Selecting Eyewear


Raise your hand if you have “bad eyes.”

Yep! That is a lot of you. Do you find it hard to pick out frames? I do.

Throw in a teenage daughter also picking frames out on the same day. And a bored nine year old boy (who was so good, the sweet sales lady gave him a pair of free sunglasses. If you remember this post, you can see why this thrilled me.).

And you get a three hour eye appointment.

Which is exactly how I like to spend my beautiful summer days.

I typically wear contact lenses. So does my daughter. But every couple of years, it is time to fork over some money for some new eyewear. You can’t wear contacts all of the time.


I think my daughter tried on every giant pair of glasses they had in the store, until she finally settled on some men’s Fendi ones. I am clueless. I had no idea Fendi was expensive. And after an hour of choosing, the sales lady could have sold me glasses made out of hot dogs. I would have eaten them and been out of there. And I would have paid the same amount for the privilege. I will repeat: Shopping for eyewear with a teenager = insanity…You’d eat them, too.

The lady did give us 50% off after the insurance paid their share. But, ouch!

She does look adorable in them. I am really happy she found a pair she will wear to school.

I texted my husband pictures of my daughter and myself in various eyewear.

He wrote back, “She looks great in anything.”

“You look good in the first pair.”

; )


Here are some quick pics of me trying on the glasses. These are Michael Korrs. This is the pair my husband liked.


These are Betsey Johnson more librarian.


And these are the Betsey Johnson ones with GLITTER! Which I did not even know I wanted or “needed” until it was a choice. They are the ones I bought. Strictly based on the fun factor. Which is how all decisions in life should be made.


I like them. I just think the office could have achieved a thinner lens. I have horrible eyesight. So, making the situation prettier is always a bonus. I just wish they were thin enough to wear out of the house.


I will say, before this, I have picked my eyeglasses out for the last four years from Costco. I had always used my insurance allowance for contacts, and paid a reasonable amount at Costco for a cute pair. But this year I chose the doctor’s office.

My belief is you should shop around. It is kind of a big decision!




Costco has some really great frames right now! I love so many of them!

What eyeglasses have you purchased lately? Have you jumped on the oversize bandwagon?