Did you hear that? That was the sound of my true dork shining through.

In other words, my princess voice.

Didn’t know I had one?

Yea, me neither. I’m lying. I’ve always known. Well, until I screeched a certain cartoon-princess-mermaid’s theme song throughout our house.

Wearing this dress. Which I also wore to lunch. And to run errands. With my spouse.

Repeat after me.

My husband is a saint.


I adore this dress so much. It is Free People’s Sweet Lady Maxi and it is currently on sale for $50. It is see-through, so it does need to have a slip underneath it. I find this a benefit, not a hindrance, because I love layering slips under dresses.


The slip is Free People’s Tulle Maxi Slip. I have had it for over a year and I wear it underneath stuff all of the time.

I want to try my new yellow slip with this dress, as well.


And, just in case you don’t believe me when I tell you I’m a dork.

Because why would you?

I’ve never always given you cause to think that.

Below is a picture I took of me holding…

What I am pretending is a lily pad.

Because, why wouldn’t I?



* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

32 thoughts on ““Laaaaa-laaaaa-laaaaaaaa!”

  1. Didn’t you post a model shot of this dress a little while ago? On the model it was “meh”, on you however, it’s STUNNING! I can see why you like it now, that shape is gorgeous. And hey, who can blame you for feeling like a princess? It’s such a discreet outfit, it’s like “Undercover Princess”! Can’t wait to see you style this with a yellow slip, not to mention your entire bundle of layering necklaces! 😉

    • Thank you so much Gwen! Ha! I love it: “Undercover Princess,” especially since I was channeling an underwater one! : ). I love the idea of a multitude of layering necklaces with it. I cannot wait to try that! Ooohh! Maybe some turquoise ones. Thanks for the ideas!

      Have a great Thursday!


  2. Love the lily pad!!!! Such a cute dress! How tall are you? I’m 5’6″ & I have a hard time w/maxis! Which is weird. I’m pretty average in height. Maybe it’s just a shoe issue…oh…more shoes…

    • Thank you, Lyn. I am 5’6″ too! So, this would be the length for you as well. My boots I am wearing with it are two inches, but it is short enough, I will pair it with silver sandals this summer. Hope that helps! : ). I have a post about my great deal on shoes going up next week! I am starting to get into them. I never really paid them much attention before!

      Have a super week!


      • I unfortunately have spent way too much attention to shoes in my lifetime. (Unfortunate for my checking account, not for my soul…)

  3. When I was in Copenhagen last year, I saw the Little Mermaid statue and I really really really had to stop myself from belting out “Part of Your World.” My travelling companions probably would have abandoned me on the spot.

    I love that last photo of you, so adorable. 🙂 (Hope you don’t mind me calling you cute. :))

    • Thank you Rachael! You can call me whatever you like! Hey, I called you “sexy,” earlier in the week. : )

      Also, I would have sang those lyrics right with you! How fun! Except, I am always singing the “I want more…” song. Cause that one is true to life. ; )

      I hope your week is fun!


    • Thank you Jessica! I appreciate that! After seeing those boots on you, I have incorporated them into my last two outfits! I needed that inspiration.

      Thank you!

      Have a splendid Thursday!


  4. You look just like a lovely princess in that dress! So pretty & I love the tulle slip, love tulle so much! I would be singing like a princess too, bc that’s how I am as well! No wonder we’re friends! 🙂

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my cancer, oh that sounds so strange to say! It was so nice to read. I know it will be fine & the surgery is very specialized for facial skin cancers, has the highest success rate of all treatments for skin cancer (99%) & the most minimal of scarring. So that’s all good news.

    Thanks again for always leaving comments, I love hearing from you & following your blog as well! You’ve got wonderful style!

    Rebecca. (I keep meaning to figure out my pic for this, but my iPhone & iPad wouldn’t let me upload it, so I’ll have to get on the old, slow computer & my google I’d never let’s my comment post I think bc of the email address & website lines, weird!)

