Our Finished Otomi Bathroom


I am so excited to share our finished bathroom! Here is part one and part two in case you missed them.

My friend, Jessica, owns Bella Wall Designs. She was such a sweetie and stenciled my walls for me. She did such an amazing job on the stencil. The whole bathroom just pops. The updated bathroom makes me smile. Just like Jessica does.

My philosophy on design is to do whatever makes you happy. And every room should have layers. Small bathrooms have so much potential, because you can really make them pop in a more bold way than the rest of your home.

Do not be afraid of color.

It has never bit anyone.

That I know of.

I wanted to share some tips on what I did for a quick update on a builder’s stock bathroom. Our bathroom is over twenty years old. I thought of replacing the vanity, but the tile in there is fairly new. And it matched the tile throughout the house. To replace the vanity probably meant having to patch some areas of the tile. This seemed risky (what if it didn’t match?) and costly. I also priced out several vanity pieces. I fell in love with an antique pine cabinet, but it sold out when I was not looking.

What’s a girl to do?


Well, I simply purchased these furniture legs on clearance from a hardware store in town that specializes in molding. Our woodworker who did our library cabinets and baseboards put them in for us at the same time he did our mirror.

Then we just painted the cabinet a medium shade of grey to compliment the blue that was going to go in.

Added mustard knobs from World Market.

And voila’! Our vanity looked like a new one!


I love the frame that Paul from Vrieling Woodworks. (he also installed our large baseboards and our bookcases) built us last year. It was installed around our standard builder’s mirror. It definitely goes with my Alice In Wonderland meets The Hobbit themed home.


I love our farmhouse copper sink in our kitchen. I purchased that one off of eBay. So, I knew I wanted to continue the copper theme into our hallway bathroom. I continued the savings by purchasing this copper vessel sink from eBay, as well. Copper is a natural killer of bacteria. So, it is perfect for a bathroom. If you do choose to purchase copper sinks from eBay, it is important to do your research. Some copper sinks from certain countries have lead in them. That would be dangerous to have in your home!

The faucet was also purchased from eBay for a steal.


We went to the local countertop dealer and requested a look at their scrap pieces. We were able to save money on the countertop this way. We also got a much higher end countertop than we thought we would be able to get, because of our savings. It is a concrete countertop with bits of blue glass and shells in it. Almost as if Alice came back from her adventure and put her souvenirs into this countertop.


I bought the Otomi Stencil from Etsy. I have a collection of Otomi pieces from our trips to Mexico. I love the pattern. I knew I wanted to match the blue of the Otomi in the bathroom to the blue of the pattern below.


Here is sweet Jessica, who did my stencil in the bathroom holding the Otomi piece with me. Notice her amazing vintage Ralph Lauren tie. She has the coolest style.


Here we are in the finished bathroom. The embroidered crewel pieces are all part of my vintage collection.



And here are some pictures of the bathroom sans us friends. The shower curtain is Anthropologie’s Flamenco Shower Curtain. I love the different shades of blue and green it holds.

I am so proud of this room. I think it came together in a variety of cool layers.

Have you redone a room in your home lately? Added any fun colors?

P.S. I shared this on Savvy Southern Style.

And My Romantic Home.

34 thoughts on “Our Finished Otomi Bathroom

  1. This post did not turn up on my bloglovin feed???
    That said….W.O.W. This turned out amazing. You need to post it on Houzz.com.

    • Thank you so much Brynne! I appreciate it! There are little bunnies hidden throughout the bathroom! I wonder why it did not show up. Hmmm. Weird. I know nothing about that sort of thing. I really need to learn! ; )

      Have a Super Sunday!


    • Thank you Heather! I am so glad you like it! It is a fun room! Now it is a matter of keeping it clean with the kids whirling through there everyday! : )

      Have a fantastic Sunday!


  2. I love it! The colors are awesome and that crewel artwork is sooo cool! Love your Alice in Wonderland meets the Hobbit style 🙂

    • Thank you Brynne! I am happy you like it. I love the style of your house! It is so cool! I am glad you like mine, too! : )

      I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


  3. It turned out fantastic!! Wow!!! The stencil is amazing. Love the colors. And as always, I have to say how much I adore your green mirror.
    Jessica is so incredibly talented! Love her work!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I LOVE that green mirror, too. It ended up costing less than $100, so it was a great savings. It was so much fun to see it come into reality!

      And Jessica is awesome. You would really like her. She is a cool real girl.

      Thanks again! Have a splendid Sunday!


  4. Jenni, This was such a FUN project. Thank you for the online plug for Bella Wall Designs. And thanks to Cynthia & Brynne for your lovely comments (we should post on Houzz…would not have thought of it, duh!). Jenni, you truly inspired me to get more colorful, myself. I’m happier for it. Love you!

    • I love you, too, girl! I love that room. I could not have done it without you. You are awesome! I have no idea how to share it on Houzz, but I will be sharing it on other places!

      Thank you again! : )

      Have a lovely week! I miss you!


  5. I love your bathroom. That stencil is so awesome! I have lots of home improvement plans… I just never get around to implementing them. My big achievement was getting some artwork framed. The paintings sat rolled up in my basement for 6 years, then it was another 4 months before I got around to actually hanging them.

    • Thank you Liana! I can understand that. That is how I feel about cleaning out my closet. I dread doing it, so I don’t. Then the situation just gets worse. In fact, I have promised myself I would tackle some of it this week. Fingers crossed I keep my promise!

      I hope you have sweet dreams!


    • Thank you Sarah! I cannot wait to see your finished bathroom! I hope you post it soon!

      I hope your Monday is creative and fun!


  6. This is so beautiful! And actually very useful information for me since we will soon have a bathroom that needs “doing up”… This room turned out so beautiful that I totally wouldn’t mind sleeping in your bathtub. Which is a weird thing to say but it’s totally the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the end result. Also, COPPER SINK! We are replacing the sink so this is actually a possibility for me…WHOA!

    • Thank you Gwen. How fun and exciting to do a bathroom. Copper sinks are great. We have had the one in our kitchen for six and a half years. Still in awe and love with it. Mexican copper is usually safe. Make sure you get it in writing that it has no lead in it before you purchase and buy a lead kit for when it comes. The kit costs $2-3 here. And is beautiful peace of mind.

      Hope that helps!

      Have a happy week!


    • Thank you Jessica! I appreciate that! I think it is a fun room. I know you are so good at decorating. I really appreciate your comment!

      Have an exciting and nice week!


    • Thank you so much Kristin! I really appreciate that. It is bright and not for everyone, but I love it! I am so glad you like it, too. You made my night!

      Have a gorgeous week!


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