Anthropologie Early Summer Reviews

I was at an Anthropologie a few days ago, waiting to meet my father at a nearby restaurant so we could eat lunch and I could pick up my kids after their camping adventure with him. I was not planning on doing reviews. But so many great pieces beckoned to me and so I decided to share them with you.

I did not buy anything, because I had splurged on this dress and this vest during the tag sale. But I added many items to my wishlist. I was surprised, because nothing popped out at me online, but I loved them in person.


First, I wore my Modcloth dress from a winter sale, that day. It is long sold out (similar dress here), but Modcloth always has fit and flare dresses that are great year round. And this dress has been on my wishlist forever, but always sells out in my size before I can buy it. The necklace is Simply Livly’s Turquoise Necklace. And the shoes are Anthropologie’s Almanac Sandals, now on sale.


I love. Love. Love. Love the Dolan Horizon Lines Maxi Skirt. It is $88. It is elongating. It is not too clingy. I am definitely picking this up soon. I am wearing a medium and apparently I am not wearing it right. I guess the waistband is supposed to fold over on itself, but I prefer it this way. It is big at the waist, but I think a small would be too clingy around my thighs and hips. The colors are muted and remind me of watercolors.


And the Gabo Eyelet Tee is so good. So, so, so good. Well, except for the price. I am going to try to hold out on sale for this one. It is artsy and just unique and different (which is kind of what I am exclusively looking for lately). My husband says in no way should I ever wear these two together. And I know they clash, but I like it. What do you think? I do see what he is talking about, so you won’t hurt my feelings either way. I am wearing a medium here and that is what I would buy. It has big holes with no lining so it will definitely need a camisole underneath it to wear out into public. To wear for pictures on the public internet? Meh. That’s up to you.


If I did sleeveless, I would be all over the Tulipan Tank Dress. It is comfortable. It is flattering. I love the two different colors on the dress. It comes in four different color combinations. It does run big. I am in a small in this dress, so I worry the more petite girls might be sized out of this. I have this in my wishlist, because I would definitely buy this for a sale price. It has a weird criss-cross back and my bra straps did show, so that is something to consider, because I hate wearing special bras.


I adore everything about the Embroidered Cutwork Dress. I love that it comes in black and white. I have so many white dresses, but I have wishlisted this dress in both colors. This dress is a tricky one in terms of sizing. I am wearing a small in the picture above.


And a medium in this picture. I am unsure which size to get. I am leaning towards small. I will be patient with this one and wait until sale. It is a basic piece and I like how it can be dressed up or down. I also like the length of the dress as it is not too short.


I wish you could have seen me in the dressing room trying to put on this shirt. What? Jenni, that is not a shirt. That is a romper. Um, yes, I eventually did figure that out, but it took me an embarrassing amount of time to put this on. First, because the leg holes confounded me for a shirt opening and second, once I realized it was a romper and not a shirt, I had to decide if I was actually going to try it on.

And I did.

For you.

I am wearing a medium.

I am just not a romper girl. I jiggle too much to be a romper girl. I think this will be amazing on so many girls. I have a friend in particular who would rock this romper. Kerri, I’m talking to you. But it is just not for me.


I would be pulling it down all day. And it would eventually look like this. I think we can all agree that would be a bad call.


I was intrigued by the pattern of this skirt, on the hanger. It is called Apolline Maxi Skirt. I do not think this is a maxi skirt. More like a midi. I did not find this flattering on me. I am wearing a medium. It is a flimsy material and I think the price tag is high for it. It does receive good reviews online. It is just not for me.

The shirt in the picture is great. It is the Lace Lined Tee. I am wearing a medium. It has great details and I have wishlisted it.


I also tried on the Carte Neoprene Skirt with the top above. It was on my store’s last chance rack and happened to be my size 6. I think I would size up to an 8 in this. It was a little tight. It is also, short, short, short. No surprise, my husband loved this skirt. I loved the map design on it. It was different and cool. The material is really odd on this. It is thick and slippery. I think this one is a pass for me, because of the length. This would be great on the younger set.


I tried on the Mira Shirtdress. I think the pattern is pretty and the colors are great. I am not a shirtdress girl. I would say this runs true to size. I am wearing a size six here. If you are a shirtdress girl, then I think this one is cute.


I have been waiting for the River Fade Dress (previously called Bavay Dress) to hit sale for months and months. Now they have renamed it and put it back in the new arrival section, so it looks like I will have to wait even longer.

