“Hip” It Real Good

My style has been evolving from very feminine (a-line dresses and poofy skirts) to more bohemian. Hippie, if you will. I still love poofy skirts. But I also love an easy breezy layered look. Complexity is the key to happiness, afterall.

The other day, I turned to my husband, laughing and said, “Hey honey. When did I turn into such a hippie?” I was wearing the outfit below.

He replied, “I don’t mind.”

: )



This skirt is from Free People. When I purchased it, it was 75% off. It is called Manina Colorblock Skirt. It is still available (as of this writing) in this color, in all sizes. This blows my mind. This is one of my favorites. I love this skirt. It can really twirl.

The top is from Free People, Keep Me Tee. I used my birthday discount for it. I tie it at the waist. The necklace is from Anthropologie last month. It is a layering necklace.



This was another purchase in August with my birthday discount. It is the Free People Rizzo Skirt. I am wearing it in a medium. It has ruffles. Ruffles. Swoon.

The shirt was a sale find also from Free People called We The Free Big Wave Tee in the fatigue combo. It is definitely a muddy grey, rather than green. It is also a medium. The belt is an Obi Belt from Free People. The boots are from the flea market. The earrings are from Anthropologie, years ago.


Here we have a sale find from last year. I scored it for 75% off. I paired it with boots and bee hive earrings from Anthropologie. It was called Glimmered Ankita Dress. It is from Anthropologie.

Have you jumped on the “hippie” bandwagon? Or would it just be wagon? Or van? And would ending this with, “Peace” be appropriate? Or is that just slang?

I would make a terrible “hippie.”

P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

31 thoughts on ““Hip” It Real Good

  1. Hi Jenni, I love all the outfits, but my favorite is the first – I would not have looked twice at the skirt but seeing it on you, I think I may have to check it out online – so cute!! I love the hair as well. Also, I want to ask you if you find it hard to stick to your diet when you bake for your kids? I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and cannot stay away…I’ve been so good up until then. Also, they did not look nearly as pretty as yours did in a post awhile back – mine always turn out flat 🙁 Thanks!


    • Hi Soo!

      First, thank you for the compliments! I love that skirt. And the price!

      If I am baking, that is what I plan for for lunch. So, for my giant chocolate chip cookies, I plan 10 points out of my 26 for the day for one of them and a bit of dough while I am baking. Then I do not eat lunch. Or on Weight Watchers, you get 49 flex points a week in addition to your daily allowance, so I might use some of those for the splurge.

      Have you tried my chocolate chip cookie recipe? I add more flour than the typical recipe. That is what keeps them from going flat. The dough should not really stick to your hands when you put it on the cookie sheet. A little. But not a lot. Next time, try adding a bit (1/4 cup to 1/3 cup more flour) and let me know how they turn out.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to write me again with more questions. I am always happy to do so! : )


  2. Oh, you make a cute hippie! I especially love the first outfit. What did you use to tie the tee? I need help with the Ping maxi. I’m not liking tops tucked into it. I just ordered the trapeze baseball tee in light grey on a pop back and was thinking about wearing it out but tied like what you did. All of your FP purchases are so cute. Peace out, Jenni!

    • Hi Lorraine! Thank you! That Keep Me Tee is one of my favorites! I just tie it in a knot. The stitching is pink (which is not my favorite part about the tee), so that is why it looks like I am using something else with it. I think the trapeze tee might work tied like that. I have been so boring with the Ping skirt lately and have just been doing the denim top. I will have to go raid my closet and see if I can come up with something. If I have time tonight, I will try to come up with something and get back to you. Let me know how the baseball tee works out!

      Have a great day!


    • Hi Loraine! I did not want you to think I had forgotten you. I have been thinking of the Ping skirt all week. What about a striped shirt with a belt? I also think a white peasant shirt will be simple and pretty. Definitely a white tank with a denim jacket.

      How did the trapeze shirt look?


      • Oh, no worries! I forgot to mention the trapeze shirt is on backorder so I think it is supposed to ship soon. I actually just published a new polyvore with that tee and skirt. Since I’ve gained weight I have avoided striped shirts, but I like both ideas of the peasant shirt and a white tank and denim jacket! By the way, I have the Mia button down in white but need to try it again to see if it is sheer. I don’t layer in the summer with camis- it’s too hot here! Thank you for your suggestions, Jenni. 🙂

    • Hi Keiko! Thank you!

      I know all about a budget. Unfortunately. The skirt is $49 now. I hear you, though! I love your purchases at Anthro yesterday and your adorable outfits! So chic! I covet that plaid dress. I missed it when it came out.

      Have a great Wednesday!


