It’s The Little Things: A Gnome Gift

To understand me (well, as much as anyone can. I still don’t quite get me, myself), you need to know a bit about my background. I have a best friend. Her name is Lizzie. Liz. Elizabeth. One, unfortunate day when we were around ten (unfortunate for her, because I have no idea where this came from), I decided to call her “The Liz.” This stuck and it is what I call her when we are joking. Usually I just call her Lizzie or Liz. Although, my father insists on calling her The Liz. He was there during the creation of the name. In fact. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I am going to admit this, but it is on video tape. As is the time I got chicken pox and streaked naked. Our video collection is extensive here. It is called, “growing up in the country.”

Yes, we have many stories to share.

Or not.

I cannot remember a moment when The Liz has not been in my life. We have been best friends since we were three years old. We are different. And yet, we are the same. I have not seen her in many years. She lives on the other side of the country. We can go months and months without speaking, but I think of her everyday and I know she does the same. She is just there. A part of me. And I love her. Always have. Always will. It is a constant in my life. A friendship that does not need watering, because it is a garden in my soul.

I received a package from The Liz this week and I had to share it. It made me smile.

It is a little thing and so it fits this post. Although our friendship does not.


It is a gnome kit.


A naughty gnome kit. I told you. She knows me better than myself.


Isn’t this the coolest gift ever? I cannot wait to make all of the gnomes in this kit. I have leftover felt everywhere in my house, and thread, so this will be a fun project to do using items I all ready had in my house by following the instructions in the book.


Thank you Liz for your gift. And I am not speaking of the gnome book. I love you, girl.


It’s The Little Things: The thoughtfulness of a friend. I know I need to do more little things like this. It is a good reminder to my soul.

Do you have a friend that makes you smile? Have you given a fun gift to a friend recently?

16 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: A Gnome Gift

  1. That’s stinkin’ adorable. I am also a Liz, and a Lizzy (y, not ie), and an Elizabeth depending on who you’re talking to. And I just saw my best friend for the first time in many, many months. We have a similar friendship. We’ve been best friends since middle school, have shared so many embarrassing experiences, and while our lives have taken very different roads, where so much has changed but is still the same. And those friendships are so special. And I love that you have that friendship with “The Liz.”

    <3 Liz

    • Thanks Liz! I am glad you got to see your friend and have such a touching friendship. It truly does make the world a better place! I hope you get to see her again soon! : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. So fun & cute! That’s so wonderful that you have a best friend from your childhood! I don’t really have any childhood friends anymore, just some from college (which actually started 20 yrs ago, so that kind of counts I guess)! However a few friends are those that we pick up right where we left off no matter how long it’s been since we last talked. And I value & treasure those girls so much! 🙂

    Thanks again for all of your comments. I guess my post was a bit angry at some very specific people & I’m sure they won’t get it or know its them, but I decided it wasn’t worth saying something to them specifically. In the long run I think it would just do more damage & not change. I decided to “let it go” & am trying, but it’s hard for me to let things go sometimes & I do hold grudges. I know I shouldn’t & that’s bad, but I try to work on it! Oh me! I guess I still just wanted to say a little something, through that post. Oh well.

    Thanks again though for your good thoughts & comments!

    Have a lovely day!
    🙂 rebecca

    • Thank you Rebecca! Twenty years ago definitely counts! I actually think any close friendship where there is no judging and just pureness counts! : )

      I am sorry you were feeling that way yesterday. I am sure it will work out with those individuals. And if not, well, now you know. My favorite quote by Maya Angelou goes “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I love that quote and make it a point to stand by it. : )

      I hope your week goes better. I am sure you are under a tremendous amount of stress. : (. Hopefully you will have sweet dreams tonight! : )


  3. Ah… this is so sweet. I have a friend like this too. We met in our early twenties and now live across the country from each other and have completely different lives. But, whenever we talk it is like no time has passed. And like The Liz and you – she gets me!
    Can’t wait to see the naughty gnomes!

    • Thank you Cynthia! It is a wonderful relationship to have. I appreciate it so much. I am so glad you have that, too. It is so important to one’s soul! : )

      Hope your week has been awesome!


    • Thank you Jessica. I need to be a better friend, too. Life and family so often gets in the way.

      I hope you have a great Friday!


  4. Everything is always better with a friend. I am so glad you have someone beautiful in your life like that. You are right, that is the true gift, but what a cool kit! Show us what you make with it.

    • Thank you. You are right, the “true gift.” I like those words. Thank you! I will definitely show the finished product. I want to do the craft with my kids! : )

      Have a fun Friday!


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