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Wow! October is over?! This is my regular feature at the end of the month, but it got pushed back a day for Thursday’s “It’s The Little Things.” I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Well, I overheard so many things this month. I could not include most of them. I think the closer we get to the holidays, the crazier people become. Just last night, I overheard something that made me simultaneously blush, feel like a prude, and have to have a conversation about respecting oneself and what text messaging should be used for with my children (after they overheard, too). But let’s leave that behind and listen in on some funny conversations this month, instead:


I realize this is a conversation I had, but it was too cute not to share. And it made me smile:

My two year old nephew came over to visit. He had a bag of gold fish. This is like crack to my dog. I warned him that Murphy was going to try to steal them.

He looked thoughtful and then he said, “Okay. I’ll keep them safe… In my mouth.”


I was leaving Nordstrom rack, and right outside the sliding doors, a man was standing there. For some reason he had his phone on speaker. I do not know why he thought this was a good idea.

Screeching from the phone was a woman’s voice. “You’re a bachelor! You live alone! You work from home! Tell me why you can’t do this?”

The man replied, “No. No. No. It’s not a problem. I can do it.”

Then he paced back and forth waiting for the next bite to come.

I wandered to my car and wondered what it was that he was going to do that would require those three conditions. I had many ideas. Do you?


At the park, a cute chubby little boy of about five years old:

“Grandma! Grandma! Watch me!

I’m sorry I’m growing too much. I can reach the roof of this.

Look! I’m not even standing on my piggy toes!”


I went in to grab a bottle of water at the gas station. I was wearing my Anthropologie Toadstool blouse. The employee looked at me.

He said in a daze, “That is the coolest shirt. I really like it.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you! I collect gnomes. I had to have it.”

He smiled in return and said, ” OOOHHHH. I was going in the other direction with that.”

I knew what he meant and laughed and said, “yea, well, I guess it could mean that too.”

He looked lost in a moment as if remembering the last time he had partook of my “magical” shirt of memories. Then he said, “Just don’t wear that shirt in Oregon!”

I smiled and walked away. So what do you think he meant by that? My husband is from Oregon and he has no clue.


We were at a play at a farm. It was almost ten o’clock on a very long night. I rounded the corner outside. I knew what I would see. There had been the same man lounging in a chair drinking beer all night.

Well, I did find him. But he had visitors. Standing over him was a mother and her little boy of about four years old. I took a guess that they were old family friends.

I heard the man say to the little boy, “Do you know who I am?”

The little boy did not pause with his answer. I (and the mother) did not pause in our sharp intake of breath at his reply.

“Yes.” He said quite loudly and very clearly. “You’re a loser.”

The mother quickly bent down and admonished her child.

I took that as my key to leave. It was a long night… For everyone.


Have you heard anything good this month? Please share!

16 thoughts on “Overheard In October

  1. Oh, my, kids are always very honest and very direct about it. I lived in Oregon (in Eugene) for three years and I think he means “magic mushrooms.” Some sort of sub-culture there; I guess your husband’s parents aren’t old hippies. I like the chevron-wave skirt on you. I remember it from the catalog and think it looks much cuter on you than the model. Good job with the Halloween bags. Did you have trick-or-treaters?

    • Hi Becca! Oh, he definitely meant magic mushrooms! I think he might all ready partook of some earlier in the day. I just wonder if he thought my shirt would get eaten there or something. I think he maybe thought… Well I do not know. I don’t think he did either. ; )

      And thank you so much! That is so kind of you! I always feel like a dork posing in my outfits, so thank you!

      We ended ip getting thirty trick or treaters. It was relaxing and I have extra goody bags now for my friend’s kids. So it all worked out. Except now I have tons and tons of candy. I must be good!

      Thank you again!

      Have a beautiful, fun weekend! : )


  2. You tease Jenni! Of course the conversation I am most curious about now is the first one you mentioned. The little boy with his ‘piggy toes’ is going to keep me smiling for a while.

    And I agree with Becca – there have been a few things now (quite a few) that I think you’ve worn far better than the catalogue shots and other photos I’ve seen. The Glimmering Ankita (do I have that right?) dress is one that really stands out for me. I almost started chasing one simply because I liked it on you so much. Anthropologie really should be paying you to wear their clothes.

    • Thanks Kirsten! Oh you do not want to know. It was a gross!

