Rose Bowl Flea Market December 2014


It happened again.

I got up before the crack of dawn.

To shop, of course.

What else is worth getting up early on a weekend for?


My husband and I both love going to The Rose Bowl Flea Market in December. The weather is nice and cool. Cold but not too cold. The vendors are a little more jolly. It is just a nice time to go. Plus, it is fun to pick up unusual one of a kind Christmas gifts for people who will truly appreciate them.


We have now worked out what is most enjoyable for us when we go to the flea market. We like to get there early and leave early. We got there at 7:05 and left at 9:05. Well, we left the first time at 9:05 and the second time at 10:05. But that is a long story involving me thinking we had lost a piece to an item only to come to the conclusion it had always been missing. You know, because items that are old… Vintage… They are always in pristine condition and you should never inspect them before you buy. Or always inspect them. It is one of those for sure.

There were so many amazing items there this time. We saw a beautiful library cabinet. It was too expensive for us, but I am sure someone grabbed it. And, of course, we did not get a picture of the beautiful piece.


An Indian wedding bench from a wedding house. Actually two of them. And the third one, a blue one, had just sold. They were $350 each. They were so beautiful they made my heart ache. I have absolutely nowhere to put them. The sweet owner said I could treat them and put them outside to which I not jokingly replied I would move my bed out there first. I would never ruin such beauties with the outdoor elements.


This green laundry bin was really cool. I have enough laundry bins. But I had not seen one like this before. And I am not quite sure it was a laundry bin, but it was perfect for the task. I hope it went to a good home. It even had wheels.


I ended up taking this old game wheel home… I know. But my bleary (not Beery) eyes fell in love.

It was probably from some hometown carnival many years ago. It was not a professional wheel, but I loved the colors and the sentiment of it. Now where to put it? I had originally planned on hanging it above my daughter’s bed. Then the grogginess of the morning wore off and I once again became aware that we live in earthquake country. Probably not the wisest move to hang a heavy wooden object with rusty metal above your kid’s bed. It is a good thing I do not make most of my life decisions at dawn.


I loved this old, I believe it was from Nepal but I could be wrong, alter. It was from the 1800s and very pretty.


Of course, I had to take pictures of the unusual, too. This old Hamburger symbol. It was huge. I do not know what someone would do with it, but I had to take a picture of it after that dream I had a few months ago.


Dolls. Dolls. Dolls.

They are watching me.


With hungry eyes.


I do not know why, but this sign made me giggle. I just pictured giving it to someone as a gift. I have since learned it was an old time actor. But I thought it was a bar sign. Both cases make me smile.


In my hoarder’s ultimate fantasy, I would have a room filled with these metal letters. And I could reach in and grab handfuls at a time and they would slip through my fingers. And whatever letters were left would be my fortune for the day.

And that would make as much sense as a bar sign advertising Beery. Which, by the way, would always be my fortune of the day.


I did not buy any of these letters, but they were neat. It was an overwhelming amount of choices.


The coat is Anthropologie Tartan Blanket Coat (previously styled here).

There is a man at the flea market that sells exotic textiles whom I think has the best taste. He was there again on Sunday. He was selling the most beautiful blanket. It was like a kantha, but unlike any kantha I had ever seen. It was white with red and blue stitching. It had patches of kantha-like material. It was subtle but beautiful. I wanted it desperately. But my sweet husband really wanted to buy me a coat at another vendor because he thought it was perfect for me and I would wear it and think of him and so he did for Christmas. And the blanket had to give for the coat. I took a picture of the blanket in my mind. The coat will stay on my body and in my heart… When I get it.


I picked up this fun little chest covered in fish for $20.


I also purchased three of these afghan cardigans. Two for me and one for my daughter. I did not really think she would like them, but my husband was insistent that she would. What would be your guess? Would a teenage girl wear one of these?

I do know the answer.

Just like I did before the purchase was made. ; )


I saw this dog and I thought it was a perfect cross of what Ollie and Murphy would look like if they had a love child.


