It’s The Little Things: Soap!


Okay. I have so many “little things” posts backed up. The posts all contain information about items or products I love, or easier ingredients in cooking. Yada. Yada. And I will get back to those next week with a review on one of my favorite products. But this week, I bypassed all of those topics to discuss something kind of important.


You see, it has been a hot commodity at our house in the last two weeks.

The story goes: Two weeks ago we ran out of soap.


There was no soap to be found.

There was none on the ground.

None hiding in a drawer.

Or on the floor.

We checked under the sink.

It was the battle of the stink.


And you would think that I would remember to buy some. But I kept forgetting. At first I told the kids to use shampoo. But then I remembered how expensive my shampoo is. I scrounged up a cheap bottle of body wash that was laying around from who knows when or where or why. And I ignored the problem.


Two weeks passed. On a whim, I grabbed two bars of soap at the store. I brought them home and proudly presented them to my husband. He was so excited. I was the best wife ever (him forgetting that I was the one who let us run out of the stuff in the first place).

I am telling you, this week, the shower is amazing. What a luxury this “soap thing” is. You seriously must try it!


It’s the little things: An everyday object not being taken for granted. It truly became the best “little thing” in life.

So, have you ever run out of an everyday product? Did it feel like a luxury once you had it again?

11 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Soap!

  1. This is hysterical!! Super funny post! I still use Dove. We get the huge packs from Costco. Hmmm… I kept forgetting to buy hair dye recently. Every morning I would look at my hair and panic about my brown head turning increasingly gray. When I finally got the dye – and used it (which took another week) – I was veeeery happy. xo

    • Thanks Cynthia! I had hoped someone would read it and realize it was not just a post about soap. Thank you for doing that! : )

      My friends and I were just talking today about grey hair and why the heck it is so hard to manage. Most of my friends are brunettes so I think it is much harder for them. Which sucks. Anyway, you are not alone! There are so many other women dealing with that same issue! It could be worse. Much worse. You could stink. ; )

      Have a wonderful evening!


      P.S. and yes, Dove is the best! : )

      • Oh my gosh – I cannot stop laughing! omg! I use Dove antiperspirant too so yes – I don’t stink. At least not always! bwahahahahaha…

        I never noticed I was going gray when I was blonde! That is another great perk of being a blondey!

      • I am using Dove deodorant right now, too. My hairstylist agrees that blonde is much better at hiding grey hairs! : )

  2. So FUNNY! I am sure I have run out of soap before but I can’t say for sure. What I DO know, though, is my husband refuses to use my shampoo…opting instead to use hotel samples. It’s not that he doesn’t like my shampoo he just feels it is too special for him. Weird thing is, for the past 8 months or so, I have just been refilling that little sample bottle with MY shampoo and he uses it. Now he is a brilliant man. I know he knows that bottle just doesn’t ever magically run out of shampoo. But somehow the fact that it comes from the hotel bottle, he doesn’t seem to feel he is “wasting” my shampoo on his head. Love that man.

    • Hi Brynne! I love this story! That is such a guy thing. My husband does not like to use my shampoo either. And my husband is brilliant, but he would never notice that his little shampoo had not run out. Ever. I do not think men’s brains work like that. It would be too trivial to worry about. At least, I do not think he would notice. Now I want to do an experiment. I can see it now. Hehehe.

      Thank you for the smile! Have a wonderful Friday!


  3. Hah! Too funny. I forgot to buy, ahem, a certain type of sanitary item. You bet I had an interesting run to the corner store when I suddenly realised I needed some! 😉 Best one ever was when Victor discovered we’d run out of rice, and freaked out. “I’m CHINESE, I can’t NOT HAVE RICE in the house!!” I pointed out to him that it was almost midnight, and asked if he was hungry, which he wasn’t. Then I gently suggested we wait until next morning and just go buy it at the store… instead of like, breaking into the store. And it worked, my powers of logic and persuasion are totally unrivalled.

    • Love! I just had a conversation with a girlfriend about that same subject three days ago! : ). Isn’t that always a good time?

      Okay,I love your husband. He is so funny. I can see why you guys are married. I can kind of agree with him, because I LOVE rice. I love rice in the weirdest possible way. I once struck up a conversation with a complete stranger because I heard him tell his wife he was craving rice.

      To which I screamed in his direction, “Me too! I am always craving rice!”

      To which, he looked up at me startled. Scared. Annoyed. And then ceased speaking.

      So, I guess that does not constitute “striking up a conversation.” Rather I rudely interrupted one and then ceased communication.

      It was great. ; )

      And now I want rice. And I think we are out.

      Added to the list! : )

      Have a wacky wonderful weekend!


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