Horsin’ Around

I do not have a thing for horses.

I have never owned a horse. I do not have a desire to own a horse. Heck, I do not even want to ride a horse. I have nothing against horses. I think they are beautiful majestic creatures, but they are not for me. As a child, I watched my cousin’s pony drag him around the ring. It gave me nightmares for years. So, I do not know why as a grown woman, I cannot resist wearing them on my clothing. If you find out, will you let me know?

Of course, in my favorite fantasy world (AKA my brain), if you slapped a horn on its head…

I would be reduced to a quivering pile of mush. It is all about the accessories…




I purchased this skirt with a horse print on it from a lovely seller on ebay. It was from Anthropologie. The designer was Odille. I believe it was called “Galloping Horses” or “Black Beauty” skirt. It is a burlap material with black tulle underneath. It is used, but in great condition. This skirt frequently sells for a lot of money on ebay, but the seller did not list it with the proper description. She did not put the brand name. She simply listed it as “horse skirt.” I snatched it up, because I had been looking for one at a reasonable price. It is one of my husband’s favorite outfits.

I usually wear it with a black shirt. I looked everywhere. I cannot find my black shirt. And, yes, I only own one. But I cannot find anything in this darn house. “Hoarder,” you say. “La, la, la. I can’t hear you.” No really, I can’t. There is too much crap blocking the sound of your words…

Anyhoo, today I paired it with two different colored tees. The blue one was an Anthropologie sale find from many years ago. The purple shirt is from Free People, called Sheer Rib Top. I made the mistake of sizing up to a large in this. So, it is very roomy. I like the skirt paired with the purple the best. Maybe even more than black?


I wore this shirt on election day. Can you tell which way I voted? Hmmm, well, I’m not tellin’. I simply bought it for the patriotic colors and to wear every four years to the polls. This is not super exciting. Odd. But not exciting.


I thought I was over the horse theme. But then I saw this. White eyelet collar. A white animal frolicking across my chest on a black background. How could I resist? I forgot all about my other equestrian finds when I spotted this shirt in the store. It is sold at Anthropologie and it is called Novelty Collared Tee. They thought of a super exciting name for it. I love it with colored jeans. I love it most with regular jeans. It is simple and sweet. Just like me….ha.



Okay, and now for the finale! I waited for months for this handmade creation to hit sale. It is a splurge. This necklace is so odd, so weird, so different: I knew it had to be mine. It is a beaded horse head. Did you hear me? A beaded horse head! Anthropologie sells it as Beaded Stallion Necklace. (I think they may be all sold out. It might be too much for some people. So, I would keep checking if you want one). It is shiny. It is huge. I feel like a pimp. I love it! I paired it with my Anthropologie Morning Story white dress from a summer sale last year and vintage Frye cowboy boots.

Do you have any animal clothing obsessions? Are you a victim of this horse mania? In case you still have not had enough of the frolicking filly, here is a link from A Beautiful Mess showcasing a fabulous hand-stamped pony dress. Clever girl! Now I want to hand-stamp a gnome dress. What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by!

Recent Outfits

I was all set to post pictures of all of my pieces of clothing in my closet featuring horses on them, but never got around to taking the pictures. So, I guess that post will run in a couple of days. Until then… I snapped some pictures of some outfits worn in the last week. There is no theme. No rhyme or reason to them… Just pieces I felt like wearing.


I am wearing a Johnny Was dress I purchased recently from Nordstrom Rack. I paired it with my Anthropologie Glasswork Obi Belt. I cannot believe how well these two went together. The trim of the belt matched the trim of the dress perfectly. I love when happy accidents like that happen! The belt was almost double the price of the dress. Go figure… I am also wearing my vintage frye cowboy boots. You cannot see my earrings, but they are little round glass orbs from Anthropologie that I purchased from ebay for $10. I wore this to my son’s open house. I received a lot of compliments, which made me feel good.



