Transitional Maxis II

Now, to continue the post from yesterday. Sorry about that! Update: I had to wait for my husband’s computer. Now I am behind! On to the maxis:



I found this red flannel tunic on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $20. I love that I can wear it tucked in or pair it with leggings or jeans. It is almost long enough to be a dress, but not quite. This day I paired it with my Free People Ginger Skirt from the beginning of the year. In real life, the skirt is all a deep black, but the lace parts are showing up a different color in pictures. Sorry about that! That also means that this is more slimming in real life, because it goes straight down without the breaks that are appearing here. Anyhoo, I felt like a feminine lumberjack this day. Isn’t that what every lady strives for? ; )



I have had this Citizens of Humanity Anja Skirt in my closet for awhile. It sold out last year, but if you click on the link you can see how full this skirt is. I got mine for the sale price on eBay. I bought a size 30 at the time. It was too big. This skirt runs large. I finally took it in to get it altered (I was scared she would not be able to do it). It came back and it is one of my favorite pieces for the fall. It is long and loose. This is the way it is supposed to look. I paired it with a henley bought on sale from Free People last winter.

* Also, a quick note: Anthropologie is doing Holiday Workshops where you help make a display for the store. It is free. It is fun. I went to TWO! I learned two simple crafts I cannot wait to share with you guys. And I met some lovely ladies. My posts about them are going up on November 8th and November 9th here. But I wanted to give you a heads up in case there was one near you. They are going on right now. Check the Anthropologie website for your state calendar.

20 thoughts on “Transitional Maxis II

  1. You are just too cute. You pull pigtails off like no-one else I’ve seen in a long time, they just ‘work’ on you.

    And, a feminine lumberjack? Brilliant. Absolutely what every woman aims for! I’m quite keen on that Ginger skirt, but nothing comes close to the Ping.

    (The Anthro workshops sound great fun, look forward to reading about those in the fullness of time).

    • Thank you Kirsten! I never know if I am just being ridiculous. But the pigtails and similar hairstyles works with my OCD to have evenness. I feel more at ease that way.

      The ginger skirt is so much better in real life. I had to get it altered, because it was tight in the hips and loose in the waist. But I really like it now.

      Hopefully Anthro will open a store near you SOON! And have fun workshops. Fingers crossed. I cannot wait to share what we made, because I am going to do it in my own home for the holidays, too.

      Have a great Sunday!


      • Well, ridiculous or not, OCD or not, it still looks great. And I personally think that anything which makes you feel more at ease is a good thing.

        You know, I have bought SO much Anthro in the last year that I think I’ve completely restocked my wardrobe. It’s certainly more than I need for my current lifestyle anyway. So hopefully one won’t open here for a while and tempt me even more! Actually, most of the pieces I like most seem to be the older (I have to laugh at people calling styles from a few years ago ‘vintage’) ones anyway.

      • Hi Kirsten!

        Isn’t that so funny? The vintage thing? I completely agree. It makes me feel “vintage.” Of course, we are the exact same age. So, I won’t label us that. ; )

        I have been restocking my wardrobe, too. And things I bought last winter no longer fit me. So now I have to sell so many things! It seems like such a waste of money. It makes me feel bad. I never thought I would lose more weight. I am kind of overwhelmed with everything I have to get rid of. So, I have huge piles in my room I have been avoiding.

        So, I completely know what you are talking about.

        You always make me so happy. Thank you for that.


      • Hey Kirsten! Guess what? I just got a reply to my email that I sent to you. You accidentally entered the wrong contact info in my email box. My emails to you have been going to another Kirsten. She let me know this morning. So, you probably have never gotten a response from me. I can see your email right now. Is this the right one? The one that was wrong was missing the middle name.

        Let me know please! It is all so confusing. : )


      • How completely weird! And someone must have been very very confused. The email that’s showing up as automatically entering for me is right:


        Just getting up and it feels like a slow start to the day but I’m planning to reply to your other comments later. Sorry – you must have thought I was so rude if you’ve emailed and I’ve not replied. Eeeek!

