The Perfect Dress


You know I do not say that lightly. But this is it. The perfect dress. For me, anyway. It was another item I waited for a fantastic sale price on. I bought it in the spring. It nips in at the waist and then flows out into an old-fashioned dream. It is the palest of pinks which makes it more interesting than another white dress. I even purchased one for my daughter, because she loved it so much.


I knew I wanted to take pictures of this Free People Heart Dress (sold out, but similar dress in pink here) in front of an old building. I had the perfect spot in our town. It was an old building with a giant head of an 1800s woman in a flowered hat. Well, we went there the other day and guess what? The new owners painted over it! What a travesty!


When I was at my dad’s house, I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to style this dress in front of Rusty’s house.

Who is Rusty? You ask.


That is a long and short story.

Let’s go with the short version.


When my mom and dad moved into our home, they rented the property from her family. They later purchased it. Rusty kind of came with the deal.


Rusty was not related to the family. He squatted in a ramshackle old house next door to our own that was also on the property. In fact, this house is pictured in the B-movie, “Skeeters.” But that is a story for another day.


Rusty was a hobo.


For real. Although, I realize that is not a politically correct term. It is what I knew him as and I will not change it. It is meant with no offense, because Rusty rode on railroad cars and was a transient, which is how that term came about. He was the real deal and I loved him. He came and went as he pleased. The house is still full of the remains of his travels.


One day I will share with you my memories of Rusty. He died when I was almost four. But I still have fond flashes of moments with him in my mind. I called him, “Uncle Rusty.” And he was a harmless sweet man who happened to bunk on our property. I had an interesting but wonderful childhood.


I think Uncle Rusty would have liked this dress. Although, it wouldn’t have been practical.

I could never catch a train in this.

Maybe it isn’t so perfect after all.

Nah. That’s silly. I’ll just take a bus.


Did you have any interesting characters in your childhood? What is your perfect dress?

With A Lighter Heart


Sorry for another outfit post. I am trying to get through my summer pictures. My mom will be happy. She loves the outfit posts the most.

I could not recall the name of this dress that I purchased last year. I had originally styled it like Mary on Happily Grey, on my older blog post here, but I had wanted to try it exclusively with gold and pink this time. Make it my own.


I found the name of the dress. And it made me smile, because I had picked this dress out of my closet that day simply to ease a heavy heart.


The dress is called, “With A Light Heart Dress.” I am sure it is sold out by now because when I purchased it in 2013, it was all ready 66% off. I bet it can be found on eBay. I cannot guarantee the light heart, though (I am not linking to a similar dress because I honestly could not find one similar enough to warrant a link and I do not like to add links simply for the sake of clicks).


The necklace is Anthropologie’s Lace Flag Necklace from last year. It is surprisingly hard to find pink jewelry. I am happy I picked this up. The shoes can be found here.


It seems silly, but I was thrilled to get a compliment on this outfit earlier in the day.

A woman stopped me when I was with my son and said, “I like your son-”

And I thought to myself, She likes my son? That is odd.

But then she finished. “I like your son-dals. And your whole outfit is just so cute.”

I thanked her and soared inside, both from the compliment and the fact that my son was not being strangely commented upon.


Another silly thing is this bracelet. I love it. I purchased it from Anthropologie when it hit sale with my husband’s initial. However, it is the only piece of jewelry that has ever turned my skin green.

But I still wear it.

‘Cause green skin is kinda cool. I do like to channel my inner Hulk, after all.

Not really, but I do wear it for short periods of time because I really like the bracelet.


Have you ever had jewelry that turned your skin green? Did you still wear it? Do you compliment strangers? I try to always compliment one elderly woman every time I leave the house. One time I was in an airport and I accidentally kicked the poor lady with my shoe when I tried to tell her I loved her dress. She probably did not appreciate that compliment so much.

I hope I did not give her a green bruise.

Maybe this bracelet is compliment karma.

Or some such light hearted nonsense.



Did you hear that? That was the sound of my true dork shining through.

In other words, my princess voice.

Didn’t know I had one?

Yea, me neither. I’m lying. I’ve always known. Well, until I screeched a certain cartoon-princess-mermaid’s theme song throughout our house.

Wearing this dress. Which I also wore to lunch. And to run errands. With my spouse.

Repeat after me.

My husband is a saint.


I adore this dress so much. It is Free People’s Sweet Lady Maxi and it is currently on sale for $50. It is see-through, so it does need to have a slip underneath it. I find this a benefit, not a hindrance, because I love layering slips under dresses.


The slip is Free People’s Tulle Maxi Slip. I have had it for over a year and I wear it underneath stuff all of the time.

I want to try my new yellow slip with this dress, as well.


And, just in case you don’t believe me when I tell you I’m a dork.

Because why would you?

I’ve never always given you cause to think that.

Below is a picture I took of me holding…

What I am pretending is a lily pad.

Because, why wouldn’t I?



* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

With A Light Heart Dress


I really loved the “With A Light Heart Dress” when it first came out and I saw Mary rock it on Happily Grey. So I ordered it. It came. I did not like it…on me. I wanted to look like Mary, darn it.

The dress went back and I even wrote it a review that wasn’t so positive. But I still liked the dress (on other people) and I wondered about it now and again. When I purchased the dress I was the weight I am right now, but I had just reached that weight. I think my body was still changing and settling itself, if that makes sense. Clothes purchased during that time fit me differently now even though I weigh the same.

Anyway, it went from $149 to $50 and I had to try it again. I ordered it in XS & S in both colorways so I could check it out one more time. This is the type of dress my husband hates. Sacklike.

Which translates to comfortable to me. I never need to be sexy, except on date nights. And even then, I am usually a bumbling fool. Who needs sweats when you can toss on an even more comfortable dress and dash out the door? It even has pockets!

I liked the XS, but it was too tight in the arms. The small looked how I wanted it to with enough flow in the arms to allow the dress to make sense.

This look is not for everyone. As in, not everyone is going to like this. I often get responses that I wear my clothes too big. And so this is another example of this. It is just what I like.

I sent back both navy and cream in XS and kept both of the smalls.

And also I apologize in advance for my dog, who has no shame.



The navy is my favorite, but I LOVE the pink stripes on the cream. It is just so bright and cheerful. The way Mary paired it with Simply Livly’s turquoise necklace is genius. I copied that here.



The navy reads almost black. Sorry about the photo bomber! Or the angle of the photo bomber, rather. How embarrassing! Poor guy. If he only knew.

Do you have any clothes that are comfy and big? Isn’t that the best ?

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!