Bus-ting Out The Plea-ts

Sorry for the unexpected blog break. I try to stay consistent, but sometimes life takes over. I absolutely had to clean my house. I mean had to. As in: set aside hours to get it holiday finished. Which is so mundane, but true. And then we went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday (recap tomorrow). It was a busy and fun weekend. I hope you had a beautiful weekend and feel refreshed for this week! I know I do!


Okay. I hope I am “busting out the pleats” and not “busting out of the pleats.” One word makes a huge difference.


Thankfully this dress is very forgiving. In fact, I have decided this shall be my dress I wear any time I want to really make a meal out of a night.

Not on Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, I never really eat a lot on Thanksgiving. I like my turkey breast. Dry. Not dry, but devoid of gravy. A smidgen of mashed potatoes. Also devoid of gravy. And one roll.

That is it.

All that I eat on the biggest eating day of the year.

I was a very picky eater as a child and on this day of traditions I have never been able to break from the food rules I set in place as a three year old. I take traditions very seriously.

Oh. And one slice of chocolate pie. Hold the whipped cream.


Maybe I am leaving out the bottle of wine.

It doesn’t count.

It’s liquid.

And my three year old self would not understand.


So, this is my eating out for a nice dinner dress. I have never been an order a salad girl. I’ll take the baked potato, steak and the dessert please. And, no you may not have a bite. I didn’t wear this dress for nothin.


The swing shape coupled with the pleats is as easy as it gets. I can see this dress looking good on a multitude of body types. You just have to embrace it for what it is.


A swing dress.

It is supposed to swing.

Away from the body.


I like the gold buttons on the back and the sleeves. It is a sweet little detail. I paired the dress with my Anthropologie Fanned Feather Necklace I purchased on Black Friday from Anthropologie during their sale (now sold out online, but similar earrings are still available).


I really like black paired with brown and the gold on the necklace matches the gold on the buttons of the dress.


I ordered my dress on Black Friday directly from the designer, Dear Creatures, for 40% off their price making it a fantastic price. Anthropologie also carries it and calls it Pleated Millie Dress. It is now sold out in black at Dear Creatures. However, I have seen it keep popping back at Anthropologie. I own it in baby blue, too, but it is just not as good. I definitely recommend the black version.


I love this dress. As I have stated, the dress is forgiving.

I am not.

I am writing this in bed next to a snoring husband who fell asleep in the middle of the zombie movie we were watching together.

In the middle.

Of. a zombie. Movie.

In the middle.

Of. the. night.

He’ll be pleating for my forgiveness in the morning.

And you know what?

I might have room left in my heart. And in this dress… to give it to him.


In exchange for pie…

And I’m only craving humble.

P.S. Now closed: Please do not forget to enter My Giveaway. It ends at 9:00 p.m. PST tomorrow night. : ). Even if you do not enter, the comments have been making me happy cry all week. I love reading the comments. It has brought me indescribable amounts of joy this week. If you are feeling down or want to feel inspired, I recommend reading them. And thank you if you contributed to those comments this week. My heart overflows for you.

7 thoughts on “Bus-ting Out The Plea-ts

  1. That is such a pretty dress and it’s also nice that it can be dressed up or down. That picture of you sitting in the car is so pretty. You are so photogenic and your makeup is always perfect.
    I would not say I am a picky eater and I have branched out as I have gotten older. I would never dream of getting a salad up until about ten or so years ago. Now I love the ones that have dried cranberries, nuts, blue cheese and grilled chicken or Chinese chicken salads. Now I am craving that!
    Have a nice afternoon,

  2. Oh, I love that dress on you! I love a good swing dress, and that one is perfect! The necklace is awesome. I am kinda regretting not getting it now. It looks so great with black. I love the whole look. Hope you are enjoying all the fun Christmas time activities and PLEASE take a well-deserved break and enjoy it all!

  3. I love this shade of brown together with the black. I am so the same when it comes to Thanksgiving – I am not into eating a ton at all. I am not excited about the traditional foods for that holiday. If we aren’t going anywhere, and don’t have company, we will make cornish hens instead of a full turkey. But I think it’s just something about eating poultry right off of the bones that is not appealing to me.

  4. Yay for a pretty pleated dress!! And a green VW bus! Also, you are very correct. A bottle of wine is a liquid and does not in any way count as food.

    It looks like I am taking a blogging hiatus myself until the new year. There is just too much going on. Plus, I am burned out on all levels. I also noticed that most blogs in general are not getting much traffic this time of year so I feel like it is okay right now to take a little break. I am trying to decide if I should do a quick post saying that I’ll be gone until the 1st.

    Hope you are enjoying all of the rain we are having! Did you break out your gorgeous green rain boots?!

  5. Yay! Another photo series with the VW!

    I love this outfit. Thanks for the closeup of the necklace. I thought at first that it was a little pouch. The pleats on the dress are so pretty. And it looks so comfy. I’m with you… I would have the baked potato, steak and dessert (and probably the salad to start, too).

  6. I love this photoshoot! The swing dress and feather necklace are perfect with the VW bus in the backdrop! You look like a desert wanderer meets earth child. These are both excellent things to look like, in my book.

    I’m still intimidated by the swing shape. I usually think mod when I think swing shape, but I like that you went for a bohemian vibe with the long feather necklace and high boots. It makes the swing dress feel more accessible to me.

    I just received the Bera Pleated Dress for Christmas. Kyle and I exchanged gifts early, before we head to Michigan to visit family, and the dress was one of my presents. I haven’t worn such dramatic pleats in some time, so I’m excited to try the trend. The fabric is really lightweight; it looks similar to the fabric of your dress. That’s why I think the pleats are so forgiving. They fall and move beautifully because they’re so light and airy.

    I might try a bohemian interpretation of my dress and do a long necklace and boots like you’ve done here! Too bad I don’t have a VW bus to model in front of. I’m not sure a Mazda sedan will have the same effect!

    <3 Liz

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