Hung Up On Pink


Our pink door finally got hung up!

Remember my post about that old pink door we purchased? Well, we finally got around to hanging it up a few weeks ago. It now hangs in our hallway. It actually looks really cool where it is.


We hung three paintings on it.



The alien painting is by Gloria Muriel. The gnome riding a dragon was a Christmas present my daughter painted for me three Christmases ago. The black and white dragon is by Becky Dreistadt.


We are very happy with the look of the hallway now. It is decidedly fun!

What is the most outrageous thing you have done in your home?… decorating wise. ; )

Please tell!

8 thoughts on “Hung Up On Pink

  1. That looks great. Another very cool addition to your wonderful bohemian home! I can tell a little funny story about decorating our home. When we bought it about 6 years ago, it had been the home of a family from Pakistan for 30 years. It hadn’t been decorated since about 1980 and the existing colour scheme were all bright purples, greens and flock wallpaper.

    After a week or so we had an Indian home delivery and the guy who brought the food couldn’t believe that we had such a wonderfully coloured home albeit one that was falling apart and colours that only someone from India or Pakistan could truly like. I decorated and did home improvement like crazy, I think I did some every day for over a year.

    We then had another home delivery from the same Indian restaurant and I was all beaming with pride with my new fantastically decorated and furnished home and I showed the hallway to the same delivery guy. The room was new in everyway and still had that fresh paint and carpet smell. I waited to see the look of amazement on his face but he was shocked and so very disappointed. Though he said I had done a good job, I knew he hated my non-south Asian colours. I just about saved it with my Buddha statue and honour guard of medieval Chinese soldiers standing by the front door.

    • Hi Stephen! I love that story! I could truly picture the whole scenario. I wonder if that guy remembered what your home had looked like before. I can imagine what your home looks like now. You paint such a vivid picture.

      And now I want Indian food, darnit.

      I am loving reading about you renting out rooms. I think that is so interesting. And ingenius! Keep up the good writing!

      Have a wonderful week! Keep in touch! I need to email you back. Sorry Comic Con is draining me!


  2. Your daughter’s picture is fantastic! The door looks very cool in the hallway. I enjoyed seeing Ollie in the picture too. Does he bark at things that are new or not in their usual places? My bully does that.

    • Thank you so much! I shared this with my daughter and she is thrilled.

      And, yes, Ollie barks at anything new. I think they have poor eyesight, because Ollie will bark at me if I come around the corner on him. Tonight, I picked up Murphy. It very nearly blew his mind. He could not comprehend how or why his pal was up in the air.

      Therefore he had to bark at him. Because the Murphy he knows cannot fly.

      He is so silly. Bulldogs are constantly entertaining!

      Thanks for making me smile! Have a great week!


  3. OMG! I LOVE your house! It has so much personality. The gnome riding a dragon painting takes the cake!!! I wish I had such an adventurous or creative flair when it comes to decorating. The most interesting thing we’ve done to this place is paint of vestibule and living room walls yellow. Also our kitchen is orange, it came that way when we rented the place but I love it.

    • You are so sweet! Thank you! My daughter painted me that painting for Christmas three years ago. It holds a very special place in my heart. I am sure your house is lovely. I love that you took risks with color. I think any house that reflects the people that live there is special. It shows me that they are individuals! I love it!

      Thank you again! Have a terrific evening!


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