Seasonal Transition Maxi Skirts Part I

Hi guys! I had a post prepared for three maxi skirt looks I have put together recently. Unfortunately I am on my way to a play and ran out of time to download all of the pictures. I figured I will post the rest tomorrow night when I get the chance. So either tomorrow or Sunday will have two posts as I play catch up.

I love a maxi. I think you can carry it into every season.



The Ping Maxi Skirt is one of my favorites. I think a pop of just about any color works with it. Although, it is great with lace and denim as well. The other day I paired it with a simple mustard layering top from H & M. The necklace is Betsy Johnson via Nordstrom Rack.

What is your favorite maxi in your closet?

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

39 thoughts on “Seasonal Transition Maxi Skirts Part I

  1. I saw ‘maxi’ and knew I would be in trouble! This combination is brilliant, it really ‘pops’ and the yellow is lovely on you (really liking the top tucked in and seeing the waistband detail). Even if the Ping-loving does make me want to sob given current circumstances.

    Hope you enjoy the play.

    • I also LOVE a good maxi and have sooo many that its really hard to choose a favorite. If I had to narrow it down, I would have to choose my fire ants maxi dress or my endless skies mxi dress (both from anthro); however there are MANY others in my closet that i absolutely adore as well. Maxi dresses & skirts are so effortlessly cute/fun and can be dressed up or down. 🙂

      • Oh wait wait wait; i totally forgot about my field biology dress. How could i possibly forget that one???That is hands down my favorite maxi/antro dress ever!

      • Okay. Now I am truly truly jealous. It sold out on sale right when I first spotted it. I watched it for months. It never “popped back.” You are so so lucky! I love the lace and the pattern. So very pretty!

        You have a great collection!

        Have a lovely evening!


      • Hi Sherry! I love both of these! So pretty. And of course, I do not own either one. They came out right when I was losing weight. I love the combination in colors in both of these dresses. I think they are so fun!

        I am glad you love maxis too! They are the best!

        Have a great weekend!


      • Hi Kirsten!

        I promptly went over there to see the auction. It looks like the size 6 sold, because it is now just showing only the size 4. : (. And what a great price that dress is! Looking at it reminds me of why I wanted it so badly! It is so lovely.

        Thank you so much for sharing. I must be on the hunt now.

        Have a great Saturday!


      • Pretty certain there was only ever one dress…I think they’re saying 4/6 because it fit big (from what I could tell reading reviews people seem to be sizing down). And I know – best price I’ve seen for one. I’m not sure why I keep an eye on them when I don’t think it would work on me and I really don’t need one!

      • Thanks Kirsten! I wish I could have tried this dress on in store. But I was a different size, then, so I would have had to get rid of it. Darn! I do not know what to do! And it looks like the auction is over. I am such a procrastinator (hence missing out on it the first time).

        Thanks for looking out for me! Have a great rest of the weekend!


      • ( if you’re tempted, this review looks like it might be really helpful for you:

        Pros: unigue anthro styling, size down for anthro brands, structured/tailored, cotton, fully lined, easy fix to wear with flats

        I ignored this dress after the initial online once over. The cut appeared to be made for a straight figure. Looks can be deceiving. Then I checked the online reviewer images. This dress was made for busty gals. I used a large ornate pin when wearing flats.

        SIZE: Size down! I’m a 6 (rarely a 4) in most Anthro brands. I had nothing by LeifNotes to compare. I’m also a 6, sometimes an 8 for non Anthro. I’m 5’5″ tall 130 lbs, 34D, 35-28-36. I sized down as suggested, to a size 4.

        FIT: like a glove through the bodice and waistband. A little uncomfortable by the end of the day. I Needed help with zipper. The armholes aren’t too large or long. The lace around the arm holes isn’t scratchy. The neckline is demure, but the detailing makes up for it. The wide lace waistband sits at my waist and is flattering unlike a belt this wide would be.

        LENGTH: 1″ platforms plus 3″ heels kept the hemline in back off the ground. When wearing Flats, I used a large ornate safety pin to lift up and pin a few inches of length just below the waistline to prevent the hem from dragging. You will need to play with placement and gathering of the fabric onto the pin.
        This worked out far better than I expected.

        FABRIC: I found the pieced cotton panels to be substancial, but certaily not stiff as one reviewer described. Fully lined including the bodice. The dress looked far better pressed. I fell in love when I put the Anchored Denim Cardi on over top.

