Date Night: Silver Linings

Last night (Saturday), my husband and I embarked on a trip to celebrate his birthday. We went to a play at The Pantages Theater and out to dinner. Unfortunately, both the dinner and the play were really awful. I am not going to dwell on that, though. I just wanted to show the good from our night out. Because even a bad night has some good in it.


I saw this building and thought it looked like a giant robot trying to tell us something. I think I know now what he was trying to say.


The pattern on my Anthropologie Lace Study Dress looked just like the pattern in the sky.


Los Angeles at night.


The restaurant had Kung Fu Girl wine!!! I am not kidding! That made me smile.


Me, oblivious to the meal awaiting me.


Please. Please do not put blueberry compote in your creme brûlée. It is not as good as it sounds.


Me in front of The Pantages.


My son just downloaded a texting app on his Kindle. We don’t let our children get cell phones until they turn thirteen. Texting him was the highlight of my evening. He kept cracking me up and making me smile with his sweet notes. I am sure you are happy I am not sharing the elaborate description of Ollie farting that he sent me.



The gorgeous Pantages Theater.


My best bite of the night.

Have you gone on a date night recently? Where did you go?


P.S. I am writing this at 1:00 on Sunday morning. It is my husband’s actual birthday today and I want to work hard to make sure it is better than last night. If I do not respond to comments from yesterday and today’s posts today, I promise to do so Monday during my giveaway. Thank you so much!

Have a beautiful silver-lining day!

10 thoughts on “Date Night: Silver Linings

    • Thank you Rachel! I just hate wasting money and a night out without kids! But we had a good day today. It was a bummer, though.

      I hope you are having sweet dreams!


  1. Uh oh. Did you see Book of Mormon? I had heard that it was not very good. Darn. I hate seeing bad plays. And eating bad food at a restaurant. Such a waste.
    However!! You look super pretty! That Lace Study Dress looks great. I can’t wait to see the full length picture. Hope you are having a fun day celebrating your husband’s birthday!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I will be posting the full length pic this week!

      It was Book of Mormon. It was just so bad. Really offensive. And just immature. Not funny. I have a post written about it but I am unsure about posting it. I will have to see how I feel about it later this week as I sit and think about it. I was very disappointed. We loved Avenue Q. I just could not believe people were laughing during Book of Mormon. I didn’t get it.

      Have a terrific week! : )


  2. Aww. Sorry to hear about the bad play and dinner. What a bummer. At least you looked great in a new dress and your company was good! My hubby and I left a play at intermission once before, because it was so poorly acted and SO boring that we decided that if we were going to be on a date and not with the boys, than we wanted to talk to each other. We ended up at Applebees with beer and wings. Not fancy, but we enjoyed each other better! Maybe you could get a refund??

    • Thanks Alicia. We stayed for the whole play in hopes of it getting better. I am sure I can’t get a refund. I am sure it would be a nightmare to even try. I just will be more careful in the future about not trusting a play to be good based on awards. I need to do more research next time! Ribs and beer sounds like a great date night! I guess we have all been privy to a bad play!

      Have a beautiful week!


  3. Too bad about the play. The theatre looks gorgeous, though! The old theatres in Detroit look like that. It’s so fun to just look around and take everything in. Too bad things go dark during the play. You wouldn’t be able to distract yourself with taking in the atmospherei n the dark. haha

    We went to a horrible performance several years ago. It was a contemporary dance performance about blossoming into womanhood…performed by a man (which we didn’t realize until he stripped on stage). The tickets were included in a package of other performances we wanted to see, so thankfully we didn’t pay specifically for that show. We got the giggles so badly, we had to leave mid performance. People around us kept shooting us dirty looks, which I would totally understand if I didn’t appreciate art. But I do appreciate performance art, even bizarre stuff, but this was just above and beyond my comprehension.

    I hope you do a post on this dress soon! It’s in the new lookbook, right? I swear I’ve gotten two or three emails from Anthro featuring it.

    We had date night over the weekend to celebrate our favorite things in Savannah before we leave. We went to the farmer’s market, out to eat at our favorite restaurants, the art museum, and the beach for a picnic. It’s a bit sad, but we’re excited for our new adventures in Nashville.

    Hope you and your family had a nice time celebrating your husband’s birthday!

    <3 Liz

    • So it is going to be Nashville?! How exciting! When do you move? I would be freaking out! But what an amazing adventure! Super thrilled for you guys to get to see the country! You can have a great perspective on so many places. Hardly anyone else gets that chance. I am jealous.

      Thank you about the dress! I will be postings pics of it this week! I am in love with it.

      Your play description is so hilarious. Oh my gosh! That would have been AMAZING! There is no way I could have controlled my giggles either! You guys have to have some inside jokes about that. Or at least laugh about it once a month. Because what an experience. I was not even there and I am laughing imagining it. : )

      I hope your week is going great and it is not stressful!


  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! I’m sorry to hear that the dinner and play were not as expected but I love how you always look on the bright side of things!! And I think you are wearing the Lace Study Dress?! I can’t wait to see more pictures of you wearing it because I know it’s going to look amazing on you Jenni!!

    • Thank you Sayaka! It is the Lace Study Dress. I have pictures going up of it sometime this week. I still have to sort them out. I really do like the dress. The details are so pretty.

      Have a terrific Tuesday! : )


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