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My husband and I went antique shopping today. I bought some pretty presents for relatives. And I could not resist something that peeked out at me from behind many layers of old petticoats…

It was an old door. It was once pink, but the years had not been kind to it. It was love at first sight. I told my husband we must get it. He sighed heavily. We bought the door. I owe him… But then we got home and he agrees it is fantastic. We will mount it on a wall in our hallway. Our hallway is covered in paintings. We will then hang the paintings on the door. I can always see things in my head the way they are going to be. Not the future, but the way a room will look finished…where something should go. It is a trait I accept graciously from my father.

It happened to fit perfectly in our car. I knew it would…

Just sayin’.

I made up stories about the door all the way home. My husband was so happy. I mean what guy doesn’t want an old pink door? And what guy does not want to hear contrived history about said door while driving his batty wife home?

I am a gift, I tell ya. A gift.


I believe it must have been an old victorian door. I know the lady who purchases antiques for the shop just came back with a haul from Iowa. Iowa? Nah, this door never lived in Iowa. It was definitely a door to a rambling old house overlooking the sea.

“Come in.” It beckons. Its voice now raspy with splinters and age. “Come see the views beyond me. Watch the crashing waves upon the shore. See the sunset against the mist. Open me. Dream.”

The door stood as the keeper of a house, long since abandoned. Its creaky calls growing distant and weak. The only answerers being children fulfilling a dare and teenagers looking for a hot thrilling night.

And then one day, someone ripped it from its lover. Tore its soul in two. Perhaps they thought the door might make good kindling. When they went to cut the door in half, they heard a whisper.

“Come in.”

And so they sold the door. They could not bear to be the breaker of dreams. That is how it came to be miles and miles from its heart. It came to rest in an antique shop far from the home it once guarded. It came to me.

And I will heed its call. I will see the dreams behind the door. It whispers, “Come in.”

And I do.


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7 thoughts on “Come in…

  1. Great find Jenni! It’s so much fun finding old treasures (and trying to convince the hubby how great it will be)!

    • Thanks Loraine! It took some convincing…but I am excited about it! I will post a picture of the “after” next month. We are getting new baseboards put in and the hallway painted in the next couple of weeks.

      So, for now, it is leaning in our living room. Thrilled, is the way my husband feels! ; )

      Thanks for the lovely comment. Have a great night!


  2. Really great story – your style is compelling. I don’t have vision, don’t care to surround myself with old things, and I have a very small house. BUT, the way you wrote, I could feel it! I want that door, I want to ‘Come in’, I want to hear the stories it has to tell. I could feel that door adding character and depth to my house. Thank you for tickling my imagination!

    • Thank you so much. I am so happy to hear you liked the story. It was such a slow day on my blog. I was sad no one saw it. But I am so happy now. Thank you so much. Your words were so kind.

      You made my night.

      Thank you.


  3. awesome door!! I have an old shutter hanging in my daughter’s room as “art”. love using old junk for function. Be sure to show the full project after it’s complete!

    • Oohhhh! I would love to see a picture of the shutters! I love old things. You are so creative with your clothes, I bet you have tons of great ideas for decor.

      I will definitely post a post of the completed project. We are installing bigger baseboards on Tuesday and then painting the interior. For now, the poor door is leaning in my living room.

      Ah, well, it makes a great photo backdrop!

      Have a wonderful night!


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