        I completely recommend this dress if you can find one. Because it runs large most of the smaller sizes are gone.

      • Oh my gosh! You are SO sweet! And you should totally work for Anthropologie, because you make me want to buy that dress even more now. I just spent some money today. So, I am waiting to see if the items actually ship. The Emiline (spelling?) tulle skirt for $50 and the eyelet white dress that was out a while ago for $30. I need to slow my roll. ; )

        That review was really good. I am not busty, but maybe it would work for me?

        I loved your email. I am going to bed now, but I will write you in the morning. I am hoping to sleep in. Fingers crossed! The other night I could not sleep and at 2:00 in the morning, I finally went to bed. Only to be woken up exactly five minutes later with a sick kid. Ugh! So, I need to catch up!

        I hope your weekend is going great!


      • I just checked and there were no bids and it’s been relisted! I don’t know why I’m trying to encourage you to buy things when I’m attempting to be less consumerish…part of my people-clothing personality trait I guess. I can see this on you. And that Fei maxi skirt which was black with the floral detail at the hem too. Not another word about them now though!

        Oh, and I remember that Tulle skirt on you, it looked lovely. Glad you snagged (no laughing) that one.

        Hope you get some good sleep. Sweet dreams.

      • Thanks Kirsten! I need to try to be good. I have “snagged” too many deals lately. I feel guilty. I need to see how some of them fit before I buy anything else! Or if they even ship. I think one probably won’t, because it has been a week. I ordered the skirt in a 4, so I am not sure it will fit. Fingers crossed!

        I still have to email you. My restful day ended up not being so restful. And now it is almost midnight again. What the heck? Where did the time go?

        I hope your day was more peaceful than mine!


    • Hi Kirsten. Thank you! The rest of the post should go up at 3:30-4:00 today. And then I have another post going up around 11:30.

      What is going on? Are you okay? Your friend still has your Ping skirt, right? I am worried about you!

      Let me know.


      • Did my email (a couple of days ago) not reach you?? Sounds like maybe not…

        Poor Ping is looking rather sad. Let me know if I need to retell the story of woe.

        As for Maxis, my favourites over the last years have been a plain long tiered one in a beautiful shade of green from a hippie shop here. I’ve worn that so much, but it’s also one of those ones I try to not wear out because I love it so much. And also jersey foldover long skirts from an etsy seller I found – they are the most comfortable and yet almost glamourous thing to wear around the house or out.

        In ‘The Box’ which is yet to come, I have a Tombolo dress and a Skyscape (I think that’s right…) plus a Fei maxi skirt that I’ve only ever seen one other of. Looking forward to trying them all on!

        Now I’m off to read your new post which I saw come through just then. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

      • Oh my gosh! I checked my emails today for the first time all week and did not see it. I am so glad you told me! That is so so so awful! I am so sorry! Do you think it can be repaired?

        Oh I cannot wait for you to get all of your other goodies, though!

        That hippie skirt sounds so lovely. It would be so nice to have a unique local store like that.

        You have a beautiful weekend, too!


      • I know – I was in shock! I still can’t quite believe it. I am reminding myself it is ‘just’ a skirt.

        All things considered I think it’s probably in one of the best places it could be – the last diamond at the bottom in the middle of the skirt at the back. So my current plan is to sew a seam down there and hopefully it will just look as though that is how it was made…hopefully. A little bit concerned about playing with a $130 skirt like that but not much alternative I don’t think.

        The place I was talking about is called Tree of Life and has lots of Indian made brands. The kind of stuff I wore at university when I wasn’t wearing op-shopped or handmade pretties.

      • Okay. That sounds fixable. Which still sucks, but is better than say, the whole top band. I am still sorry for you, though.

        That store sounds so cool. I was also telling my husband after I read your comment that I love how you say “university” and not college. It sounds so much chicer.

        I hope you have a happy week with no more mishaps!


      • Heck yea! I would totally wear that. It is so pretty. I had never seen it before. That would look neat with a mustard top, too. I love it! Thank you for sharing. : )

        Have a great Tuesday!


      • Not to enable, but I believe that Fei skirt never sold (it was relisted a few times) and was your size? I bought mine from the EA facebook group and this is the only other I could find a trace of. It WOULD look good with your mustard top…

      • I will check it out again on the 1st. I am over on my budget. I have scored so many amazing pop backs the last two weeks. I gots to be good. Which of course sucks!

