Mushroom Dressing

I sense a theme this week. First gnomes. Now mushrooms. I am nothing if not obsessive predictable.

I purchased this Toadstool Blouse back in September from Anthropologie. I just realized I never really posted about it after I bought it. It is one of my favorite purchases. I love gnomes. Everyone knows gnomes live in mushroom houses. So, it stands to reason that I would love mushrooms. On clothing. Just not to eat. Never to eat. Shudder.

Would you eat your house?
Or just wear it on a blouse?

Sorry. I’m tired.

Anyway, I think this blouse is now almost sold out (there are still some petite sizes available as of this posting), but there might be popbacks of it in different sizes.


A few months ago, I paired it with my green flounce skirt purchased last year at Anthropologie. This is my favorite way to wear it. I kind of showed this picture in my Overheard in October post. But not really. It was mostly a funny story about a man who wanted to use the mushrooms on my shirt for some groovy dreams.


Two weeks ago, I scored the AG Stevie Cords from Anthropologie during their after Christmas sale. I was not sure about them, but I love the color. I could not believe that these turquoise cords are the same exact color as the Toadstool Blouse.


I also paired it with my Ruffled Hem Sweater Vest. I am not sure about this look. What do you think?

Did you get anything during Anthropologie’s huge sale? Do you have any other ideas for me on how to wear this shirt? Do you wear the things you collect? Am I the only one?

* Also, I tried different filters with this post using the Afterlife App. Yay or nay? Thank you!

Overheard In October


Wow! October is over?! This is my regular feature at the end of the month, but it got pushed back a day for Thursday’s “It’s The Little Things.” I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Well, I overheard so many things this month. I could not include most of them. I think the closer we get to the holidays, the crazier people become. Just last night, I overheard something that made me simultaneously blush, feel like a prude, and have to have a conversation about respecting oneself and what text messaging should be used for with my children (after they overheard, too). But let’s leave that behind and listen in on some funny conversations this month, instead:


I realize this is a conversation I had, but it was too cute not to share. And it made me smile:

My two year old nephew came over to visit. He had a bag of gold fish. This is like crack to my dog. I warned him that Murphy was going to try to steal them.

He looked thoughtful and then he said, “Okay. I’ll keep them safe… In my mouth.”


I was leaving Nordstrom rack, and right outside the sliding doors, a man was standing there. For some reason he had his phone on speaker. I do not know why he thought this was a good idea.

Screeching from the phone was a woman’s voice. “You’re a bachelor! You live alone! You work from home! Tell me why you can’t do this?”

The man replied, “No. No. No. It’s not a problem. I can do it.”

Then he paced back and forth waiting for the next bite to come.

I wandered to my car and wondered what it was that he was going to do that would require those three conditions. I had many ideas. Do you?


At the park, a cute chubby little boy of about five years old:

“Grandma! Grandma! Watch me!

I’m sorry I’m growing too much. I can reach the roof of this.

Look! I’m not even standing on my piggy toes!”


I went in to grab a bottle of water at the gas station. I was wearing my Anthropologie Toadstool blouse. The employee looked at me.

He said in a daze, “That is the coolest shirt. I really like it.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you! I collect gnomes. I had to have it.”

He smiled in return and said, ” OOOHHHH. I was going in the other direction with that.”

I knew what he meant and laughed and said, “yea, well, I guess it could mean that too.”

He looked lost in a moment as if remembering the last time he had partook of my “magical” shirt of memories. Then he said, “Just don’t wear that shirt in Oregon!”

I smiled and walked away. So what do you think he meant by that? My husband is from Oregon and he has no clue.


We were at a play at a farm. It was almost ten o’clock on a very long night. I rounded the corner outside. I knew what I would see. There had been the same man lounging in a chair drinking beer all night.

Well, I did find him. But he had visitors. Standing over him was a mother and her little boy of about four years old. I took a guess that they were old family friends.

I heard the man say to the little boy, “Do you know who I am?”

The little boy did not pause with his answer. I (and the mother) did not pause in our sharp intake of breath at his reply.

“Yes.” He said quite loudly and very clearly. “You’re a loser.”

The mother quickly bent down and admonished her child.

I took that as my key to leave. It was a long night… For everyone.


Have you heard anything good this month? Please share!

It’s The Little Things: Measuring Spoons

Well, it doesn’t get much smaller than measuring spoons, does it? I have to admit, I have a ton of measuring spoons. I cook a lot, so this comes in handy. Over the years, I have purchased my spoons as soon as they hit sale.


My favorites are still my handy dandy plain ones. It’s funny how that works out. This is because I know the measurements are right on them.



I recently purchased some owl ones from World Market for $4.50 with a coupon.



And some Toadstool measuring spoons also from World Market for the same price as above.





But how did they “measure up”? I decided to test their functionality.*



It turns out they all measured slightly differently. The biggest difference was in the owl tablespoon purchased from Anthropologie. It was much larger than a regular Tablespoon. The closest measurement was the toadstool tablespoon. Although the teaspoon version of it ran short. As did the owl tablespoon from World Market. So, what is a girl to do?

Well, now that I know this, I am going to be more careful in my measurements with my cooking. The Anthropologie tablespoon will be used for insignificant items such as coffee, where an exact measurement is not necessary.

I am also considering these Color Tab Measuring Spoons currently on sale at Anthropologie. But I would want to see them in person.

Do you have any fun measuring spoons? How do they perform in terms of accurate measuring?

It’s the little things: fun functionality.

* This experiment was done for fun. I tried to be very accurate, but I am only human. Please take my experiment with a grain of salt…Or flour, if you will. Your measurements may vary.

* My monthly giveaway will start at 12:01 a.m. on October 11th. I pushed it back a day so “It’s The Little Things” could run on its regular day. Don’t forget to enter! : )

A Trip To World Market


Let’s Go Shopping! I had two $25 gift cards to spend at World Market. I downloaded a 10% off total purchase coupon. And I was so ready to go. Here are some of the lovely things that I saw on my trip. Unfortunately, I could not afford them all.


But it was fun to wander the aisles! Come with me!


Toadstool Measuring Spoons $5! “Yes please!” Says the Gnome Lover.


It is a Peacock Spatula!


Oh no! Owl measuring spoons! Gulp! Again these were only $5 (plus a 10% off coupon).


Nonstick Owl Cakelet Pan. I cannot wait to bake some treats in this.


Um. I have no idea when or how I will wear this deer headband. But it is so adorable. And at $7.20 (after discount), I had to take it home.


Owl Dust Buddy. And he can be thrown in the washing machine. He is my new best friend! I love him!


I did not buy these hedgehogs, but it was tempting.


Oh my gosh! Their furniture selection is wonderful this season:


This fantastic school desk was calling my name. No room at my house for it, but still cute to look at.


Check out this chair. It is very small. Perfect for a child’s room or a dorm room. The colors are pretty.



But this chair has my heart. It had my pulse racing. The price is all ready fantastic, but I know that it will almost definitely go on sale. Therefore, it will end up being a magnificent price. I have absolutely no room for it. Too bad.



And this headboard is gorgeous. I am in love. Again, I have absolutely no place for this in my home, but it is great. I love the different color tufted buttons.

Have you been to World Market lately? Or have you purchased or seen any fun home items lately? Please share!

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