Yellow Vest, Yellow Vest

What are you made of?


But it’s not your fauuuu-llllt.


Actually, I love the corduroy of this vest. I love this vest. I first reviewed it here and noted that it would be an impractical full price purchase for someone living in Southern California. Unfortunately, that someone would be me.

And in my true fashion, I waited for this Corduroy Puffer Vest to be a price I could justify. For me this ended up being second cuts. So, $40 instead of $118. It is sold out, but I just got mine last week. There are probably still a few in store if you want one. I would just call customer service.


And I love it.


And my husband loves it.


And smelly dog loves it.


And I have gotten to wear it all of one time so far. Good thing winter is right around the corner. I mean after Spring, Summer and Fall. But then, I will get to wear this vest again!

I can’t wait.

Good thing I’m patient…

Yellow Vest, Yellow Vest

You’re obviously not my favorite vest.

Sorry, it’s only ’cause we live out west.


Do you have a favorite vest? Please tell me you could guess which lyrics I massacred for this post.

21 thoughts on “Yellow Vest, Yellow Vest

  1. Very cute vest! Glad you were able to launder the Torsade dress – can’t wait to see it on the blog! The Fayes come today (sqweeee) – can’t wait to get home today! Oh, and I realized I should have properly introduced my furbabies – Mocha & Biscuit on the blog. I will have to do that. They sleep with us so I thought they should be included in the pajama post.

    • Thank you Heather! I am wearing the dress right now. I love it so much. I am glad I went with a medium because I washed and dried it to get the smell out and it shrunk to the perfect size!

      You must do a doggie post! They are so cute! And their names!!! Love! : )

      Have a great evening! I hope the boots fit!!!!!


    • Thank you! Good guess! I guess I should have been more specific. My husband guessed it right away, but I think it is because we watch the same shows nightly! It is “smelly cat” from. Friends! : )

      Have a gorgeous evening!


  2. Adorable, Jenni! I’m actually in the market for at least 2 vests. So please keep your keen shopping eye open for me, guru. 🙂 Need a nicer black, tailored one, and a denim tailored one. I’d like a fleece one soon, because I’m wearing out the one I have! Have a great day Ms Jenni!!

    • Thank you Jessica. I will keep my eyes peeked for you. And on Etsy, too. Often there are some great vintage pieces there. Including your favorite Ralph Lauren! I love your vest. That makes me sad that it’s days are numbered! I love you! I miss you!

      Have a lovely day!


  3. ha ha! you crack me up : ) Now I no longer feel crazy making up rhymes for silly things like clothes, my dog, or how I take out the trash. Trash trash…you make me bust my a**. Maybe we are closet rappers. Mackelmore watch your back! Just sayin’

    Poor smelly doggie needs to have a spa day.

    You look cute as usual : )


    • Thank you Suzanne! Ha! Closet rappers! Love the pun! I am always making crazy songs up. Apparently U made one up whilst parking my car last week in front of my daughter and she was loving making fun of me. The sad part is I didn’t even remember singing it.

      I appreciate the compliment! : )

      Have a happy evening!


  4. That yellow vest is so adorable!! Oh my gosh!!! I would sing about it all day too! Yellow makes me so happy!!! I would keep this around for summer since it does get cold in SoCal at night. Really, it is so sweet I am not sure if you will be able to take it off today.

    • Thank you Cynthia! They had a size small available an hour ago! I am not sure if it is still there! I am not wearing it today. It is too hot today! I do love this vest an unreal amount! : )

      Have a beautiful day!


  5. I love that color yellow! It’s one of my very favorite colors – I have a scarf in the exact same hue! And your quoting that song is too funny – we sing it to our new adopted kitty ALL the time because, well, she toots a lot & stinks up the room 😛

    • Thanks Brynne! We sing it all the time here, too! I love that yellow. In fact, I can never resist anything in that color. It just makes me unexplainably happy!

      I hope to see your scarf someday! : )

      Have a delightful evening!


  6. You look beautiful. Mutha looks away when she doesn’t want to acknowledge something that didn’t go her way too. I always liked Phoebe’s Smelly Cat.

    • Thank you! Bulldogs are so funny! He actually goes to the groomers every two weeks, so he really isn’t smelly (well, except for his gas and burps). But he loves his baths and his groomer! It is his favorite part of his life!

      Thank you for sharing. I got some new great pictures of Ollie today. So cute.

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Melodee! Fingers crossed. But the weather is in the seventies for the next ten days. Which I am actually looking forward to. : ). Those boots are my favorite from the flea market! I love them! Thank you!

      Have a terrific week!


    • Thank you Alicia. I appreciate that. I hope you are doing okay. I have been thinking of you. Please know you are in my thoughts!

      I hope your week is as sunny as that vest!


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