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I wanted to do a Halloween outfit post, but I never got around to it. This is what I wore last week. Although two of them, I will continue to wear all season.



Mother’s Jeans is my very favorite brand of jeans. I bought these “friends in high places” (which after describing all of the different animal’s accessories further in this paragraph, I am wondering if that was a play on words) pair at Nordstrom Rack for something like 70% off. I cannot remember exactly because I believe I bought these in July. I could not wait to wear them in the fall and winter. The design is so much fun. Amidst the swirls and gold shapes, there is a rabbit smoking a hookah, a mystic owl, two different foxes (one smoking a pipe and the other standing stoically). I could not love these more! I took my regular size 29 in these.

I paired the pants with Anthropologie’s Ruffled Hem Pullover. I love the pattern mixing. I borrowed my daughter’s fox necklace from Charming Charlies. I will wear this outfit all winter. It is one of my favorites.



This Free People Manina Colorblock Skirt (still on fantastic sale and still available in all sizes as of this writing) is perfect for the season. Last time I paired it with my black t-shirt. I do not own a long sleeve back sweater or shirt. I paired it instead with my H & M mustard layering top. These are such great little tops at $13. I purchased my usual medium. I ended up purchasing the Corallina Necklace on sale as I watched its quantities sell out. I am so glad I did, because it is a great necklace at the sale price.


And for Halloween I wore my t-shirt I bought five years ago at a boutique and never wore. I paired it with my Anthropologie Citizens of Humanity Anja Maxi Denim. The necklace is my daughter’s from Charming Charlie’s.

What did you wear this week? Anything fun or scary? I bought a gnome costume to wear to a Halloween party, but then did not end up going to either of the parties we were invited to. So I have not even tried it on yet. If I do, I will post pics. We are a bit too laid back around here.

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14 thoughts on “Outfits Last Week

  1. Hmmm….animals smoking hookahs and pipes. Yesterday it was mushroom picking Oregonians and a spacy gas station employee. I am sensing a theme.

    “Our” candy corn skirt looks so cute on you. Love, love, love the witch t-shirt.

    Sadly, we only had 2 Halloween knocks on our door all night. I sent all the leftover candy to work with my husband the next morning. I cannot be trusted. Did I mention my license plate for years was swee2th? Funny play on my being a dental hygienist, my love of all things sweet and in honor of my maternal Nana (and namesake) who opened, trained employees and managed many Sees candy stores over the years in Washington, Oregon and California.

    Am looking forward to your post on framing artwork.

    • Hi Brynne! Ha! You know, I did notice that. But I figured, oh well. I love all of the animals. And, well, they might have a slight problem. Thankfully, the gal wearing them does not (as long as they weren’t holding wine bottles). I’ll take care of them. I just won’t show them my mushroom shirt. I do not see that ending well! Or looking good. ; )

      Thank you! Have you been wearing your candy cane skirt this season? It is truly one of my favorite pieces. It is so nice and full.

      You are so smart to send the candy with your husband. Last night, I ate a candy bar! And immediately felt bad. And Thursday, I ate and ate, leaving me with only 10 flex points left for the remainder of the week. I weigh in on Thursday. Wish me luck!

      I have my post on framing written, but I need to tweak it and get some photos done. This is definitely the time of year to frame. The post should be up in one and a half to two weeks. My week next week is full with two days of Anthropologie Workshop posts and a giveaway.

      I hope you are having a restful weekend!


  2. I am so jealous of you every time I see you wear your Anja skirt – I wanted one sooooooo badly – but sadly missed out when they went on sale at Anthropologie – I know you got yours on ebay – I have been stalking ebay too – fingers crossed.

    By the way I read your blog everyday and you are so cute. I love your writing style.

    • Hi Teresa! Thank you so much. I stalked mine on eBay, too. I was shocked how quickly the skirt sold out when it hit sale. I would size down. It is huge. Did you get a chance to try it on? I do love it, but there is one thing: it is super long. And it has such a cute band around the bottom, I do not want to hem it. I was walking in my garage on Thursday and I tripped on it and fell into a pack of diet. Dr. Pepper’s. It was not fun! So, now I might have to hem it.

      And thank you so much for your sweet comments! That is so nice of you. I really appreciate it!

      Have a great weekend and I hope you find your skirt!


    • Thank you Jessica! You are so sweet. And thanks for commenting. It always means so much to me to have the support of my friends. It means the world to me.

      Sleep tight! I hope you have a restful Sunday!


  3. Nobody wears a maxi skirt like you do, Jenni! It’s awesome how you look so “California Girl” in them! love love love!!

    • Awww. Thank you, Cynthia! I appreciate it. I hardly feel lie the “California Girl”, so thank you! : ). I just am modest, so I am glad it works!

      Have a splendid Sunday!


  4. The first two outfits are a couple of my favorites of yours. The jean and sweater outfit looks some comfy and cuddly and is so whimsical and dreamy at the same time. Perfect for lunch dates and running errands in style.

    And that maxi skirt! That is a special piece, right there. It’s so sunny and happy and flowing and romantic. I absolutely love it.

    I wore an outfit with pops of maroon and gold for our Harry Potter Halloween. And Kyle was a good sport and wore the maroon and gold pieces I set out for him. It doesn’t resemble anything close to a costume, but I knew it was an homage to HP! I hope to get a post up with outfit pictures and recipes in the next week, as we’re taking a little fall color retreat in Tennessee right now. 🙂


    • Thank you Liz! I appreciate it!

      Oh my gosh! I cannot wait for your post. It was actually a topic of conversation at our dinner table tonight. My son was very interested in it.

      And have fun on your Tennessee escape! That sounds fun, too!


  5. I love the yellow turtleneck with the “candy corn” skirt – so cute! Hey – FYI – I just saw a gnome wine stopper on Anthropologie’s website under the House and Home section. I think it has you written all over it!

    • Hi Judi!

      Thank you so much. That is so sweet!

      Oh my gosh! Thank you for letting me know about that wine stopper. I had not seen it. It is so great and with a little gold hat?! I want it so badly! It is kind of spendy. I wonder if it will make it sale, though. I am going to watch it and see what happens.

      Have a fabulous week!


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