The dress did not disappoint in person. I love that smooth easy feel that chambray can take on. The dress is very flattering. I am wearing a medium above.


And the small here. There really was not much of a difference between the two sizes. I think I would order a small if it ever goes on sale. I love everything about this dress, although my husband said it reminded him of a kangaroo.

Great. Just call me Kanga.

Have you tried on anything you love lately? Did you buy anything during the tag sale? Isn’t it hard to wait for sale?

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26 thoughts on “Anthropologie Early Summer Reviews

  1. I too have been waiting for the river fade/bavay dress to hit sale. It seems folks preferred the longer sleeve version over this one so maybe we have a shot. One thing I will say when I tried this on is that the material is very thin and outside in the light you can see through it so a slip may be required – not what I was hoping for with a light summery dress. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything!

    • I read that about the arms, too. I love this version so I think you are right. I also think it used to be online only and if my little local,store got it in, then there should be enough out there to wait. My only concern is on Anthropologie’s photo shore “You & Me”, there are two women modeling the dress beautifully. But I am waiting. I always get upset at myself when I could have been patient and paid the sale price. Fingers crossed we both get it! I did not know about the see-through aspect. It seems so swingy that it would not do that. Darn!

      Have a lovely day!


  2. I love all your reviews! Thanks for taking pictures. I was in an anthro after I got my hair cut this saturday and I was able to try on the cutout dress. I tried on the medium, but I wishlisted the small, as it was so wide on the sides. I was also able to try on the bermejha tunic dress and was so surprised! I loved it. Of course, everything would be sale only purchase for me. I wish I would have seen those tee to try on. I bought the crescent necklace and the skirted cardigan ( though the cardi has yet to ship, so hopefully it is not cancelled!) from the tag sale, plus a few popbacks that still need to ship. Budgets…such a bummer 🙂

    • Thank you! I hope you get all of your wishlist at a great sale price. I was worried about my orders, too. I also scored some popbacks. They all took five days to say shipped. My dress said it shipped yesterday and then the doorbell rang and it was there five minutes later. So, they might all ready be on their way to you and the system just has not caught hope. Budgets suck, but after all of our medical bills coming in from my son, I have to be extra good in the next few months. Thankfully, my birthday is next month. : )

      Have a great day!


  3. Ohhhh, loving all that you tried on! I want to try on a romper soon (a pants one) just to see how it looks – I am curious. I have not bought anything from the tag sale – yet. I am baffled at what happened to the folk art dress??? It is saying it is out of stock on my wishlist in all sizes, but I doubt it sold out that fast. I may call customer service to find out.

    • Thank you Heather. If you go to Anthropologie’s Facebook page and scroll down to the picture of that dress, you will see why it is probably no longer available. Because it was so obviously an Otomi pattern, it looks like may have they pulled it because it was upsetting too many people. I wish someone would take real Otomi fabric and make cute dresses from it (at a reasonable price). I would love to see that!

      Have a wonderful day! : )


  4. I personally like the “clash” of the eyelet tee and the striped skirt 🙂 Speaking of the skirt, I LOVE it! I think it’s something I could actually get and wear during pregnancy … and then again after, of course 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! And thank you for answering that question! : )

      I bet you could definitely wear it during and after. Especially with how adorable you are pregnant! It is very stretchy. I think it is a good price but I might hold out a while (at least until I get my birthday code).

      Have a happy day!


  5. I made it to two anthropologie stores last week, not having anything in mind but hoping to find some deals.I was able to get a “J” initial clutch for $9.95, another clutch (round, all beaded in black and white with a pretty tassel) for $14.95, and then the deletta Beatric lace peplum top for $9.95. Very pleased. That black beaded maxi is very pretty, hope you show us a picture of it soon.

    • Yay! Those sound like great deals! I especially am intrigued by the “J” clutch. I scored a $10 pair of Mother’s Jeans, but there is a rip at the top, so I will need to decide if they can be repaired and if it is worth it. I just got that maxi in the mail yesterday. I tried it on and I LOVE it. It came with one of the beads snagging part of the embroidery. Now one orange line at the top is pulled. It is sold out and I read that sometimes the collar is askew, and I got lucky there. So, I need to see if they will discount it slightly because of that.

      My other concern is you definitely notice the dress and not me. Which is fine, but I was watching a show recently and it said you should notice the girl and not the dress. Well. I am breaking the rules with this one.

