Dream A Little…

Dream A Lot.


On a recent shopping trip to Anthropologie, I ended up blowing most of my September budget (in August) and included in those purchases was a pair of pajamas. But not just any pajamas. Pajamas that dreams are made of. Seriously, these pajama bottoms were made just for me. Well, not really, but they may as well have been. There is a part of this pattern that looks just like my one and only tattoo that I have. Which one? I am not tellin’. Suffice it say, I felt like this artist has been in my head.



I do not want to take them off. One day last week, I did just that. I spent the entire day in these pajamas and loved every second of it. And, yes, that is totally dorky me pretending to drink coffee from an empty coffee mug. I am so cool like that.



The pajama bottoms are from Anthropologie. They are made from artist Rebecca Rebouche’s artwork. They are called Bonjour Lounger. The top is a sale top I picked up. There were other colors not on sale. But I liked the sale green one. It is called Raw Edged V-Neck. I would not buy this top full price.


Have you had any good dreams lately? Do you have pajamas you never want to get out of? How did you bring yourself to do it? A curious girl in bed would like to know. ; )

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25 thoughts on “Dream A Little…

  1. What a cute pair of PJ’s Jenni! You look so cute in them I don’t blame you
    for not wanting to get out of them!!
    I love Pajama’s too and would stay in them all day if I could.
    I guess my trick to get out of my pj’s is to wear ugly looking pairs.
    And than I have no choice but to quickly change before my neighbors dog see’s me!! lol

    • Thanks Sayaka! I also really want the new bunny ones, but since they came out in two colors, I am waiting for sale. That should happen since there are more to choose from. Fingers crossed. You would look cute in anything. I bet even in old pants!

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. I have a pair of comfy pj bottoms from Anthro with an owl motif (in yellow) but these are much more fun! I also purchased the raw edge v-neck on sale in an orange-red.

    You look adorable in these pics! Where did you find that huge and wonderful coffee mug?!
    P.S. I love Rebecca’s murals. She is definitely talented!

    • Hi Lorraine! I would love the owl pajamas! You have an owl sweater, if my memory remembers right, too. I love owls also. Their eyes are adorable. My Anthropologie did not have the orange one or I would have purchased it. They did have the blush color and it is so pretty. I cannot wait for it to go on sale!

      The coffee mug is one I painted for my husband at our local pottery store. Yes, I painted him a pink mug. : )

      I wish I could afford Rebecca Rebouche’s art. It is gorgeous!

      Have a very wise day! : )


  3. So funny, I was scrolling down the post and thinking ‘you do NOT have anything in that mug, do you?’ then came to the comment about it. Still just as cute sans liquid though. I’m a bit of a PJ connoisseur (if I do say so myself) – being housebound with late stage Lyme disease kind of has that effect. And at least I have the best reason to be lounging around in them all day if I want to! So far I’ve resisted Anthro’s PJ’s…so far.

    • I love that you caught the no liquid in the cup! My husband was aghast that I would actually write that, but I always want to be honest. So, I am glad I was. : ). Cause you would have totally caught me!

      I am so sorry to hear about your lyme disease. I hope you are not suffering any pain. And, yes, you totally deserve to be in pajamas! And nice ones, at that! Have you seen the new bunny ones? Oh my gosh! Maybe I will get them for my hubby. ; )

      I hope that you are feeling well! Feel free to always email me if you would like. I am here! Not in pajamas today, but many times I am.

      : )

      Have a beautiful evening!


      • Honesty is the most attractive thing in this world – whether it involves admitting to empty mugs posing as full ones or not!

        You know the funny thing about being housebound and sick all the time? I have the perfect ‘excuse’ to wear PJ’s all the time….and I don’t. I suspect the idea would hold more allure if it had a bit more novelty value. Instead I miss ‘real world’ clothes and now tend to wear my pretties around the house so that at least I can enjoy them (I also have a rule about jewelry every day so that doesn’t feel neglected). And all my Anthro so far has come from ebay and the EA trade market anyway – no full price or actual website buys yet. I’m a bargain hunter by nature but the environmental/ethical side of buying second hand also appeals greatly to me. My closest friend lives in VA and very kindly enables my addiction and posts a box at a time on. Eeeeeeek!

        Your comment about emailing was so sweet and truly touched me. I try to spend less time at the computer because when it’s your direct line to the real world you do tend to spend too much time on here. But I get a lot of pleasure from your posts and the Anthro chat etc which is a world away from Lyme forums etc. I do have a lot of pain, that’s my main symptom. But now I have this piece of the puzzle (only found out about Lyme at the start of the year after 20+ years of being told I have CFS and fibromyalgia) that things will change. Actually, I’m seeing some improvements already. Anyway, GOT to get well so I can take all the Anthro lovelies outside to be appreciated.

        Okay, I am babbling on now. Hope you’ve had a lovely day and sweet dreams.


      • Hi Kirsten,

        I cannot imagine what you are going through. I hope now with a diagnosis you will be able to get better treatment. You made me smile to think of you wearing your beautiful clothes around the house. And the jewelry! Yes. It should get equal wear.

