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Two of my favorite bloggers, Liz from With Wonder And Whimsy and Gwen from London Preppy have teamed up together to do a special feature entitled Style S.O.S on their blogs. I was thrilled that they decided to do this as I have a ton of items in my closet that I don’t wear because I have no imagination when it comes to them. In their collaborative posts, they will style an item for readers or for each other by creating some style boards around the item the person would like help with.

For free!

Yes, please!

They’re awesome!


Here is a picture of Liz in an outfit Gwen styled for her.


And here is a picture of Gwen in an outfit that Liz styled for her.

They both look beautiful.

This is such a great endeavor for them, because Liz does perfect feminine styles. And Gwen can think of combinations for pieces that no one else has thought of. And it works. And their different styling plays perfectly together for an idea like this. I highly recommend checking out the last two weeks on their blogs as they helped each other with different pieces.


I chose my Sketchbook Dress from Anthropologie to get help with. Because it was such a unique piece, my brain had shut down when it came to styling it. This is how I originally styled it months ago.

Gwen and Liz each sent me two style boards to play with. It was so exciting!



This style board is from Gwen. In it, she paired my Anthropologie Corduroy Vest (first styled here) with my layering necklaces. I have mustard flats, but I could only find one of them on this day. So, I improvised with my mustard wedges.

This look is so fun and different. I felt like a fashion blogger! Doh!



Liz sent me this style board. I had to do some creative substituting with this board. I do not own very much pink in my closet. Although, I have about four princess maxi dresses in pink. Those weren’t going to help me here. I also own very few scarves. They scare me. I only usually buy infinite scarves because I know how to style them.

I decided to wear my silver flats to pair with the silver earrings. And this scarf was the closest to the pale pink that I had.

I love this outfit. It is out of my comfort zone. Which is always good to step out of.



Gwen took my new Forever 21 Utility Jacket that I had recently styled here. And I would never, ever have paired these two pieces together. And I love it. The jacket in the inspiration board is being modeled by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.

Gwen called it when she noticed my sly smirk in this picture that this was my favorite style outfit. I think I was also smiling, because I could not believe how well this worked. And I had a secret about the belt. I do not own a plain black belt, so I flipped my Kissing Bunnies Belt from Anthropolgie to the back.

You would be smiling, too, if you had secret bunnies kissing above your bum.



My last outfit was from Liz and I had almost everything to style it like the board, except for a gold bracelet. Now a chunky gold bracelet is on my must get list for April. This is also one of my favorite pairings. I felt like myself in this. I love it! It was a fun chance to wear my star earrings I had scored last month from Nordstrom Rack for $3.


I had such a good time styling this dress with Liz and Gwen’s help. I decided to be brave and try a new way to style it myself. I figured a shirt dress also makes sense as a shirt. I paired it with a white maxi skirt that I own and a fun belt.

Thank you Liz and Gwen for your inspirations! They were so useful. I appreciate it!

Do you ever get stuck in a rut with one of your favorite pieces? Do you own this dress? Any other styling options you would like to share?

If you are stuck, I recommend going to either Liz or Gwen’s blog and letting them know in their comments. They will very sweetly help you out.

* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!


23 thoughts on “Style S.O.S. Sketchbook Dress

    • Thank you Mark. I appreciate that. The sad part is now I want to wear that dress all the time. My other clothes are jealous!

      Have a fantastic Friday!


    • Thank you Melodee! And thank you for checking out their blogs. They are so great! : )

      Ninety degrees tomorrow and my day is planned outside! Now what to wear?!

      Have a fun weekend in this heat!


  1. I had fun guessing whether Gwen or Liz styled the looks since I like their blogs too. I didn’t think the last look resembled either of their “styles” so I guessed right. It looks awesome as well! Very cool post. It is neat to see how different one piece can look styled so many different ways.

    • Thank you! I love how you made it into a game. That is so much fun! I wish I had thought of that! Good guessing, too!

      Tomorrow’s post has a bunch of Ollie pictures snuck into it. Have you seen that video with the different bulldogs doing their characteristic traits. So cute!

      Have a gorgeous remainder of the weekend!


  2. I like all of these looks! I’m especially in awe of how you wore the dress as a shirt. I have never been able to pull this off but I might have to give it another try. What a fun post.

    • Thank you so much. I use a dress as a shirt in my post next Sunday. It is the Tosade Dress. I have it scheduled, because we will be in Vegas. I need to make sure my posts are ready. But I think that is my favorite dress used as a shirt. It is so bright! You can definitely do it. I bet that style would be fabulous on you!

      Thank you again! Have a Marvelous Monday!


      • Vegas! Exciting. I hope you have a great trip and take lots of pictures! I visited my first Anthropologie in Vegas and bought a shirt and a robe there… memories.

      • Thank you Liana! I am definitely going to the Anthropologie there. And I plan on taking tons of pictures. I am so excited! Just a few more days! So much to do! : )

        Have a happy week!


  3. It was so much fun to style you like a life-sized doll, my Jenni-pie! I just wanted to say, hot DAMN that skirt, I have the same one! In fact it was the first Anthro piece I ever bought, when I got it on sale in San Francisco in… 2006 or 7? Whoa! We are twinsies once again! We seriously need to do a twinsie post sometime soon… 😉

    • Thank you Gwen! I have never met anyone else with that skirt! I have tried to find it on the internet to no avail. It is kismet! That is crazy that you have it too. It is one of my top ten favorite pieces in my closet. It was one of my first purchases there, too. Which is why it holds my heart.

      Must do twinsies!

      I hope you have sweet dreams when you get to bed today!


    • Thank you so much Ashley! I appreciate that! I love that yellow vest, too. It is so much fun! : )

      Have a beautiful evening!


  4. Hi Jenni. I found you through the link up and I am glad I stopped by. I could tell this is an Anthropologie Dress and it is Beautiful. Blue Floral or Blue Artsy Prints are very in this season. You did a great job styling this dress. The most creative is with the White Maxi Skirt. But my favorite Outfits are with the Denim Jacket and the Mustard Puffer Vest. I pinned all of these looks and I even want to recreate my favorite two. =)

    I welcome you to stop by my blog now and hopefully like it enough that we can support each-other via Bloglovin.

    Ohhh and great About Me. I loved getting to know you a little bit. =)

    • Thank you Ada! I had amazing help styling that dress. It was so much fun. Anthropologie is such a unique store, I can usually tell if an item is from there, too. I love that about them! So glad to have met you! Thank you for checking out my blog!

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Stephanie. I agree. The longer we live with an item sometimes it is harder to be creative with it. I love getting new ideas from other bloggers.

      Thank you for the sweet compliment!

      Have a rad week!


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