      My husband is working crazy long hours this week so I am not sure if I will have a photographer, but I will definitely be taking pictures in it soon. I just need to figure out where to wear it!

      Thank you for sharing your purchases! I love reading the deals people got!

      Have a fun day!


      • My first name initial is “j” and I did not see any other clutches like it at all, so I think it was meant to be. I did notice a few sequins missing afterward, but I’m sure I have some craft beads somewhere I can glue in. can you gently pull that orange thread back through? I am sure the maxi will be perfectly beautiful, you wear things so confidently. My hubby was with me when I tried on the lace peplum top and he approved, so I will need to wear it for our next date night.

      • Oh you can definitely fix that. No biggie. And if you did not notice at first, then I am sure no one else does. I was so bummed about the snag, I have hung up the dress and not looked closely at it. The embroidery is at such an odd placement on the chest. And it was a whole orange part, so I do not think I could pull it through. But I might be able to sew more orange thread on. But who are we kidding, I will simply wear it and hope nobody notices. I am too lazy to fix it. : ). I hope you enjoy your date night. I want to wear my dress on one soon, but I do not foresee a date in the next two weeks with everything going on. I bet yours will be perfect.

        Have a great rest of the week!


    • Thank you Cynthia. It was a lot. I probably would have bought something because I feel bad trying things on and not buying anything, but my daughter called while I was in the dressing room to tell me they had arrived early at the restaurant and were waiting for me so I had to hightail it out of there.

      Have a lovely day!


  6. I haven’t been in Anthropologie in ages, and I just realized that they never sent me a birthday discount or invite to a birthday event or whatever they do these days. 🙁 Also, I’ve been a lazy, lazy shopper lately. But the Tulipan Dress is really cute on you! I love that you do the reviews, so I can get an idea of what’s there without having to go myself. 🙂

    • Write them ASAP! I am worried I will not be getting mine, because I went to log into their website last week and it asked me to join Anthro. I have been a member for years so we will see. I might have to write them, too.

      And thank you! : ). The Tulipan Dress is now on sale, but since it comes in four colors so I bet there will be good popbacks of it one day. That is what I am holding out for.

      Have a sweet day!


  7. Wow. So many reviews!

    I like everything you reviewed, even the romper, although I think I’d feel awkward actually wearing it. That maxi skirt looks amazing on you, and I love the pattern on the shirt dress.

    Can’t wait to see an outfit post with the dress you got on sale! It looks beautiful.

    • Thank you Liana! I really want that maxi skirt but I am holding out. I have enough clothes, so anything I buy now, really needs to be super special or an amazing sale price. I am at least holding out for my birthday discount.

      I cannot wait to wear that dress, but I think it needs to be for a date night. And I do not have one planned anytime soon. Maybe I need to get on that. ; ). I would love to wear it to Book Club but we are slacking this month.

      Have a wonderful week!


  8. The print on the Appoline maxi is gorgeous, but I know what you’re talking about with the fit issue. Knits with those wide waistbands can be really tricky. I have a couple knee-length ones that I hike up under my bust and then belt with a wide belt. But the length of the Appoline makes that more challenging. Hiking it up would make it hit at a weird spot on your legs. It would be more Urkel than stylish, I think. Too bad because I love the colors and print!

    I adore the Carte skirt, even though it was more neon in person than I expected from the online pictures. It looks much cuter and more flattering on you. To fit my waist, it was waaaaaaay up there. And the length was so short it was laughable. I love the whimsical print, though.

    The Mira Shirtdress is my favorite of the bunch. You look completely natural in it and like you walked in wearing it. It looks like such an easy, effortless piece.Thanks for this review set!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! Did you end up getting anything in the tag sale? I have been bummed because there haven’t been any good popbacks this week for me.

      Have a happy weekend!


  9. You know what, you looked so cute in that jumpsuit that I had to go try it on at the store – it just went on sale over here. I didn’t end up getting it because it fits slightly funny and is awkward to climb into, not to mention I’d have preferred it if the legs were a little bit longer, but it looked MILES better on you! Just sayin’. 😉

    • Aww, thanks Gwen. I thought I did not look good in that. I bet you looked great. I would LOVE the jumpsuit if it was four inches longer. It is awkward to climb into. Sale all ready? Wow! It would be a great price, then. I have to tell my friend when it goes on sale here. Actually, maybe I will put it in my wishlist for her and track it for a popback.

      Have a gorgeous day!


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