mini chicken pot pies. Not a big fan. But everything else, yes!

        Thanks again for the info! 🙂


      • Thanks Cynthia! Of course, gimme the answers! I am a willing listener. I love the jar stuff, too. I just love these prepackaged ones so much now. They taste fresher to me than the jarred. Ido not know why. It is probably in my head. ; )

        I am glad you use the prepped stuff, too. I am not alone! : )

        Have a great night!


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