        What do you guys do in Australia for Halloween? Is it the same as here? I am super curious and overwhelmed with it!

        I hope your week is going wonderfully!


      • Halloween here is not much of an event at all, just the odd bit of trick-or-treating if there are some neighbourhood kids who get the urge to do some. We usually stock up and turn the light on…some years there are some little visitors, others there are none (and, pre lyme diet, we would end up eating all the naughtiness). It’s nothing like the US!

      • That is interesting. I hope I get a lot of trick-or-treaters. I only had 19 last year and I love seeing the kids in their costumes! My neighbors do not really participate and so our street does not get hit. I will report back! I can’t wait!

        Have a fantastic day! Or night! I am always confused about the time difference. ; )


      • I have a confession to make – we turned off the lights and ‘hid’ in case anyone came!! There is absolutely nothing trick-or-treat worthy in a Lyme household (and it was actually really funny to see in the facebook support group how many others had done the same). I think I only saw/heard two kids on the street all night though. I hope your Halloween was far more interesting!

        Here’s my muddled time difference calculations…I’m pretty sure the East Coast is 3 hrs behind the West there? And at 2PM here it’s midnight on the East. So that would mean 5PM for the East. Which I THINK might mean you are 17 hrs behind here. Other parts of the country have daylight saving at the moment but – and I kid you not – Queenslanders were too worried about the curtains fading and cows getting confused to have ever voted it in. SIGH.

      • I think that is just fine! You have a valid excuse! I hope your night was fun.

        Thank you for explaining the time difference. Wow! That is almost a full day! I had no idea. That is also funny about day light savings time. I do not think the cows could/would care, but what do I know? I have never had a cow!

        In that case, have a great dinner! I think that’s right!


  2. Gaw-jus! The color combo looks very Swedish to me! It’s so sunny and such a nice contrast. Would you believe I don’t own a maxi skirt or dress? There have been a few I’ve thought about ordering from IGIGI, but their maxis are made with Amazon women in mind, and I’m too cheap/lazy/have other things on my shopping list to get anything shortened. I agree that this is such a versatile skirt that you could make work for any season. If your pictures had been the model shot, I would have been tempted to buy it! The Swedishness of it all would have sucked me in…have a happy Saturday. 🙂


    • Hi Liz! First, thank you! Second: What? No maxi? I do agree with you though, they are really long. Although, I first spotted the Ping maxi on a sales associate about 5’2.” She was wearing flats and the skirt swooshed and was so pretty and full on her. I like the ping maxi so much, but I do think it looked better on her. Free People’s maxis are crazy long. The good thing about this is they have a lot of unfinished hems. So I have actually just chopped some of them down with scissors.

      If you get a Nordstrom Debit Card (it is free and if you purchase stuff it just comes directly out of your checking account), you get $100 in free alterations yearly just by giving them your card at alterations. The clothes do not have to be purchased there. I love free tailoring. I have a bag ready to take in this week.

      I cannot wait to see a maxi on you one day! Have a terrific weekend!


  3. UGH, I hate you! Okay, so actually I think you are really cool, but I’m totally jealous that you got your hands on this skirt. When the price went down, I deliberated for too long and Anthro ran out of it in my size just before I decided that I definitely wanted to buy it. Oh, well, I’m glad someone cool got it. 😉

    I’m Scandinavian, so I love the color combo. As Liz said above, it looks very Swedish! Great outfit post!

    • Sorry! Keep watching. It might “pop back.” And thank you for your sweet words! I do love that skirt. I even wore it to the emergency room! It gets worn quite a bit. : )

      Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Oops… I got so carried away that I totally forgot to mention my favorite maxi skirt. 😉 I actually only have a couple of maxi skirts, but I love my Lengthening Rays Maxi Skirt from Anthro that I bought a few seasons back. I have it in the green color and it’s just fantastic.

    • I will have to look that up. I love green anything. I have missed the last couple of years! I cannot wait to see you style it. I am always looking for new ideas!

      Have a great weekend!


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  6. This is SUCH a gorgeous outfit! Now I wanna come to America just so I can club you on the head and steal it, haha! 😉 Seriously though, cutest thing ever.

    • Thank you! If you ever come, you can totally borrow it. And we will go frolic in wine country together. And then read books. If we can. After all of the wine. ; )

      Have a great week!


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