What would one would do with these geese? They looked interesting. Almost like they were from a set of a 1940s movie. They were also in pristine condition. I would have loved to have learned what the purchaser was planning on doing with them.

Remember when that man asked me if I was looking for an iceberg detector the last time I went to the flea market? Well, my husband recognized him again right away in his booth. He actually had glowing devices and was asking people as they walked by, “Do you need an iceberg detector?”

He added a new part to the line this time, too, “Or a zombie zapper?” So, if you are looking for either of those devices, look no further. But best to have some beery before your first use.

Would you be excited or sad to get a gift from a flea market? I only purchased gifts for people there who I knew would like them. If I gave certain people a used item, I would never ever ever hear the end of it. I will show the pictures of the gifts I bought in “Keepin’ It Real” at the end of the month. July’s Rose Bowl Flea Market trip can be viewed here.

P.S. I shared this on Savvy Southern Style.

15 thoughts on “Rose Bowl Flea Market December 2014

      • Exactly! The cardigans are fantastic….I was thinking the same thing. Do you mind me asking how much hey were? That game wheel too….I’m so glad you got it, it is wonderful…..when I saw it in the background I adored it and as I read on and saw you bought it I was so excited! Do you go with a set amount to spend or just buy what you see and like?

  1. Oh man, I wish I could go to that flea market! I really really need to see if there is one in Houston. I love these posts and your commentary. Can’t wait to see your new coat! Also, I loved those letters. What do you suppose they were from?

  2. Amazing flea market..looks like so much fun and great finds! I noticed in one of your pics a yellow and black monkey…I used to have one when I was 6(mine was Oscar 🙂 don’t have him anymore…and still looking for it up here at our antique and collectible shows..good memories!

  3. What a fun post! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful wonders! It may be the only way I can enjoy the Rose Bowl Flea Market because I do not have it in me to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to it in person.
    I would like a detailed account of your daughter’s reaction when she opens up her new sweater on Christmas. 😉 I have to say that I do love the craftsmanship on those sweaters!
    I think I would be happy to get a flea market gift! I think it would be such a sweet and personal gift!

  4. Thanks for letting me live and shop vicariously through you.

    I would also love to know how your daughter reacts to the sweater!

    I would love a flea market gift. My dad used to take my brother and I to flea markets on weekends when my mom had to work. I learned all my bargaining tricks from him. Ha.

    I love that blanket coat on you!

    And… I must ask. What do you call those birds in the last photo?

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  6. This looks like so much fun! My favorite part of the doll table was the cute vintage stuffed animals. The goose, poodle, cat and the Beatrix Potter bunny. I think I may have had that little dog in the front, he looks so familiar. They have a charm and not that icky contemporary stuffed animal pile one runs across in the thrift world. I also loved that Nepal chest and the wedding benches I feel you could recreate if you just find wooden benches somewhere. Your daughter is an artist and could probably paint them any style you want. Which leads me to the cardigans. I would say a teenager who is an artist may wear the cardigans since they have a bohemian look. Sometimes these sweaters are hokey but these look cute and would look fun with skinny jeans.
    Your outfit looks comfy and chic for flea marketing by the way.
    Take care,

    • Thank you! I want to go to the one in Long Beach, too! I like to browse even if I do not pick up anything. It is better than a museum! Thank you for sharing! : )

      Have a terrific weekend!


  7. Your fleamarket absolutely positively trumps ours. In. Every. Way.
    The local flea market here in our town is at best a hodgepodge of garbage mixed in with a few incredibly overpriced treasures. And even the garbage is overpriced. It’s really quite sad. Because asking the price and then hearing the outrageous answer takes all the joy out of the discovery.
    To my way of thinking, a fleamarket should be a place where I can comfortably give my son a five dollar bill and let him loose to spend it on an impulsive didn’t-know-it-existed-and-now-must-own-it frivolity. All that, while also chock full of items at every end of the price and quality spectrums.

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