    • Thank you so much Rebecca. I appreciate that.

      I appreciate the update. I just hope it all turns out well. I know how scary this must be. I just wish it were not happening. : (. I am glad that you have an expert to do it and to look at it. That, at least, must be some peace of mind.

      Hmmm. I have that before about comment leaving. I need to create a test account and try to leave a comment. I have no idea how it looks when it is not from my dashboard. That might be a good thing to know! Sorry about that!

      Thinking of you. I hope your week is peaceful,


  5. I think that’s a really pretty dress! I also think you deserve to run out the house/ town in a pink flowy dress pretending that you are a princess. I think that’s what pretty dress are for! 🙂

    • Thank you Merrie! You know what? You are absolutely right! That is what pretty dresses are for! Thank you for that reminder! : )

      Have a lovely Thursday!


  6. Yay for dorks! I am one too! Life is much more happy and fun if you can run around and be super duper silly and not care what anyone thinks. This is how I made it through high school unscathed. Woo Hoo for dorks! And pretty princess dresses! You really do look like a modern fairy tale princess!

    • I agree Cynthia! I have always felt the same way. I never thought of it, but perhaps that is why high school was easy for me, too. I just did whatever I wanted without fear of consequence. Life is easier when you are just yourself!

      Thank you for the compliment! So sweet! : )

      Sweet dreams!


  7. you are too stinkin cute! i love how ethereal this look is. kind of reminds me of something stevie nicks would wear, although, she’d probably wear it in black
    xo jac

    • Thank you Jac! Ooooh! I love Stevie Nicks. And it does come in black for her!

      Thank you again! Have a fabulous Friday!


  8. Um, as I’m sure you predicted, I would like to rip this dress off of you and keep it for myself. Please and thank you. Can I just say Free People screwed up by not making the slip and dress a single piece? Because they are perfect together. You look like The Princess Bride. And it is in my favorite color. And I am so so jealous. You don’t even know. I’m not sure I can bear to look at how perfect this dress is and how beautiful you are in it. Thank you. For ruining my life. lol

    <3 Liz

    • Ha! You made me laugh so hard at this! It is pretty thin material, so I imagine it is pretty rippable, too! I actually like the pieces separate only so I can use both of them separately with different things. But it would have been much easier had they come together. Especially since I am always misplacing the straps to that slip.

      Thank you so much for the compliments! I appreciate them! : )

      Have a super Friday!


  9. That dress is wonderful, I would feel like a Medieval princess wearing that out to run errands….MORE PEOPLE should feel like Medieval princesses while out running errands. Ugh, you just made me think about a dress I used to own when I was a teenager that made me feel that way but that I sadly have NO IDEA where it is.

    • Thank you! And darn that you do not know where that dress is! That is how I feel about a dress I used to wear that was my mom’s from the seventies. I wish I had it now! I hope you find yours!

      Thank you again! Have a great weekend! : )


  10. Beautiful dress. I love clothing that appeals to the imagination…

    I love musicals. Often I have a superimposed reality playing in my head where people burst into song and dance.

  11. This is 100% a princess dress! It definitely makes me think of Frozen, Cinderella, well just about every disney princess. And I love it with the slip underneath – I just assumed that it came that way because it looks so perfect!

    • Thank you so much Ashley! I have not seen that movie yet, but it is coming from Amazon tomorrow. My kids have all ready seen it, but I cannot wait to sit down with them and watch it anyway!

      Thank you again! Have a delightful week!


  12. That’s adorable! It’s like a unique twist on a maxi & I love that color on you. I keep loving all your posts I find on Pleated Poppy. Thanks for stopping over last time. I’d love it if you checked out my post this week when you have a minute.

    • Thank you so much! I do love to wear a fun flowy dress now and again! : ). I will definitely pop over! Thank you again!

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Kelly! The color is what sold me, too. I did not even know clothes came in that color until this year. So excited to find it!

      Thank you again! Have a lovely weekend!


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