  3. You make a great hippie! You make me want to go and boho it up now! Really nice outfits, my favourite is the middle one, I mean that belt is just… wow! But the whole combo is just so pretty. And you know what, I think I might have those earrings too! Once I’ve managed to change the hooks, I can start wearing them again, and then we can compare. (Got mine on sale in 2010 I think…)

    • Hey Gwen! Thank you for the sweet words! Yes, I believe that is when I got those earrings. Maybe even 2009. But way back in time. Yes, you must change the hook so we can be twinsies. We should wear them with our bear dresses. That would be rad! : )

      I hope you are having a perfect day!


  4. Hi Jenni! I remember when the Glimmered Ankita Dress came out – I tried it on and was disappointed. I have the Sumana Dress (the one with alot of orange) from late 2011 and love, love, love! One of my favorites of all time! But now I see you in this one and am disappointed in myself I didn’t break down and get it after all! Cute, cute! I’m all hooked on Johnny Was right now – that style really fits my eternal hippie chick (unfortunately, doesn’t fit my budget!)

    • Hi Judi! I love the Sumana dress. I just sold mine. It was a larger size than I am now. But it is such a fantastic dress! I love it! I hope the new owner loves it, too! I was unsure about the Ankita dress. But then it went on sale. I want to even say I got it for 25% off $50. But I cannot remember at this point. I just knew it finally popped back for a reasonable price. It was not as good as the Sumana dress! I think that one is just really flattering and cut so well!

      Maybe someone will be selling the Ankita dress like I just sold my Sumana dress! That would be awesome! : )

      Thank you for your sweet and lovely words! I very much appreciate them! Have a wonderful evening!


    • Thank you Cynthia! I appreciate that very much! : ). I was not sure about that first outfit, but I just love it so much. It is so easy. I felt like it made me look heavier than I am, so I appreciate the compliment!

      Have a great evening!


      • On the contrary! It’s very slimming! You could be Christie Brinkley when she did those Cover Girl commercials in the 80’s. Gosh, I SO wanted to be her back then!

      • Oh! Thanks Cynthia! Me, too. I still think she is da bomb. She does not look like she has aged at all. So thank you! Thank you!

        Have sweet dreams!


  5. I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad Hippie! Being a Hippie is about acceptance, uniqueness, and creativity so you’ve got it in the bag. I’ve gone from surf chick to Grunge to hippie to retro to Boho and now I think I’m a little of all of those styles.Life is about change and experience and loving our true selves in whatever shape or form. Some people get, some don’t. I’ve learned not to bother with those darn Hipsters that can’t understand my sense of style, just joking ha! I love Hipsters too!

    • Thank you Sara, that is very sweet. Your style sounds fun. I agree that being a “hippie” is truly about just being yourself and livin’ life regardless of how others will view you. That is sometimes easier said than done for me. I love just an easy, no fuss look. That is wny I stick to just one item of jewelry. I want life to be easy! Hey, in the first pic, I could not even be bothered to put on shoes. I did not realize that until I reviewed the pictures. ; )

      I hope you have a beautiful evening! Thank you for commenting!


    • ; ). Blushing. Thanks Brynne! That is much appreciated! I hope you are doing really well and that this week is nice, easy and fun for you!

      Have a lovely night!


  6. Jenni,
    I am usually too lazy to write comments, but I loved your first outfit so much that I could not refrain from commenting! I love how you tied your tee, and the skirt is beautiful. Do you think I can tie a striped trapeze tee this way too so it looks as cute as yours?
    Thank you!

    • Thanks Tatiana. Yay! I am so glad you like it!

      Okay, I do think you can definitely tie a striped trapeze tee. But make sure that you are not pulling it too much. And be careful because this can most definitely stretch a shirt out. The shirt I am wearing in the picture is really baggy, so it is perfect for this type of manipulation. It also,is that silky jersey material. I would just do it loosely at first to make sure that it is not holding the shape of the knot. And then if it is fine, you could go tighter.

      I hope this helps! I just do not want your shirt ruined! It sounds cute!

      Have a perfect evening!


  7. I think all these outfits are awesome – boho chic!

    I think it is in our nature to change out styles and to try new looks. I’ve tried to “define” my style for a while but have since given up – why bother? I can just have fun with style and wear what I like at the moment!

    • Thank you Lisa! You are so sweet! I agree! Style should always be changing and you should just have fun! I admit sometimes I can go overboard with my fun! But that is just what life is about! : )

      I love your style, by the way. : )

      Have a magical evening!


    • Thank you Ashley! I very much appreciate that! : ). I love maxis, too. They are so easy and comfy. I just realized the first skirt is perfect for Halloween as it kind of looks like a candy cane. : )

      Have a wonderful evening!


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