        Oh my gosh! Now I want nothing more than for you to get better and be able to wear your lovelies out of the house. And then you can wear pajamas. That would be my ultimate desire. I do have a secret. I cannot find that top after it went through the wash. I think my daughter must have it. So those lovely pajama bottoms have been paired lately with my husband’s old holy tshirts. The poor things!

        I hope your pain is over today and that your dreams are sweet. My offer of email is always open!


  4. Cute cute cute! I love the print. I travel a lot for work and meet with my students sometimes late at night, so I took to wearing yoga pants and tee shirts for sleeping so that I am always “dressed”, even when I tumble into bed. It became second nature so now I don’t even buy dedicated jammies anymore.

    • Hi Danielle! That is a great idea. Believe me there have been many moments when I have been “caught” in my pajamas. Being that these are my most modest ones, that is not often a great thing! That is why I bought these, so I had something to throw on for my kids’ sleepovers. I was tired of their friend’s crying (I am completely kidding here. I just could not resist).

      Have a great night! Enjoy your comfy pants! : )


  5. How dreamy! I love all of the whimsical woodland prints right now, I can hardly stand it! They’re just so kitsch and cute. Don’t you love when a print says “this is totally me”? Especially when it’s a print you can cuddle up in with a cup of coffee and a good book? I have just one great pair of pajamas. They’re red velour-fleece with white polka dots. It’s too hot for them now, but come winter, there’s nothing like cuddling up in those babies for movie night.

    • Hi Liz! I can totally picture it! Those pjs sound so cute! Perfect for hot cocoa at Christmastime! Tonight I am simply in my husband’s weekend shorts and a tank top. But it is fun to put on a pretty pair. I, too, am obsessed with the woodland theme everywhere. I covet it all!

      Have a great weekend! Thank you so much for commenting! : )


  6. I found myself inspecting the closeups trying to guess as to your tat. I may have to check out the bunny version. Have always been a sucker for them. My 74 year old father sends me some sort of bunny every year for Easter. 🙂

    • He.He. ; )

      The bunny pajamas are adorable, but I must wait for sale on those. I can only afford one pair of spendy pjs. But they are just so darn cute.

      Have a perfectly relaxing evening! : )


  7. Your pajamas are cute and Murphy looks pretty cute too. He is looking up at you so adoringly! Who in your family plays the piano? It looks like a serious practice is occurring. I wish I was musical. I really enjoy listening though. Pink Martini comes out with a new album soon. It’s on my birthday list.

    • Hi! Oh, Murphy. Poor guy. He is such an attention seeker. He was abandoned in a foreclosure and found starved, so he is always watching us making sure we don’t leave him. Super sad.

      Both of my kids play piano. In this way I am a bit of a “tiger” mom, they both had to start at age 5 and must play until they leave home. I think they will thank me later. For now, there is a lot of grumbling. ; )

      But I think playing a musical instrument is a wonderful skill to have. Thank you for noticing! I love the piano. It is very soothing.

      Have a great night!


  8. So adorable! Love the print. And love that you got photo bombed by your cutie pie doggy. I love how he is looking up at you in that 3rd picture. So sweet!

    • Thank you Cynthia! He is a cutie. Except, he is ALWAYS photobombing, because he is ALWAYS wherever we are. Poor guy. He is scared to have us leave his sight. He is laying on my feet as I write this. : )

      Have a great weekend!


  9. You totally fooled me with that coffee cup! You look adorable in your PJ’s, but now that you’ve mentioned your mystery tattoo, I wanna know more!! Can you at least tell us what it is…? It seems everyone has a tattoo, I almost feel left out now! 😉 Oh, but you look so cute I just wanna come over and tickle you. And your dog. 🙂

    • Ha! I have got to keep the mystery alive! Maybe someday! Maybe when you come over and tickle me, you will see it. ; )

      Thank you for the compliment! I hope you have a wonderful ticklish weekend!


  10. Ooohh, I saw those pants and really wanted them, but I have spent too much lately and refrained. I love the bold print. When fall rolls around, I absolutely live in some long-sleeve Allihop chemises I bought at Anthro a couple of years ago. I love Anthro jammies and loungewear! 🙂

    I want to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more about your nomination on the post where I nominated you. 🙂


    • Thank you Casey! You are better than me. I probably should have refrained as well! : )

      And thank you so much for the nomination. Here is the thing: I am kind of horrible at those things. They make me super nervous. I recently did the Liebster Award and I am not ready at this time to do that kind of post again. Remember, I am lazy! : )

      So, here is what I am going to do (and I have sweaty palms worried that you will be sad), but I am going to include it in my post (about things I love this month and winners of my giveaway) tomorrow. Along with a link to your blog. I will also use a picture from your blog (if you will let me and I hear from you within the next three hours). And I will add your blog to my blog roll. I hope you are cool with that!

      Thank you again! You are so sweet!


    • Thank you Melodee! I only have this one pair of pajamas from them. I have a few clearance nighties, but that is it. They are too expensive. But I wear these all of the time. Even to cook in. : )

      Have a terrific weekend!


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