Hung Up On Pink


Our pink door finally got hung up!

Remember my post about that old pink door we purchased? Well, we finally got around to hanging it up a few weeks ago. It now hangs in our hallway. It actually looks really cool where it is.


We hung three paintings on it.



The alien painting is by Gloria Muriel. The gnome riding a dragon was a Christmas present my daughter painted for me three Christmases ago. The black and white dragon is by Becky Dreistadt.


We are very happy with the look of the hallway now. It is decidedly fun!

What is the most outrageous thing you have done in your home?… decorating wise. ; )

Please tell!

Gloria Muriel


Gloria Muriel is a wonderful artist. She creates fun, surreal pieces of art. She also does giant murals. I came across her work at Comic Con three years ago. I purchased two of her paintings that year. She opened the gateway for our family into collecting art that fit our love for fantasy. We own eight of her paintings. I am showing you four of them today.




Lakshmi. She is my favorite. She has a mesmerizing power. Gloria has an amazing story about this painting. If I can remember correctly: She had a vision of painting two elephants and a lotus flower with a third eye. When she looked up what she had drawn, she realized it was Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and beauty. My husband and I were drawn to this painting. We love it!




I purchased this alien painting a year later at Comic Con. It is special to us, because we got to see the painting in progress at Gloria’s home, when we picked up a painting my husband purchased for me for my birthday. Which brings us to:




This cool painting. This was entitled “1800 self portrait.” It is such a neat mixture of art techniques. The dog is based on her own terrier she owns. I get to stare at this painting everyday in our bedroom.



At the same time we purchased the alien painting, we also picked up this cute surreal rabbit painting. It goes perfectly in our Wonderland Shire house. Gloria had it framed in the coolest red frame. I adore it!

I had the most fun meeting Gloria on my birthday two years ago. She is very sweet. And just the coolest chick. You can also follow her here on Facebook.
I cannot wait to collect more pieces from her.

Do you have art that transports you to a different place? What is your favorite thing on your walls?