      And you are so sweet. I definitely do not feel that way, but thank you so much! I do love that blouse. I try not to overwear it and then end up hardly ever wearing it, which is dumb. I need to wear what I like and not worry about it. But I would hate to run it!

      Thank you again! I will email you tomorrow. I will have plenty of time (knock on wood).


    • Hi Lisa! Isn’t that the truth? I kind of love it. A lot. I like the inability to lie at those sweet ages. I am sure the mom was mortified. I did not stick around long enough to find out what happened after she bent down to talk to him. But kids do say the craziest things!

      Have a terrific weekend!


  3. Piggy toes!!!! LOL. I am going to have to remember that one.

    Being born and raised in Oregon myself — and having gone through the 70’s there, I can only think he was trying to be funny about the magic mushrooms but his joke fell short. Perhaps he meant, the rabid 1970’s magic mushroom lovers would try to pluck them off your shirt???? Sounds like perhaps one or many of the guys I went to high school with. How old was he. Ha ha.

    • Ha! Hi Brynne. Heartbreakingly young, that is what. Young enough that I could still hope he would find a new past time.

      And piggy toes! I laughed so hard when I heard that! It was worth sitting on the park bench and getting bit by ants for! I had not heard that one before. That little boy was great. I wish I could have heard more, because I am sure he said more funny things.

      Maybe that is what he meant. Them getting plucked from my shirt. And some of them had glitter! Oh no! That is too funny thinking about what it looked like to him.

      I hope your week is going splendidly. It is good to hear from you. I hope you are well.


  4. Hi Jenni – I wouldn’t have looked twice at the mushroom blouse online but saw it in the store – it IS really cute and something special! It looks really cute with the green ruffly skirt you’re wearing! The last overheard comment is funny but sad at the same time! I’m frequently a “fly on the wall” and some of the things I’ve heard – I could write a book!

    • Hi Judy! Thank you! I could not resist that shirt. It is funny, because my store currently has a bunch of them hidden behind other clothes. No one can see how lovely it is.

      I am with you. I love overhearing things. It could be a book! People are so interesting and kids are hilarious!

      Thank you so much for commenting! Have a beautiful weekend!


  5. I love it when you put together these posts. I wonder what that guy had to do? My guess is that it was his sister on the other end and their elderly parent needed to go to a doctor appointment or something and he was trying to get out of it. Oh gosh – and that last one about the loser. Kids just don’t have a filter, hunh? They haven’t learned how not to speak the truth yet. I wonder at what age we pick up the lying skill? You don’t want the truth? Can’t handle the truth? Never ask a 5 year old then. lol

    • Hi Cynthia! Thank you! That is a fantastic guess. It was definitely someone who had enough comfort with him that she could yell at him and boss him around. Sister sounds exactly right! I was thinking host a party or something like that, but whatever it was, I hope it went smoothly for him. Poor guy! He seemed overwhelmed.

      Oh ma, kids can be so brutally honest. It can be a blessing and a curse. You just never know what they are going to say. For some reason, both times my daughter did something like that, I was not there to witness it. My husband was. And my son never really spoke. I was so worried about him when he was small, but it turns out, he just likes to soak it in. He never speaks without thinking. I could learn a few things from him!

      Have a great weekend!


  6. hehe I love this Jenni !! It’s so funny and cute. I hear funny things all the time too….but forget so maybe I should jot them down 🙂
    I found the man’s conversation most intriguing … hmmm….

    • Thanks Sayaka! I found his conversation intriguing, too. Too bad I could not ask him. Who knows how long that lady kept him on the phone? It did not look like it was going to be over any time soon!

      I hope your weekend is cozy!


  7. I’m so glad that you decided to keep the Toadstool blouse. It looks great on you. I have one too and I have worn it and love it. I did feel bad about the price, but it is one of those special Anthro pieces that you hate to risk losing out on.

    • Thanks Stacey. That is really nice of you. I did return the first one I bought. It just sat there in my closet making me feel guilty. But on Anthro’s 15% off day in September, I bought one. And I love it! I cannot wait to figure out more fun ways to wear it. So far, this and my black skirt are what I have come up with.

      I am so glad you have one, too. It is definitely worth the splurge. It is so well made and the fabric is great. And the pattern! Perfect! I do not have very many new items saved in my wishlist right now. And the ones I do, I would want for a huge percentage off. So, this shirt seems so special in all the sea of sameness right now. I am happy we bought it!

      Have a happy weekend!


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