Selecting Eyewear


Raise your hand if you have “bad eyes.”

Yep! That is a lot of you. Do you find it hard to pick out frames? I do.

Throw in a teenage daughter also picking frames out on the same day. And a bored nine year old boy (who was so good, the sweet sales lady gave him a pair of free sunglasses. If you remember this post, you can see why this thrilled me.).

And you get a three hour eye appointment.

Which is exactly how I like to spend my beautiful summer days.

I typically wear contact lenses. So does my daughter. But every couple of years, it is time to fork over some money for some new eyewear. You can’t wear contacts all of the time.


I think my daughter tried on every giant pair of glasses they had in the store, until she finally settled on some men’s Fendi ones. I am clueless. I had no idea Fendi was expensive. And after an hour of choosing, the sales lady could have sold me glasses made out of hot dogs. I would have eaten them and been out of there. And I would have paid the same amount for the privilege. I will repeat: Shopping for eyewear with a teenager = insanity…You’d eat them, too.

The lady did give us 50% off after the insurance paid their share. But, ouch!

She does look adorable in them. I am really happy she found a pair she will wear to school.

I texted my husband pictures of my daughter and myself in various eyewear.

He wrote back, “She looks great in anything.”

“You look good in the first pair.”

; )


Here are some quick pics of me trying on the glasses. These are Michael Korrs. This is the pair my husband liked.


These are Betsey Johnson more librarian.


And these are the Betsey Johnson ones with GLITTER! Which I did not even know I wanted or “needed” until it was a choice. They are the ones I bought. Strictly based on the fun factor. Which is how all decisions in life should be made.


I like them. I just think the office could have achieved a thinner lens. I have horrible eyesight. So, making the situation prettier is always a bonus. I just wish they were thin enough to wear out of the house.


I will say, before this, I have picked my eyeglasses out for the last four years from Costco. I had always used my insurance allowance for contacts, and paid a reasonable amount at Costco for a cute pair. But this year I chose the doctor’s office.

My belief is you should shop around. It is kind of a big decision!




Costco has some really great frames right now! I love so many of them!

What eyeglasses have you purchased lately? Have you jumped on the oversize bandwagon?

18 thoughts on “Selecting Eyewear

  1. Jennie, I like the fun pair as well on you πŸ™‚ I used to buy my frames from my doctor’s office as well — that is until a friend introduced me to Society of the Spectacle — two sisters run the place. They offer exceptional customer service and the most beautiful frames I’ve ever seen, plus they have 2 pugs who visit their store sometimes. They don’t take insurance, but I found it less expensive than what I paid after my insurance deductible at my doctor’s office. Here’s their website:

    • Hi Angela! I must check that out! It sounds great. I love that it is two sisters and two pugs (who have notoriously “bad” eyes)! I will never use my insurance to get glasses again. I think they can be found for much less other places! Thank you for the information! : )

      Have a great evening!


      • I got my glasses at Society of the Spectacle too! I love that place! The sisters that own it are so lovely and awesome! I brought my mom there to buy her glasses a few months ago when she was out here visiting. They even recommended an optometrist down the street from them that I have used ever since.

      • Okay! I definitely need to check that place out! Too bad I all ready purchased my glasses! I think your glasses are lovely Cynthia, so it must be a cool place!


      • Yes, your glasses are lovely Cynthia. Next time I post to Effortless Anthropologie, I’ll wear my Dolabany frames that I purchased at Society of the Spectacle. Jenni, I don’t think I’m able to attach a photo here, but here is a link to my frames:
        In the top ad that changes, the blond model wearing her hair up with the two-tone green frames, are the frames I purchased last year. Love them. I’m always switching between contacts and frames. My lenses are also very thick, but the ladies at Society of the Spectacle take one look at your face and your prescription and select the perfect frames – it’s difficult to walk out with just one pair, but I had to restrain myself πŸ™‚

      • Oh my gosh! Those frames are amazing! They deserve all of these exclamation points! I am jealous. I love the different green tones. So pretty. I cannot wait to see them on you. I must go there for my next pair. It sounds like a wonderful place.