      • I will forward the emails to your correct email address. For some reason it did not have the Patricia. No worries! You probably thought I had not responded to you! I am so happy that other Kirsten was so nice and let me know! : )

        Have a great Wednesday!


      • It’s so odd and I’m still trying to figure out what could have happened (will probably remain a mystery forever). There are a few of us out there though…there was another in my year at high school actually.

        Don’t you hate growing out of clothes you love? It’s always nice if you lose some weight and look more like you want to but still… I’ve lost a few kgs on the Lyme diet this year and am hoping there’s not too much beautiful Anthro that no longer fits!

        Look forward to hearing what you had to say in your emails!!

      • Technology! I am just as lost. I cannot download any of my own pictures or do my own links (which s how I got behind on Friday). I will forward the emails tonight! Hopefully I can figure out how. : )

        I just found another piece of clothing that does not fit tonight. : (. I have five piles of clothes in my room right now. Hang ups (which I am doing before I go to bed). Dry clean. Clothes to donate. Clothes to take back. And clothes to sell. It is overwhelming! I keep putting things off. But it is getting done! Slowly but surely. It is hard to go through six different sizes and trying everything on!

        I will get those emails to you tonight. Fingers crossed!

        Have a great Thursday!


      • Technology really is wonderful…when it works properly!

        Five piles certainly sounds like a lot, and overwhelming. I’m a bit bad at hanging on to things I love in the wrong sizes, wondering if I’ll change weight again and wish I’d kept them. But I think there can be a real joy in knowing that when you let something go it moves on to someone else who also loves it and gets pleasure from it…and I like that about ebay, that things do go to people who really want them. Although I actually prefer to give my pieces to people I know – and to matchmake clothes and people. So I hope maybe you can enjoy the ‘moving on’ part of the process too. It does tend to feel good to let go of things that are no longer right for this stage of your life.

        Another rest and then I want to go and meet the chooks next door who are enjoying the pulp from my juicing recently! Sleep tight and sweet dreams.

      • Hi Kirsten!

        I had to go look up chooks. Is it a chicken? Or a neighbor? I am so confused! : )

        I have a pile of clothes for friends, too. So, make that six piles! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! November 1st I have to get it done!

        I hope your day is happy!


      • I hope you had a brilliant Halloween Jenni!

        I forgot about chookens – I’m pretty sure I succeeded in confusing Alisa with that one too. They’re chickens. Do you not call them ‘chooks’ there? I think I created some kind of hybrid of chook and chooken at some point. So no wonder you couldn’t figure it out! I think it suits them and the funny little clucky noises they make though.

      • Thanks Kirsten!

        We did. It was a lot of fun. We turned our lights off at 9:00. Success!

        Ahhh. I get it now. Chooks for chookens. Makes sense. And they are next door! Doubly cool! Lots of eggs! My friend has a chicken coop and it is so lovely when she brings over a carton.

        Talk to you soon! Have a great Sunday!


  2. Only you could pull off Lumberjack Boho! 😉 It actually looks super cute, though I love the denim look even more.It looks so lovely with the necklace and the details on the sleeves. I actually have a denim midi skirt and have never blogged it because I worry about looking frumpy in it… you’ve made me change my mind, I think! 😉

    • Thank you Gwen! Do it! Wear the midi denim. You will not look frumpy. You never could! You are so cool and hip, you would make any outfit you wear the same way.

      I cannot wait to see it! Have a lovely week!


  3. LOvely! The details are great too, the texture of the lace with the flannel checks, and the little brighter blue lace bits on the the knit top! I love maxi skirts this time of year for keeping my legs warm when I can’t find the right pair of tights…

    For some reason my maxi skirts always look very victorian and mary poppins-y, while your boho feminine lumberjack is delightfully modern!

    • Hi Sarah!

      Thank you! I always love your looks! I have so many garish bright tights. Today I was looking at them and thinking, “what would Sarah wear?” You always look pulled together. And your color pairing and texture pairing is so fantastic.

      Thanks again! : ). Have a lovely week!


    • Hi Karen! No worries! I cannot wait to check it out. Thank you for the head’s up. It was so much fun!

      Have a great week!


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