Spontaneous Summer


We had no concrete plans this summer. The kids went camping with their grandparents. We went to Comic Con. But for the most part, we stayed home…

It turned out to be our best summer yet!



One evening, we were out getting food when we saw flashing lights being whirled into the sky. We drove over to see what they were. It was a man selling these cool light toys, that you fling into the air, out of his car in the parking lot. We bought three and left. This was probably our best purchase of the summer! We ended up going to the park many nights and watching the lights soar in the dark.



There is something about being at a park at night. Magical. Eerie. Dangerous? I do not know, but it was so much fun to swing in the dark.




A road trip just for pie.


Swimming. And more swimming.


Yummy drinks.


Nights out with friends (pictured with Holli and Kerri).



Lots of yummy fresh fruit. These strawberries were the best from a local fruit stand. The woman selling them told me the key to preserving your strawberries is to lay a paper towel in a large baking dish. Do not wash your strawberries! They will deteriorate faster. Place them directly on the towel in a layer. Place another paper towel. Repeat. End with a paper towel on top. Refrigerate. We bought a lot of strawberries. This worked great!


Our summer was truly relaxing and fun (which is why some of the pics are so bad. Sorry! No good camera when we were being spontaneous). I could not have planned it better. What did you do this summer? Are you sad it is over? What was your favorite part?

6 thoughts on “Spontaneous Summer

  1. I live in South Florida, so summer never really ends in my area. Looking forward to some cooler temps (hopefully by November, if even just for a day). Sounds like you had a really fun summer!

    • Hi Barbara! Yes, this weather is kinda miserable. However, today was just beautiful. It was lovely. I hope there are more days like today and I hope they head your way very soon! This heat has been unreal! November seems a very long time to wait!

      Thank you for commenting!

      Have a great weekend!


  2. Ollie is adorable! He is especially adorable on his double beds. That would spoil the Mu forever. I am glad you all had such a nice summer. I will have to try the strawberry tip.

    • Thank you! And, yes, he is spoiled. The double bed came by complete accident. We have one for our bedroom and one for the living room. He likes to “guard” the front door, so prefers the bed next to the door. But the only one out of the wash was the bedroom one. When I went to exchange them, he grabbed ahold of it. Somehow they ended up together. It is his very favorite. The pink one is on its last wash. So, he will not get to be spoiled forever. Or maybe I will just buy him another one. Who knows? He always gets me with those eyes! Mu would love it, too! : ). And I know how cute she is. She could definitely get you to get her two beds!

      Have a great night!


  3. What a fun fun summer!! That pool looks so inviting!! I am very excited to try the strawberry solution. I never knew that you shouldn’t wash them right away!
    Thanks for the tips!!

    • Thanks Cynthia! And you’re welcome! I was hoping someone would read it through to actually see the strawberry tip! It was one of the best things I learned all summer. I was so excited to share it!

      I love your outfit today. I am going over to Roxy’s site to comment in just a sec!


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