It’s The Little Things: All Wrapped Up


I am going to just come out and say it: I don’t like the typical holiday wrapping paper.

Oh no! I am beginning to sound like Scrooge! First the poor elf, now cute paper? What’s next? Santa’s suit?


Just kidding. His suit is perfection.

Anyway, back to the cutesy paper: That is not to say it does not end up in our house. Santa Claus has an affection for the stuff and he loves to give the kids their gifts covered in outlandish cartoon wrapping paper.

But for my presents under the tree, I like to keep it streamlined.

Usually this = a disaster.

Years and years ago, I wrapped all of my presents in brown kraft paper. It was so pretty under the tree. But then it happened… Presents started being exposed left and right as the tape popped off of the heavy paper.

I learned my lesson.

Or did I?

After that came the year of the all-white wrapping paper. Again, pretty, but very expensive.

Then there was the year of the fabric. Combine all of the problems I had with the brown kraft paper and the expense of the white paper and imagine this headache.

So, I caved. I bought the wrapping paper that I did not like. And I endured.



But this year I had an idea. I stole into my daughter’s room and I snatched her giant roll of white drawing paper from Ikea off of her desk (if you have not used something in our house within a year, it becomes fair game. Meaning: it reverts back to being Mommy’s. Seems fair, right? Oh, and this rule does not in any way apply to Mommy). I began to wrap presents in it.

It still needed something.


Every year I buy rolls of beautiful ribbon from Costco. They come in rolls of 50 yards for $7. This is an unbelievably fantastic price.


I wrapped my presents in different colored bows.

And I was happy.

For the larger presents (like the ice cream maker I purchased for myself my husband because I he always wanted one), I am using gold and silver wrapping paper.

It’s the little things: beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

Now, if only I could get someone to wrap them for me.

Any takers?

I think I know of an elf who might be available.


P.S. I shared this on Savvy Southern Style.

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