A Crime Committed

I have been in a slightly manic state this week. I have wanted to do nothing but projects. However, instead of starting one project. Well, I started three. One project I had not started were the cardboard ornaments I had purchased for my children to paint. I thought they would be adorable Christmas present toppers for relatives.


Well, the other day, I came home to find a pile of cardboard all over the bedroom floor. It took me a bit to realize one of the dogs had gotten into my “craft” bag and ripped apart a cardboard star ornament. I figured it was Ollie, but I had no proof. And Ollie would have no recollection of the situation. His charm is in his looks, not necessarily his brains.


I left the house for an hour. When I came back, this is what I found.


Apparently a new crime had been committed in my absence. I guess what Murphy would have me believe is that someone came in and killed my dog and murdered my Christmas ornament.


But I could see him blinking.


Do you see the guilt in those eyes?


I couldn’t get mad. The situation is too funny.


Do you think our relatives will appreciate Murphy’s version of “art” on their presents?

Darn. Me neither.

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8 thoughts on “A Crime Committed

  1. Maybe he thought if he stayed real still, you wouldn’t notice him there. I am sure my boys tried that trick once or twice. Shoot, I may have even tried it myself .. you know, when dipping into the ice cream carton directly from the freezer and my husband walks in on me.

    • I think that was his plan. ; ). He does it often. Look away. I am not here! It works much more often then it should. I am way too lenient

      I hope you have a great Sunday! Enjoy that ice cream!


    • Oh. It was definitely Murphy. He was there at the scene of the crime. Ollie is much to much too slow. He could never have gotten away that fast! Plus, he was snoring happily in the other room. And, unfortunately, he would have just swallowed the whole thing. : )

      Now I must hide them at Christmas! I had no idea he would want to eat cardboard!

      Have a great good behaving dog Sunday!


    • I know! He would not get up even when I called him. He knew he was being bad. I think he was just terribly upset that he was caught, not that he did the deed itself.

      Naughty boy! Of course, he is laying next to me in bed as I write this. He is so spoiled.

      Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


  2. I’m late in reading this post but I had to comment. This is too funny! It should be published in a magazine. I love the way you set up each picture to build the excitement. Is there a Dog Fancy magazine you could submit to?
    Take care,

    • Hi Stacey!

      That is so sweet! I appreciate it. Maybe I should look into that. My dogs are always doing something crazy. I am so glad you liked my story. : )

      Thank you! Have a lovely weekend!


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