Sunny Skirt


When I first saw this skirt at Anthropologie, I fell in love with the Otomi-like pattern (now sold out but my llama skirt is slightly similar).

The price was much too much for me, but it eventually went to more than 75% off and I was able to bring it home. The reviews had stated that it was very small in the waist. But I have big hips and a small waist so it sounded like it would work for me.

And it did!

And I was happy.

Because I could still breathe.


The waistband pattern is the best part of the whole skirt. It has small little colorful animals running around. How could anyone be sad with animals tickling their waist?


I have spoken here before of my husband’s love of pencil skirts. I like that this skirt has the shape he loves and the pattern I adore.


Let’s talk about these fringed booties. I adore these booties. They were inexpensive and I love the way the fringe moves when I walk. They, like the skirt, make me happy. I will be wearing them a lot this season.


When I wear this skirt the song, “Happy,” plays in a loop in my head.

The necklace was a sweet gift from Simply Livly on Etsy. I love the colorful fabric wrapped beads.

Do you have theme songs for your clothes? Do have a piece that makes you “Happy”? What kind of animal would you say is on my skirt? I am trying to figure it out.

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It’s The Little Things: A Giraffe Hook


I first wrote about The Raja Hook way back in March. And then I waited. I knew I could be patient enough for a sale price. But then Emily Henderson created a beautiful office space a few weeks ago and posted it on her blog. And guess who was the star? That’s right. The sweet giraffe hook.

I knew after that, he would probably be selling quickly.


So, I scooped him up and got a 20% off adjustment on him (during the home promotion at Anthropologie last week).


We finally got him hung up in our hallway yesterday. I love this little vignette near him.

The tray and vase are Polish pottery and were gifts from my sweet grandmother (I am from Polish descent on my grandfather’s side). I would be devastated if anything ever happened to them. The elephant was a gift from my friend. The little toad with the stick in his mouth was a toy my father brought back from Bali when my son was two. The chest was from Target’s global line many years ago. It was a great buy at $30, but I would love to replace it with a true antique one day.


My husband did have to punch two holes in the back of the hook because he used screws instead of nails to have it flush to the wall. I like screws because the hook is going to be a bit heavy with his neck draped in necklaces and I am not sure traditional nails would support that weight.


Of course, he had to have a gnome friend to keep him company. I wonder what he is whispering in his ear?

Or maybe I don’t want to know.


It’s the little things: a sweet practical hook. It is functional and fun. It is fun-ctional.

I think this hook would look cool in a great many settings. The hook also comes in an elephant shape. I might have to get that one on sale, because I love the green stripe on it.

Adorable in a nursery. Whimsical in an office. Practical as a bra hanger in the laundry room. The possibilities for this little guy are endless. Let’s stop at bras, though.

Do you have a fun-ctional piece in your home? What is it? My giraffe might need a mate.

P.S. Did you see that we hung up my daughter’s burlap art? I wrote about the dilemma of where to hang those pieces here. I thought this could be a small update, too. It is a happy accident that the burlap color and texture in the paintings play off the giraffe hook in a nice harmony. The light switch plate also has a neat texture of nubby linen and completes my need of threes in the space.

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Art resources:
The rabbit painting is by Gloria Muriel.
Lakshmi is by Gloria Muriel.
The small bird is by Christina Loraine.
The small Boxer is by Nichole Leavy.
The vineyard drawing is by my daughter at age 9.
Burlap drawings are by my daughter at age 14.

I shared this on Cozy Little House.

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It’s The Little Things: Etsy Necklaces

I wanted to do a quick little post today highlighting some of my favorite necklaces that I own from Etsy. I have many more items I love from Etsy. And I will highlight those on another day. I just love the creativity that goes on at Etsy. It blows my mind how talented so many people are! I also love that you can purchase from all over the world.

I will admit to being an Etsy addict. I love the whole idea and concept of it. And all of the people I have purchased from been lovely. I do not have the artistic talent to create objects. I admire those who do.

On to the necklaces:



First up is my Simply Livly Turquoise Necklace. It goes with everything. I have even bought some as gifts for friends. I love the jersey tie that can make it longer or shorter. The seller is wonderful. The sweetest.



My mother gifted me with this Animal Totem Necklace from KnitKnit for one of my Christmas presents. I always seem to wear it when my husband is not home and therefore I have no one to take pictures of me wearing it. But I do wear it and I love it!



I just wore my Lunahoo Moon Necklace, yesterday. It is the perfect length. The chain is a gorgeous color. I like that I can pair this necklace with other gold necklaces or even bronzy ones.

Have you ever purchased jewelry from Etsy? Do you make jewelry? Are there other artisans you would recommend that sell jewelry there? Please share.

I will be doing more posts in the next few months highlighting artists, home accessories, more jewelry and vintage items from sellers that I have personally purchased from.

It’s The Little Things: little accessories. And the talent to make them. I love it!

Keepin’ It Real December

December is almost over! It was a whirlwind of activity, procrastination and happiness. I am sad to see it end.

Today is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

On to the realness:


A piece of lint on my kitchen floor. I think the signs are pointing towards wanting me to go somewhere. Hmmm. But where?


Pajama Party excerpt:

One of my sweet friends insisted on doing some of my dishes by hand. She handed me the wet dish to dry. I have a confession. I hardly ever (and I mean hardly ever) hand wash my dishes. I actually love to do dishes. Load them into the dishwasher. Put them away. I do it at least once a day. But every item goes into the dishwasher. I couldn’t live without it.

So, I dried them with a paper towel. I almost peed my pants laughing when she told me I was supposed to use a dish towel.

She thought I must not have any dish towels. Then I had to show her I had a collection.

She asked me what I use them for. And I said, “to dry my hands.” What a concept: dish towels be used for dishes. I will have to remember that next year when I hand wash a dish again.

It reminded me of the time I was newly married and my mother-in-law came to my house and was shocked to see me cleaning absolutely everything with just Windex.

Housekeeping has never been my strong suit.

Good thing I chose to be a housewife.


I made chocolate bowls for ice cream one night. How do you think I did?



Outfit outtakes.


My dresser in December. Now my whole bedroom looks like this. It was a casualty of Christmas. I hope it can be revived.



Look at what my mom and stepdad gifted me for Christmas on Saturday (we celebrated late with them). It is a necklace I have been wanting for over a year. It is from Knit Knit on Etsy. It is a hand embroidered fox wearing a bow tie!

Thank you guys! I love it!


How was your December? Are you ready for 2014? Or do you feel like I do above (and, yes, that is a giant pimple.)?