My Homage to Gwen Via Grey & Pink

When I saw Gwen of London Preppy sporting pink and grey together so swimmingly, I knew I had to try it. I literally tore through my closet and yanked anything I had in those two colors. Then I looked at my mess, got overwhelmed and shoved it all back. But the obsession was still in the back of my mind. As it always is with Gwen. I adore her. : )


In the meantime, the Citizens of Humanity Avedon Velvet Leggings got discounted 68% (I received the additional 25% that is no longer going on). I had been stalking them for months in the antique pink color. I quickly used my last gift card on them and the MiH Casablanca petite flares. I ordered my typical size 29. I usually size down to a 28 in leggings and stretchy pants, but based on the other reviews I stuck with my usual size and I am glad I did.

The top left picture in the foursome is from the Anthropologie website. The pants seems to take on both hues.

Anyway, I love them. I could serenade them all day on this blog, but that is not what this post is about. However, I do want to mention that they are the best pants I bought this season in case you are on the fence.



So, I paired them with my grey Puckered Placket Turtleneck I scored last year for $20. And my Ruffled Sweater Vest (I told you I wear this all of the time). Then I topped it off with some tiny fox earrings from H & M. And my Faye Boots from Christmas.

I feel so thirty-six in this outfit. You know. My age. Except for the whimsical earrings, this outfit does not feel like me. But I love it. Isn’t great to have more than one personality?



Then I had an idea for my Chiara Chemise. Why not pair it with some pink tights? Hmmm. Why not? Eh? Why not? I still can’t hear you. Let me turn down my thighs.

The Pom Pom Necklace is from Fable And Lore on Etsy.



Is there time for one more? I scooped up these grey Pilcro Ankle Zip Cords when they went half off and then another 25%. So I believe they were $37. I have one pink top in my closet (previously worn here). I did not know how it would look together, but I figured I would try it.

I wasn’t sure. So, I plopped my black Ruffle Sweater Vest over it. Ahhhh. Much better.

Thank you again Gwen for the outfit inspiration! Keep ’em coming. I need all of the help I can get over here!

Have you paired pink and grey together? What is your favorite color combo to wear? I need ideas!

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18 thoughts on “My Homage to Gwen Via Grey & Pink

  1. I’m loving the pink and grey combo — I always gravitate toward it around Valentine’s Day. I LOVE the velvet leggings, but I think my favorite look is the grey dress + pink tights with the pompom necklace.

    • Thank you! I was thinking no one would like the grey dress with pink leggings except me, so double thanks! I did not even think of Valentine’s Day. Hmmm. I want to play with pink and red for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately. I think I own two red items. And I think one is too big. I’m just not a red girl. : (

      Thanks again! Have a great weekend!


  2. wowzers those boots are amazing! (your Faye boots) such cute combos….had to check Gwen of London Preppy, omg she is so cute! love the outfit inspiration! dang, you find the best deals, too!!! happy Friday!

    • Thank you so much! I love the Faye Boots (I recently saw a pop back of them for $50). But they kind of make me clomp like a horse. I always wear them in loud places. And Gwen is so sweet. I met her through blogging and I wish we lived closer!

      Thank you again!

      Have a fantastic weekend!


  3. Ohhh, love all the combos! And I adore velvet so I may have to add those pants to my wishlist! I just love how after the holidays, the colors do tend to go muted and pastel. Like still Winter but getting ready for the brightness of Spring.

    • Thank you Heather! You would look great in those pants. And I know. I just know you will score a better deal than me. : ) I might buy another pair if the price is ever right. Although my budget is gone, I still bought a pop back of two things yesterday for our Vegas trip. They were the two things I had wanted to wear out to dinner with my husband. Vacation clothes don’t count right? I’m hoping for another cut even though both things were all ready around 75% off.

      Have a great terrific weekend!


  4. Gray and pale pink is so pretty and feminine. It is one of my favorite color combos to put on my daughter. I love it with the vest, so pretty! I may need to look into those leggings!

    • Thank you Alicia! I never thought to put pretty muted colors on my daughter. I dressed her in hippy bright paisleys. I bet that is so cute on a little girl! I bet the pants get another cut soon. They have so many sizes left!

      I hope your weekend is jubilant!


  5. Pretty in Pink! Sorry – I couldn’t help myself. lol The pink and grey combo is so gorgeous – soft and muted – and then when I saw it with the black sweater I thought now that is super gorgeous. Dramatic.
    And now I want my blonde hair back. I am in love with your hair and may have to write a poem to your hair for Valentine’s day. Your husband may get jealous but I don’t care – I am in love love love with your lovely long blonde locks. 🙂

    • Aww. Thank you Cynthia. My hair is so thin. I appreciate that. My daughter is the one with the pretty hair. I bet she has twenty times as much hair as me. I’m so jealous! I really appreciate. You made me smile and made my night!

      Have fun tomorrow night!


  6. Jenniiiii! Jesus, girl, you look cute here! 🙂 This colour combo really works for you, I think my favourite outfit is the first but that’s like picking the favourite of your triplets; they are all lovely! Thanks for the mention and “homage”, hehe. <3 "I am not worthy! 😉
    I once owned jeans in that pretty rose colour you know – the sulfur plum AG's. But I lost weight and gave them away to a friend, who loves them so much that I don't regret not taking them in. (Three pairs of my old AG's, I gave away to her. She's over 70 and she looks so nice in them that her husband sneaked up behind her and smacked her bottom!) 😉

    • Thank you Gwen! See, that is why I adore you. Because you took your awesome pants and gave them to a wonderful elderly woman. And now that woman feels sexy and pretty partly due to you. And then you share that sweet story and melt my heart. And send me to bed with sweet dreams of love everlasting.

      Have a super Sunday!


    • Thank you Rachel! That Ruffle Sweater Vest is my favorite. I’m thinking it might be possible to wear something a little too much. ; ). I cannot stop wearing both colors!

      Have a lovely week!


  7. I love pink and grey. Pink and anything, really. But the two make such cuddly, cozy, dreamy magic together. I think those adjectives all describe the outfit with the cords, vest, and boots perfectly. I do like that I’m not the only one excited about new color combinations. I also like that I’m not the only one who tears apart my closet when I get an idea. This is especially timely for me because I just went on a closet rampage last night.

    I’ve been watching Downton Abbey for three days straight. I have no other life currently. I’m in love with the costumes. So I cleared everything out of my closet that wasn’t an antique pastel. And I set out all of my favorite costume jewelry, and scarves, and hair pins. And I’m going to wear powder blues, and rosy pinks, and cream and golds all week. Because that is how I celebrate my love for Downton Abbey. Through obsession.

    I am not ashamed. (though maybe I should be…)

    <3 Liz

    • Thanks Liz! I was laughing reading this. I was so obsessed with Edith’s use of rust orange and red in one episode, I recreated it one day. I keep meaning to post about it, but I cannot for the life of me find a picture of the outfit. : (. I found one similar, but I am holding out hope for it!

      I LOVE that show so much. It is so peaceful to me. And the clothes. Swoon. I like Edith’s style the best. I think because she is my favorite sister.

      I’m glad I am not alone. There is no shame in Downton Abbey!

      Sleep well!


  8. As a pink lover, I love the combination of pink and grey together. This weekend I found some great pink AG Stevie jeans at Anthropologie and put them on my wishlist. I always wait for the AG’s to hit sale because they are so expensive! You should take a look as they have a lot of colors.

    • Thank you Stacey! I have those pants in my wishlist, too. They are SO perty! I really like that floral motto jacket you posted on your blog. It would look great with those pants!

      Have sweet dreams!


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