I am wearing a recent popback from Anthropologie that I scored. They are the pilcro stet pants in mustard. They were originally $98 and I paid $30. The shirt is one I bought last summer from an Anthropologie sale, called Anthropologie Sealife Tunic. Here is a link so you can see what it looks like without a jacket. My earrings were a recent lovely afterthought from Target. The denim jacket was purchased over a year ago at Nordstrom Rack. My shoes are so old, I cannot remember where I purchased them. I do remember they were $7.50. They are a little big, but for that price, I can hobble around happily.



I cannot decide if I look a little crazy in this outfit. Sometimes my idea of a fun outfit can be taken to the extreme. I purchased this Juicy Couture mini pleated skirt in purple from Nordstrom Rack recently. It was 75% off.

Here is the deal, it was the only one left. It was a size 4. I cannot breathe. I am happy to do so. I purchased the little tulle skirt I am wearing underneath it from the Nordstrom Rack clearance rack almost a year ago. It was $10, down from $50. I could not decide what I was going to do with it, but I figured I could always use it to make a mini skirt a little longer. It is lined in a black slip. This makes wearing a short skirt much more manageable.

I am wearing an Anthropologie top from last year with the skirt. It has little french bulldogs all over it. It was called Here & There Tee. The belt is a Moroccan belt from a local boutique. I am also wearing my Frye cowboy boots. The earrings are the Anthropologie ebay glass drops.

The great thing about this skirt is, it is a small enough size that my daughter can wear it. She is a size zero, so she safety pins the edges. I figured if I ever feel too old to wear it, it can become hers. My husband might think I am all ready there, because he said the following in response to seeing this outfit: “Great, all of your dreams have come true. You now look like a kindergartner.” Hmmmm… Maybe he is right, but life is too short to not have fun.

What has been your favorite outfit you have worn this week?

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I am very grateful for it.

The Chambray Shirt

I had been holding my breath and waiting for a chambray shirt to go on sale. Finally, right before I passed out, Anthropologie’s Cloth & Stone pindot chambray hit the sale racks. I ordered the shirt and waited for it to be shipped. And waited. And then I got the dreaded cancellation email.


I had a coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase for the Nordstrom Rack. I thought perhaps they might have a denim shirt I could love. As soon as I entered the store, I saw it. It was the only one on a rack full of miscellaneous clothes. And guess what? It was a Cloth & Stone Chambray. It was the same price as my cancelled Anthropologie sale shirt, but had originally been more. It is longer in the back and shorter in the front. I appreciate this so much. I like anything that covers my backside. Amen. It was originally $128. I paid $45 for it after my coupon. I think it was called Cloth & Stone Slouchy Chambray. It is no longer being sold.

I love it more than my cancelled item. Everything happens for a reason.



I paired the chambray shirt with my pilcro stet pants in pink. I felt very sassy in this outfit. I love the necklace. It is called Cameo Creature Locket from Anthropologie. This one has a bulldog head on it. How could I resist? My daughter took one look at me, and said, “Is that new? It looks like you took Ollie’s head and mounted it on a plaque. Ugh.” From the mouths of babes. Kids will always tell it like it is. I still love it, though. And I bet I see my daughter wearing this necklace next week. How could she resist? I am also wearing my vintage Frye cowboy boots.


I have to thank Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie for this skirt. Every Friday, she hosts a post entitled “Friday Popbacks.” Sweet people will leave hints about what sale item is showing back up in their wishlist that day. Because of that post, I scored this skirt for $7.50! It was originally $128. It is no longer being sold, but it was called the Scattered Wings Skirt. I like the chambray shirt with it. I am wearing the Frye boots again. My earrings are also a sale find from Anthropologie recently for $10.



Last but not least, I am showcasing the chambray with a maxi dress. I love a maxi. This one is sleeveless. Momma can’t do those anymore. So, I paired it with the chambray shirt and I felt comfortably me again. The dress was an XL clearance score from Nordstrom Rack (you can’t trust those size tags!). It is by Presley Skye and called Smocked Bodice Print Dress. By the time the poor dress got to me, the removable straps were long gone. That is okay. I would rather save the 65%, than have straps. Do you recognize the necklace? It is the one my daughter and I share: Anthropologie Little Musings Necklace.

Which way do you like the chambray worn best? Have you invested in one of these staples yet this year?