Let’s Talk Fun Deals

This outfit post is going to be a bit different this week. It is going to show some of my deals I got last week, as well as an “old” dress I adore from H & M. Because of this shopping trip, I had to cancel a certain sweater tunic I had been longing for. No regrets! I definitely got more for my money.

Not shown here, but will be shown in future posts are two long sleeve layering tops and a Mickey Mouse top from H & M. Also, two days before I went with my daughter, my husband and I went to Nordstrom Rack because he needed new work shoes. I found the cutest red and black plaid tunic and black pleated tunic on clearance. But that is for another day. I just wanted to include the other items I purchased that replaced the sweater I had previously wanted. Yes, I got all of those items, and the following purchases I made for myself, for less than the cost of that one sweater! Now, on to the deals fun:


My daughter and I went shopping for her Homecoming dress together on Thursday night. We ended up scoring one for $16. Yay! (This meant she was free to purchase the cutest flannel shirt with an inlay crochet back that was also on sale.) Before we found that dress at Macy’s, we went to Nordstrom Rack. We did not find any clothes there. However, we browsed their tights section. Hidden in the tights section were tons of tights marked “last chance $1.” You had to flip the package over to find the clearance price sticker. If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, I would go check. This was just six days ago.


I got my daughter a pair of Kate Spade blue tights originally marked $32 for $1.


All in all, we scored 8 pairs of tights (my daughter was wearing one the day I took the above photo) for $14.74. Two of the packages were “only” clearanced to $4. One was $1.74. But we both needed a basic black pair. They had tons more clearance $1 tights hidden in the tights section.


At H & M, I found these awesome layered bohemian bracelets (the strands are connected. I am wearing them all). They were marked $10, but rang up for $5. Plus, they were doing buy two get one free. I purchased five bracelets and one ring for my daughter (which I was told was very Pokemon) for $21 (originally $61).


I paired the bracelets with a white sleep shirt I had scored with my daughter at Macy’s ($10 originally $28). I just layered a white tank underneath it and tied it. I had slept in the shirt the night before. Yes. I can get lazier.



I cannot wait to wear this Kenneth Cole necklace I got from Macy’s for $16 (originally $48). I just tried it on with the white shirt. Notice, I was too lazy to take off my bracelets while doing so. So I just hid my hands behind my back.


And last week I wore an H & M dress I purchased with my husband on an anniversary trip four or five years ago. I had it hidden in my closet all of these years. It was so fun to discover it again! I paired it with the Coral Latticework Necklace I purchased on sale from Anthropologie last week for $20. I am also wearing vintage boots from the flea market.

What have been your best deals lately? I don’t think there is a bigger rush than saving money!

* And in exact opposite form of what I just said, I will be doing another outfit post this week on a spendy dress on Saturday. I am nothing if not a walking contradiction. Have a great day! : )

P.S. If you want to read a blog that deals specifically with deals and where to find them, I highly recommend Nikki’s blog: Fashion Finds On A Dime. She is very inspiring.

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Fun Deals

  1. What great deals! I love the white shirt and jeans – especially with that darling Kenneth Cole blue necklace! So pretty. I also really love your bun in the last picture! How on earth did you get it so high? I want to try it!!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I appreciate it.

      When I do my hair like that, I pull it to the top of my head, then I gather my bangs back separately. I then twist it tight three times around. I wrap a pony tail around it until it is tight. Then I grab the hair in the bun and I pull until it creates a big poof. Does that make any sense? I hope it does. Maybe I’ll do a step by step photo post on it!

      I hope you had a great day!


      • Jenni, your hair is gorgeous and the way you style it … you have a real talent. In the above photos you look just adorable in braids and so pretty in the bun.

      • Thank you Angela! I very much appreciate that. There are some days I feel like it won’t do anything. So that is very sweet of you. I am always trying to do something new with it.

        Thank you again! : ). Have a great night.


  2. It looks like the H & M bracelets might match the Kenneth Cole necklace, especially with a solid white shirt. You found some great deals for your family. Good job! I hope your daughter enjoys her homecoming party. I haven’t found any super deals lately but I did copy you and get the animal pajamas with my birthday discount.

    • Hi! You’re right! I just have a strict one piece of jewelry rule. Multiple bracelets are okay. But I feel over the top with earrings and a necklace or bracelets and a necklace. I know it is weird. But it is my “rule.” I don’t know where it came from. Hmmm. Yep. I’m weird. ; )

      Did you catch Ollie in that one pic with me holding the necklace to the mirror? I put it in for you. I thought it was funny that he was photobombing. Or he was just excited to be in the kitchen scavenging by himself. Either way, I love it!

      Her Homecoming was good. Thank you for asking! It was Saturday. I was very last minute with the dress shopping. Which I guess ended up working out for the best.

      Yay! I am so glad you got those pjs! Aren’t they comfy? I just pulled mine out of the dryer tonight. I have to wear them tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me!

      Have a lovely week!


      • I think Ollie was photobombing. Bullies like to know what is going on. My bully sometimes snores with her eyes open.
        I enjoy learning people’s “style secrets.” I hadn’t noticed your one piece of jewelry rule. I always feel like I “have” to wear two pieces in a matchy nonmatchy way. It is interesting to learn the how’s and why’s behind people’s art. I will watch for that now.

      • Hi! You are so right. He is always in every picture. It is actually really cute. He did it twice today.

        I don’t know why I do the one piece of jewelry rule. But at this point, it is here to stay. ; )

        Have a lovely Sunday!


  3. If you’re a walking contradiction, then unfortunately so am I. I feel like the little bargains make the occasional splurges acceptable, though! 🙂 I love the Crystal Latticework Necklace. How perfect does it look with that dress and boots?! So bohemian and laid-back! I haven’t allowed myself to look at Anthro’s sale section online this week because I shouldn’t be spending anything right now!

    • Hi Casey! I know. I feel the same way. Well, I saved on this, so… But I purchased the dress last month (which I love), but oh the guilt. I am glad I am not the only one! Thank you for the compliment!

      Have a lovely Saturday!


    • Thank you! I appreciate it Olivia! I headed over to your blog and plan on spending more time there as soon as I respond to all of my comments! Thanks for being happy with me! : )

      Have a lovely evening!


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