Interpreting A Dream: The Hamburglar


Last week, I woke up in a cold sweat. Terrified.

I had been dreaming.

In my dream, my son was four (he is ten in real life).

In diapers. I know this because in my dream I tried to change his diaper with a maxi pad.

That wasn’t the disturbing part.

In my dream, my husband and I went to a tattoo parlor. My husband didn’t get a tattoo. I didn’t get a tattoo. We let our son get a tattoo.

On his forehead.

It took up the whole space.

It was of The Hamburglar.

What could that possibly mean?

It gets worse. In my dream, we loved the Hamburglar design so much on my son’s forehead (and who wouldn’t?), that we decided to go a little further and tattoo Scooby Doo on his neck.

We are fantastic dream parents.

But Scooby Doo wasn’t enough by himself.

So we added the whole theme song across his throat.

The piece de resistance was the “Rror Rror Rror Rror” speech bubble above Scooby Doo’s head.

I think dream Jenni spent too much time in Shaggy’s van.

Then I realized what we had done and that it was permanent. And now his life was ruined. Unless in the future, Hamburglar is President and our National Anthem begins with, “Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you?”. I panicked and sobbed and sobbed.

I woke up crying.

I tried to look up the meaning with some key words: “dream interpretation four year old tattoo Hamburglar.” Google spit back a character name from Glee at the top of my search results, “Finn Hudson.”

Thanks for nothin’ Google.

Now I will never know what my sub-conscience was trying to tell me.

Although, if I were to guess, I would imagine it would have something to do with wanting a hamburger as a snack.

I think it has everything nothing to do with my parenting skills.

I also looked up “dream interpretation tattoo on forehead.” Some other poor soul had dreamed that they had tattooed a tattoo on their face. They asked, “What does it mean to dream you have a tattoo on your face?”

To which someone on the internet replied, “it means you shouldn’t always follow your dreams.”

Dream Jenni only has one response to that, “Rror. Rror. Rror. Rror.”

21 thoughts on “Interpreting A Dream: The Hamburglar

  1. Ha ha! I say you need to stop eating what you’re eating at night before bed. Sounds like pork skins or something! ; P

    Eat some yogurt and you’ll have dreams about walking into your dream closet…your very own Anthropologie store, with your personal guide and foot massager, Ryan Gosling, because girl…you deserve it.

    None of this tattoo BS on the forehead.


    • Great idea! I will have to try that! Hmmmm. Ryan Gosling? Anthro closet? I like your dream! Now, I need some yogurt!

      Have a beautiful Friday!


  2. Tattooing your child is not that bad, right?!?! 😉 I have had some crazy dreams about the kids…at least you felt remorse afterwards and were not proud! I was say the worst part of the dream is 4 yr old diapers 🙂
    Have a great day!

    • That is true! Four year old in diapers?! Oh man. That almost was my life. I had a stubborn one for awhile. I finally found their weakness. ; )

      Have a lovely Friday!


    • Thank you! Oh man, not the rebellious stage! I was hoping it was only a girl thing. I don’t know that my heart can take another teenager! ; )

      Have a gorgeous day!


  3. Your dream picture is beautiful. You do look like a model. I think your dream means you are worried about your son and the fact you didn’t have the diaper for him is that you don’t know how to help him. The tattoo might mean you support him no matter what and that you love him very much. It sounds from your dream like you are worried about him and want him to be happy and feel loved. I am glad you got good news about him and hope he continues to get better. I hope your family enjoys your trip and has happy times together.

    • Thank you! I agree that was probably where my mind was. I am right at this very moment watching him dig a sand castle in the sand. It is so peaceful. I used a filter on that photo to enhance the blues and make it more dream like. I don’t really look like that. : ). I will be posting the unfiltered photo on “Keeping It Real” at the end of the month. Thank you again. Your comment really really touched me.

      Have a happy day!


  4. I have no input about the dream but when I saw the picture you posted with this entry on my phone screen, I purposely waited until the end of my work day to view it…not on my i pad but on my laptop cuz I wanted to see it in all it’s glory. So beautiful!

    • You are so sweet! I put a filter on that picture so it enhances the colors and makes my skin look bright. I wanted it to look more dreamlike. I will be posting the unfiltered picture at the end of the month on “Keeping It Real.” I hope it doesn’t disappoint you! : ).

      Have a terrific Friday! I am hiding under an umbrella trying to avoid the sun!


  5. Wow, Jenni. That is incredibly intense. It sounds like you are afraid that he will get away from you and are marking/claiming him as yours. Of course, you really could just want a hamburger!! xoxo

    • Thanks Cynthia. I actually did end up having three hamburgers this week, so maybe that was it?! I do worry, though. Tomorrow he is heading out in the morning to go snorkeling with my husband and I admit I am kind of terrified!

      Have a happy evening!


  6. Okay, so first of all, you look so beautiful in that first picture when you’re all in sleep mode! Seriously stunning.

    Second, let me try to interpret in my own hokey way… Maybe the tattoo on his forehead symbolises ideas that you and your husband impart to him? You’re shaping your children to be a certain way when you raise them, right, so maybe you are worried that the way you are teaching him to think and see the world will seem like some stigma to him in later life? Or that he’ll end up ostracised by his peers because you’ve taught him to think for himself? Like for instance if you teach him to be tolerant of everyone, and then he ends up moving to Redneck County when he grows up? 😉

    I don’t have a degree in Dreamology, this is just my theory that instantly popped into my head. 😉

    Thirdly, it’s a damn funny dream, though!

    • Thank you Gwen! I know it definitely had to do with me worrying about him. I don’t think that will ever stop. I wonder why The Hamburglar and Scooby Doo, though?! So weird. My dream self is a nut!

      That photo is filtered. I wish I could go through life with a filter. On my mouth, too. ; )

      Have a great Sunday or I hope you had a great Sunday!


    • I had an even odder one last night in which my husband was in car accident after car accident and I had to keep lifting his car up in different ways to rescue him. Not a fun dream!

      Have a beautiful evening!


  7. I know it was probably really traumatic for you, but I have to admit it, I laughed. So thanks for that, I really needed that this week!! I have some of the most bizarre dreams too, some that I only remember well into my day and I wonder if I’m just making them up. Sometimes I think dreams are FULL OF MEANING, but maybe they aren’t, maybe they’re just our minds messing with us. So maybe it was just “hey, here’s something you’d never ever do in real life!”

    • Thanks Rachel! I am glad it made you laugh. Lately my dreams are full of zombies, but I think that is because I have been reading a zombie book. I do believe that dreams can sometimes tell us something but I think a lot of it is just for fun!

      I hope you have been having some good dreams.


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