The Shutdown


I don’t want my blog to be political. And it won’t be. There will still be a happy, funny post going up in a bit. But it feels odd to have this massive problem going on with the United States federal government and to pretend it is not happening. I mean I like LaLa Land as much as the next person. Heck, I think I might even be queen. However, I try to always keep things real on this blog, even as I am stumbling. Life is not all bracelets and chubby sticks.

Although, maybe it should be.

So, I just wanted to post very quickly that if you are being affected by the government shutdown in any way, my heart is with you. I hope it ends soon. Because it sucks.

It just does.

And I am sorry.

I hate to think of anyone hurting.


6 thoughts on “The Shutdown

  1. As an outsider it seems such a bizarre and illogical situation. I remember when something similar happened last time and thought it just as weird then. It just couldn’t happen here and though I often hear of some governments having problems actually starting a government because of disagreements on who should be involved, I can’t think of anywhere else where there is a government and legal system already established and a “deliberate” sabotage by people involved to shut everything down.

    You’re right, the real victims as always are those ordinary workers who are nearing a week of no work and no pay. Lets hope that it is resolved quickly.

    I’m starting my 7th month now between jobs, there can be literally hundreds of people for each application I make and I have applied for hundreds. The loss of money is extremely tough but the lack of dignity and respect is worse, even if it is mostly in my head 🙂

    • Hi Stephen.

      I have definitely thought of you through all of this. It is amazing to me that this can even happen. We try to instill in our children certain morals and rules to follow. And yet grown adults are pouting and throwing a tantrum. But it is a tantrum that is actually hurting people. They should all be sent back to nursery school to learn how to play with others. It is appalling.

      I hope your weekend goes well!


  2. Thanks Jenni! I totally agree with Stephen–the loss of the paycheck is hard on me but I just sort of feel adrift right now. October is supposed to be the time when debate is ramping up and I have a ton of stuff going on in the classroom and instead I am sitting at home. It doesn’t help that there are a few folks who are going on TV and talking about how worthless federal employees are, how they’re overpaid, and how it feels good to have us off their backs for a short while. I mean…unnecessary and hurtful and just mean.

    • Hi Danielle,

      I am sorry. I get so upset with people who don’t “get it.” There is waste in every organization. Public and private. But for the most part, everyone has a job to fulfill. It just makes me sad. The way the United States is making decisions is sad. It is not what I want my children to see. It is embarrassing.

      Have a relaxing weekend! Hopefully things will look up soon.


  3. Thank you Jenni. Leave it to you to think of actual real life people in this situation and how it affects them. My hubby is a government employee (an unusual employee — for instance, when gov shut down travel awhile back, he took his vacation time and gas money to do a teaching presentation in another state. When asked why he would do that, his response was…”Because I promised them I would”). We are fortunate in that we try to be prepared and saw it coming so paid a month’s worth of bills ahead and made sure our savings was liquid and we will ride it out with the rest. I am thankful we can do so. I suggested to my husband that he take this time and go visit his parents so he left early this morning to spend a few days with them in Nebraska. 🙂 Lemons and lemonaid.

    • Hi Brynne,

      I was wondering about your husband when this first happened. I am glad you guys are okay. Your husband sounds like quite a guy. Gosh, I hope this is over soon! I am hoping they don’t stall it to the 17th and then make it bigger after that. I think the American people feel powerless right now.

      Lots of hugs your way!


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