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Well, after yesterday’s kind of heavy post about entitlement, it is only natural that I do a post the very next day showcasing some outfits from my closet. Materialism. It’s another beast I fight. And when I say fight, I mean I hold its long slimy head to my bosom and gently whisper in its ear, “Are you cold? Cause you look like you could use another sweater.”

The outfits I wanted to show today are made up of pieces I have all ready worn on this blog before. But I wanted to show how I have worn them lately.


Do you remember my Modena dress? I admit she doesn’t get as much wear as I would like her to. I think it is because my husband just doesn’t like this dress. And as much as I strut around and claim that doesn’t bother me or affect if I will wear it, it does. Last week I wore the dress with my fun faun leggings from Modcloth (I also wore the leggings here.) And he liked it!


My Ruffled Sweater Vest! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Here I paired it with my Old Navy mustard pants and a white tee. I don’t know why I like this outfit so much, wonders the daughter of a beekeeper.

But I do. I do.


If you have been wondering if I had been neglecting my overalls since I posted about them here, I haven’t. I am still madly in love with them. I still get strange looks when I go out. This is when the Materialism Beast unfolds itself from around my waist, lifts his head up and hisses.

It’s not my fault if it spits hay at people in the process.

What is your favorite way to wear something you have had for awhile in your closet?

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9 thoughts on “Outfits From My Closet

  1. I like all three outfits but I think the first is my favourite because of those tights!

    I’ve always had issues with shopping and materialism… you know, the classic examples of finding clothes hanging in your closet with tags still on them months later, or going through your closet and realizing that you forgot you had something. I’ve also worried at times that being part of the anthro/style blogging community might enable that part of me.

    It was definitely an eyeopener for me when our house flooded last year. We had to throw out so much stuff, and with very few exceptions, I haven’t missed any of it.

    • Thank you! Those leggings are some of my very favorites! : ).

      I agree Liana. I love clothes. And things. And stuff. I am at a point where I need to sell and donate a lot, because it is just too much. But I know that about my personality. And I am okay with it. Working on it, but okay. : ). I was trying to be funny about the material beast, and I hope it came off that way. You never know how something is going to be read when you write it.

      My favorite outfit is the overalls. Just because I never got to wear them until this year. They are a novelty to me. They just make me feel like skipping and smiling when I am wearing them.

      I hope your day is going great. And you are staying warm!


  2. Bumblebee! Love it! I am also falling in love with your sweater vest. I get so happy every time I see you in them. I am really surprised at how versatile they are.

    • Awww. Thanks Cynthia. I love them too. I cannot believe I have not worn one this week! It is kind of amazing. I needed just a break. It was becoming a uniform. : )

      I hope you are home and having a lovely reunion with Marcy. And of course, Freddy, too!


    • Thank you so much. You are the queen of color, so I am so glad you like my choice! It really makes me happy!

      I hope you have a gorgeous week!


  3. Well, aren’t you looking cute as a button! I love seeing people remix their stuff. I especially love you in those perfect mustard overalls. When Victor and I first met, I was wearing overalls – and he, a suit- maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for them?
    Your personification of materialism cracked me up. I think, though, that we are both at a point where we’ve worjed out what we like and what our respective styles are, and so the things we buy are likely to get a lot of use. But yeah, I’m also going through my clothes and forcing myself to donate just a couple of things each time. Slowly does it. 😉
    Have you thought of pairing the Modena with red tights, flats and a denim jacket? I think that might look really cute! As for me, my mustard sweaterdress, bloodclot skirt, polkadot shirt, Parisienne sweater and leopard pants are the ones getting the most attention in my closet right now. And my brogues. Haha.

    • Thank you Gwen! I am smiling just as if you were tickling me. ; )

      That is such a great idea on how to pair the Modena dress! I had not thought of it and I can picture it in my head. It is going to be rad! Thank you for the idea!

      I also love the image of you and Victor in overalls and falling instantly in love. So sweet!

      Have a delightful week! Must write you ASAP!


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