The Book Fair

My son had a book fair at his school this week. He was very excited about it and had been reminding me to give him money for a week… So, of course, I forgot.

Today I finally remembered to give him money. He was going to visit the book fair during his lunch break. Because I was feeling guilty, I gave him $20 to spend. This book fair was a little different. It was buy one book, get one free.

He came home today and he had two big books in his hands. He was grinning from ear to ear. I could feel the happiness pouring out of him. I was wondering what he had gotten. And then he handed me the books…They were cookbooks.


My heart melted. He had spent “his” money on cookbooks for me. He was so sweet and excited. He told me he had gone through all of the cookbooks to find just the right ones. These ones had the most recipes. “The other ones seemed too easy for you, Mom,” he said.

I will be trying some recipes from these cookbooks in the next couple of weeks and of course posting them. I will let him pick out some that he wants me to try. So far it is looking like Chipotle Beef Sandwiches and Applebee’s Triple Chocolate Meltdown. Wish me luck!


Oh, and just in case you are wondering if he is still a typical nine year old boy… He also bought himself two erasers. Please note the toilet plunger one. It is his favorite.

I am so proud.

5 thoughts on “The Book Fair

    • Thank you, it goes by so quickly. My daughter will be fourteen this year. She leaves for college in four years. My heart will break. I am trying to write down all of the memories, so I will not forget.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It makes my day.

      Have a great day!


    • Thank you so much. No, I have not. I used to work for the local paper many many years ago. I quit writing when I had my children. This is my first creative adventure in thirteen years. It has been so much fun finding myself again after so many years.

      Thank you for the compliment. I very much appreciate it!

      Have a great night!


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