It’s The Little Things: Clinique’s Chubby Stick

First, a draft of this went up that I had edited to not appear immature. Sorry if you saw the unedited version. Anyway, we are going to talk about my favorite lipstick. I promise. With no preteen boy humor. Sorry about that! You weren’t supposed to see that! ; ) I swear this post has had more revisions than any other post I have done. My poor iPad could not keep up.


Anyhoo, It is my favorite. I must have two in my possession at all time. This is my hoarder’s tip. It will make you feel more secure.


I love the color. It is called Richer Raisin. It is what I am wearing in most of my pictures on my blog. It isn’t sticky or gloppy. It isn’t slimy. It is just perfect. Almost like a chapstick. A big, fat colorful chapstick.


Have you tried Clinique’s Chubby Stick? What did you think?

It’s The Little Things: Being a grown up lady in lipstick. Or at least feeling grown up with lipstick on. Must put on right away. He.He.

19 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Clinique’s Chubby Stick

  1. Love the chubby stick!! (Haaa). I Used to use these all the time but haven’t had one in years! Better put that on my list! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi Lynn! Thank you! And thanks for commenting on this post! I thought everyone was going to be upset at me for my humor, so thank you. I am glad to serve as a reminder. : )

      I hope your weekend is fabulous!


    • Hi Danielle!

      Thank you! It was just me being a dork and giggling. Really not much to see. : ). I had a minor panic attack after it published though.

      I have been thinking of you. : ) Have a great Friday!


  2. I also have one of these in Whole Lotta Honey. Love it! I am not a lipstick person at all and prefer either Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Rose or something like Rosebud salve.. or this, which is so light it really doesn’t feel too lipsticky( is that a word? 🙂
    I think the color is perfect for you! ( I sometimes have to have two of stuff too…just in case they don’t make it anymore..which has happened to me on a number of occasions.)
    Have a great day!!~

    • Hi Kara!

      Thank you so much! I agree the best part about this is how light it feels. I don’t like how gunky lipstick can be. Does that make sense? And this just goes on and off so easily. I will have to look at Whole Lotta Honey. I used to love their lipstick in Tenderheart, but then I found this one. It looks good on everyone. At least I think so!

      Thank you so much for commenting, especially considering how lame I was with the whole publishing problem.

      Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Ahaha. I read the original post. I enjoyed the sharp transition from unedited to edited! lol

    I’ve really been wanting to try a lip color, especially a plum or raisin color for fall, but I’ve never really worn lipstick before. I felt as though I looked like a little girl trying to look grown up by putting mommy’s make-up on. Now that I’m grown up-ish, maybe it’s time to try again. It’s a great color on you. Subtle, but has a nice sheen and splash of color.


    • Hi Liz! : ) Thank you! Yes, I had a minor panic attack. I had to correct it so quickly.

      You always look so fresh and pretty, I had no idea you were not wearing lipstick. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Seriously, I don’t think you need it. : )

      Thank you for commenting on my sad little post! Have a perfect weekend!


  4. Your original post was quite funny, Jenni. I snickered a little when I started reading, and then full on giggles when I got to the description paragraph… I needed the laugh:)
    Anyways, I love that color – will have to check it out today.


    • Oh, thank you Soo! I was very worried I was going to offend someone! Thank you for making me feel better. And for getting my humor. I appreciate it!

      Thank you so much! Have a terrific Friday!


    • Hi Brynne!

      The original was sent to email subscribers. On accident. And I have deleted all of my versions of it. But don’t worry. It was just me giggling like a twelve year old. I do that from time to time. My sense of humor can be too juvenile. But I have lots of fun! : )

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  5. PS. I got my rabbit iphone cover. It did come with a fuzzy bunny tail. One of my co-workers mentioned the ability to use the tail as a way to prop the phone up — works like an easel (rather than my lament about how one wouldn’t be able to put the phone down flat). Brilliant. Downside, the suction cup for the tail (it is removable) is the same size as the hole where you suction the tail, so it easily comes off. I wish they had cut it a little larger than the hole in the back of the cover (not sure how they’d do that) so that it would “tuck” into the hole and stay put better. Does that make sense? Also…I got it for $4.99 and free shipping! I think for that price, you could get another one with a tail.

    • Oh man! You are so lucky! I must order one! I want a tail now! My case does not have a hole in the back, so I must have ordered the wrong one. That price is great! I think mine was $6-7. I will check out eBay tomorrow! Thank you for letting me know. And for the great idea of using the tail as a stand!

      I hope your weekend is amazing!


  6. I love your description that it’s like a “big, fat, colorful Chapstick.” 😉 LOL I love colors that are really subtle, so I think I would be a fan of this product! I have seen advertisements for it but have never gotten around to trying it, so I guess I will have to sometime soon.

    • Hi Casey! It is a great product. I try to hold off for Sephora’s sale. I believe it is in November. Then I will stock up on make-up again! Let me know if you try it! : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. I missed the first post too but am interested in the Clinique “Chapstick” because I’m not a lipstick fan. Also curious what top you’re wearing in that last photo? It’s so cute!

    • Hi Sara!

      Thank you! It is an easy “lipstick.” It doesn’t glop on. It is easy. The top is actually a dress from H & M a couple of years ago. I just recently found it in my closet again. I love when that happens! : )

      Thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate it!

      Have a terrific week!


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