Who remembers ALIAS? Wasn’t that show great before it was bad? I am hoping the show I am currently obsessed with doesn’t break my heart like that one.

THE AMERICANS is about a married couple who are Russian spies. They are living as Americans, in America during the Cold War years. It is about their daily lives coping with their children, who don’t know their secret, and still fulfilling all of their spy obligations to the KGB. The show also focuses on the couple next door. The man happens to be an FBI AGENT( whose job it is to track down Russian spies). They have their own set of marital problems.


Now, as I am writing this, I realize it sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s not! It is surprisingly quick and has many twists and entertaining turns. My husband and I both love it! One of the things I admire about this show, is they are quick not to sugarcoat the whole spy persona. When they have to seduce someone other than their spouse for information, guess what? Sex is going to be involved. They do not attempt to make it appear glamorous. It is all about the nitty gritty. It goes there! It makes the couples’ marital dynamic much more interesting and rich.

The couple is constantly trying to figure out where their marriage stands. Marriage is not easy. But their marriage is compounded with more burdens than most.

It has all ready been picked up for a second season, because it is good.


The cherry on the sundae or maybe even the ice cream, is one of the main characters is Kerri Russell. Sigh. Can I just look like her for one day? Or just have her hair? All I want is that glorious thick cascading hair. She is such a cool character! She is very relatable and the show would not be good without her. (Plus, it warms my heart that this beautiful actress married a carpenter in real life. Smart girl!)

It is on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on the FX Network. You can catch up on episodes through their website. The pictures in this post are courtesy of FX.

Have you seen this show? What did you think? What shows are you obsessed with?

Felt Gnomes


It is no secret that I love a gnome. I can’t get enough of the happy bearded fellow. But I don’t want a bright garish house overbrimming with them. I like my gnomes small, that way I can hide them wherever I desire. They are not as in your face as a traditional collection, such as this, could be.


I have quite a few from a wonderful seller on Etsy with a store named Moongoat. She handfelts each one of these little guys. Some women drool over jewelry on Etsy. For me, I cannot resist someone’s handfelted work. Aren’t they adorable?


She also did these two little gnome tapestries that I placed in our green cabinet:


I bought these felted guys (and gal) on a trip to New York. We visited my favorite spot, ABC Carpet & Home. They happened to have this strange little trio in a case. Someone had obviously been lovin’ on them hard. They were originally priced at something like $48 ea. but the kind sales associate sold them to me for $10 ea. I guess she didn’t know I have a penchant for used things. They were the prize of the trip!





Now they have many adventures in our crazy fun home.

Do you have a collection you are passionate about? Do you also love a wee little gnome?

The Book Fair

My son had a book fair at his school this week. He was very excited about it and had been reminding me to give him money for a week… So, of course, I forgot.

Today I finally remembered to give him money. He was going to visit the book fair during his lunch break. Because I was feeling guilty, I gave him $20 to spend. This book fair was a little different. It was buy one book, get one free.

He came home today and he had two big books in his hands. He was grinning from ear to ear. I could feel the happiness pouring out of him. I was wondering what he had gotten. And then he handed me the books…They were cookbooks.


My heart melted. He had spent “his” money on cookbooks for me. He was so sweet and excited. He told me he had gone through all of the cookbooks to find just the right ones. These ones had the most recipes. “The other ones seemed too easy for you, Mom,” he said.

I will be trying some recipes from these cookbooks in the next couple of weeks and of course posting them. I will let him pick out some that he wants me to try. So far it is looking like Chipotle Beef Sandwiches and Applebee’s Triple Chocolate Meltdown. Wish me luck!


Oh, and just in case you are wondering if he is still a typical nine year old boy… He also bought himself two erasers. Please note the toilet plunger one. It is his favorite.

I am so proud.

The Chambray Shirt

I had been holding my breath and waiting for a chambray shirt to go on sale. Finally, right before I passed out, Anthropologie’s Cloth & Stone pindot chambray hit the sale racks. I ordered the shirt and waited for it to be shipped. And waited. And then I got the dreaded cancellation email.


I had a coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase for the Nordstrom Rack. I thought perhaps they might have a denim shirt I could love. As soon as I entered the store, I saw it. It was the only one on a rack full of miscellaneous clothes. And guess what? It was a Cloth & Stone Chambray. It was the same price as my cancelled Anthropologie sale shirt, but had originally been more. It is longer in the back and shorter in the front. I appreciate this so much. I like anything that covers my backside. Amen. It was originally $128. I paid $45 for it after my coupon. I think it was called Cloth & Stone Slouchy Chambray. It is no longer being sold.

I love it more than my cancelled item. Everything happens for a reason.



I paired the chambray shirt with my pilcro stet pants in pink. I felt very sassy in this outfit. I love the necklace. It is called Cameo Creature Locket from Anthropologie. This one has a bulldog head on it. How could I resist? My daughter took one look at me, and said, “Is that new? It looks like you took Ollie’s head and mounted it on a plaque. Ugh.” From the mouths of babes. Kids will always tell it like it is. I still love it, though. And I bet I see my daughter wearing this necklace next week. How could she resist? I am also wearing my vintage Frye cowboy boots.


I have to thank Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie for this skirt. Every Friday, she hosts a post entitled “Friday Popbacks.” Sweet people will leave hints about what sale item is showing back up in their wishlist that day. Because of that post, I scored this skirt for $7.50! It was originally $128. It is no longer being sold, but it was called the Scattered Wings Skirt. I like the chambray shirt with it. I am wearing the Frye boots again. My earrings are also a sale find from Anthropologie recently for $10.



Last but not least, I am showcasing the chambray with a maxi dress. I love a maxi. This one is sleeveless. Momma can’t do those anymore. So, I paired it with the chambray shirt and I felt comfortably me again. The dress was an XL clearance score from Nordstrom Rack (you can’t trust those size tags!). It is by Presley Skye and called Smocked Bodice Print Dress. By the time the poor dress got to me, the removable straps were long gone. That is okay. I would rather save the 65%, than have straps. Do you recognize the necklace? It is the one my daughter and I share: Anthropologie Little Musings Necklace.

Which way do you like the chambray worn best? Have you invested in one of these staples yet this year?