        Thank you so much for sharing. And giving me glasses envy. ; )

        Have a lovely evening!


  2. Cute!! I love glasses, hate picking them out. I live in fear of anything happening to my favourite frames- i’ve been wearing them for over 10 years! I bought some new ones a couple of years ago but they gave me horrible headaches and now i’m afraid to change…
    You should wear glasses more, especially while it’s finally cool!

    • Thanks Sarah! I love your frames. They are classic and edgy. Very pretty! Thank you for the compliment. I have such bad eyes that my lens has to be super thick. Which I think makes my eyes itty bitty. But I have been wearing them out. It is fun! You are right, glasses are very “in” right now. : ). I hope it stays this way!

      Have a great week!


  3. I too picked new bigger frames this year and I’m kind of excited to get them and wear them.. I never say that! I am not looking forward to adjusting to progressive lenses for the first time but we shall see! It’s AMAZING how fast sight goes in your 40’s… Not one of my friends can see a menu πŸ™‚
    Love your new frames!

    • Thanks Kara. Well, I just turned 36, so soon I think I will have to use a different prescription! It is weird, but the last three years, my eyesight has been improving. I hope it continues to do so. Wouldn’t that be something? Of course, it would have a long way to go! I think reading glasses are so chic!

      Thank you for commenting! I very much appreciate it. And I loved reading our reply! Great insight!

      Have a lovely week!


  4. Cute glasses but I now have just gone your path in reverse. After years of going to the high end glass store (because we wanted new and higher quality glasses) and losing those glasses or having them break, the last year we have gone to Costco. The kids love their glasses and for once they have not lost them – go figure. I had Lasik about 10 years ago and shedded glasses and contacts – work covered it at the time so super bonus!

    • Hi Shari! That is awesome about the Lasik! I have heard so many horror stories from my family and friends, I just cannot feel comfortable doing it. It is so nice to hear a positive story! And I agree. Costco is the way to go. After this last experience, I realized that Costco was able to achieve a thinner lens for me for much less! I just love Costco. Seriously. The good thing about the doctor’s office, though, is that our glasses came with a two year warranty that can be used up to three times. Even if I step on them, they are covered. So that is great peace of mind. Of course, it would not cover loss.

      Thank you for sharing your story! : )

      Have a beautiful evening!


  5. You look so cute in your new glasses! why don’t you want to wear them out? You totally should! You’d be like a hot bohemian secretary! πŸ˜‰ And of course you had to choose the glitter ones, they are so very “you”!

    • Thanks Gwen! Ha! Bohemian secretary! I love it! Of course, I would be immediately fired for my slow typing skills! ; )

      Hey, I finished “The Wee Free Men.” I will be posting a review soon. ButI found it meh. Are his other books better?

      Have a terrific week!


  6. I love you new glasses, Jenni! I also have really bad eyesight that got even worse when I hit 38. I finally gave in about 4 years ago and got progressive lenses. I am so glad your eyesight is getting better. I stopped wearing contacts about 15 years ago. They drove me crazy. However, you really need to have them in when trying on frames so you can see what you look like and not when you finally get them.

    • Thank you Cynthia! But you just kind of blew my mind. I swear I thought you were twenty six! You do not look a day older! Whatever you are doing, keep it up! Amazing! : )


      • LOL! A big internet smooch for that! Nope. I’m an oldie! I’ll be 45 in another month and a half. Yikes. Time flies by so freaking fast I can’t catch my breath sometimes. The secret to looking a little bit younger – sunscreen (obviously), smiling (hides deep set facial lines and also makes me happy), and photos that are taken in direct sunlight from far away (this trick hides eye wrinkles and chicken neck). Oh – and not showing crinkly cleavage and elbow wrinkles. You know, I could go on and on. Maybe I should do a blog post about it. hmmm…


      • Okay, first! No way! That blows my mind. You look amazing! You should totally do a blog post about it. That is interesting about the sunlight, because I find direct sunlight to show my wrinkles. That’s why I stay in the shade or inside. ; )

        You are very inspirational! Have a great evening! I love your smile tip and your smile is lovely, so I can see it working!


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