Who remembers ALIAS? Wasn’t that show great before it was bad? I am hoping the show I am currently obsessed with doesn’t break my heart like that one.

THE AMERICANS is about a married couple who are Russian spies. They are living as Americans, in America during the Cold War years. It is about their daily lives coping with their children, who don’t know their secret, and still fulfilling all of their spy obligations to the KGB. The show also focuses on the couple next door. The man happens to be an FBI AGENT( whose job it is to track down Russian spies). They have their own set of marital problems.


Now, as I am writing this, I realize it sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s not! It is surprisingly quick and has many twists and entertaining turns. My husband and I both love it! One of the things I admire about this show, is they are quick not to sugarcoat the whole spy persona. When they have to seduce someone other than their spouse for information, guess what? Sex is going to be involved. They do not attempt to make it appear glamorous. It is all about the nitty gritty. It goes there! It makes the couples’ marital dynamic much more interesting and rich.

The couple is constantly trying to figure out where their marriage stands. Marriage is not easy. But their marriage is compounded with more burdens than most.

It has all ready been picked up for a second season, because it is good.


The cherry on the sundae or maybe even the ice cream, is one of the main characters is Kerri Russell. Sigh. Can I just look like her for one day? Or just have her hair? All I want is that glorious thick cascading hair. She is such a cool character! She is very relatable and the show would not be good without her. (Plus, it warms my heart that this beautiful actress married a carpenter in real life. Smart girl!)

It is on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on the FX Network. You can catch up on episodes through their website. The pictures in this post are courtesy of FX.

Have you seen this show? What did you think? What shows are you obsessed with?

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  1. Oh, I heard good things about this show and wanted to get into it. Thanks for the reminder – I’ll have to catch-up online. Yeah, I love Keri Russell too – she’s just too cute! Thanks for the TV recommendation. 🙂

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